May. 2nd, 2011

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 Hi! So I just saw this TVGuide interview ( of the boys in which TvGuide messes up Jensen's name and calls him 'Jensen Padalecki' instead of 'Jensen Ackles' and I was wondering if there is any J2 fic  out there that refer to this little incident? Non-Au, of course!

- J2 slash only (gen is fine too)
- preferably NC17
- No non-con. No Sub/Dom. No humiliation. 
- Preferably first time,  but will take developed relationship as well! (I don't know why I'm even saying this, then? If I'll take both? I guess to let you know the emphasis is on the first time? IDEK.) 

I already read one fic about this incident, I don't remember the name or the author, but the spn crew was watching the interview to make fun of the boys and both boys don't even realize the mistake. So to mess back with the crew, J2 pretend like they're a couple and getting married, with Jensen changing his last name to Padalecki. But Kripke and (someone else) don't believe them, so I think they played some sort of gay chicken with J2 winning by realizing they love each other or something. It was a great fic and I loved it, so I'm hoping for something else out there that is like that? As long as it mentions the TvGuide mistake, I'd like to read it, so please rec? :) 

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Hi! I'm looking for one specific fic, and one fic rec.

Specific fic: Jared is injured doing...something. I think he might have broken his arm. Anyways, while he's hurt and in the hospital, Jensen has to take care of Harley and Sadie. When Jared gets home, Jensen insists that he wait for a second while the dogs get put behind a gate so that they won't jump on Jared in excitement and hurt him. It's a J2 fic.

FOUND in comments

Fic rec search: I read a fic somewhere a while ago wherein Dean was actually God, and the only one who knew was Michael. I'm looking for stories similar to that, wherein one of the SPN characters (or someone in a different fandom) is God. I'd like for him to know or find out what's going on, but that's not necessary. Any fics with this pretense with Eliot from Leverage or anyone from the Stargate or Doctor Who/Torchwood series is welcome. Pairings optional.

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I remember reading a fic a long time ago I think it was set season 2 or 3. I think. The boys were arrested or caught and placed in different cells that faced each other. One of the boys is handcuffed to the bars and what ever is holding them beats on him to torture the other brother. They want something from the one or they just are bad cops that like to inflict pain.

Anything alone these lines would be a great read for me. I am just getting done with a killer project at college! I am still not done with it and it is 160 pages long!! So any help with something fun to read will be great!! Thanks in advance!!!
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Hey gang! I've been trying to look for a specific Dean/Cas fic where Cas becomes human and settles into a life of hunting, Sam hints that there's something that Dean should be figuring out between him and Cas, and Dean's oblivious until he listens to his brother and finally realizes. What's amazing is that in every ending of a section, there would be a 'Huh,' by either Sam or Dean when they realize the thing happening between Dean and Cas. I could've sworn I mem-ed that fic, but I can't seem to find it. Hopefully someone goes what I'm talking about.

FOUND: "Everything Is Just Fine" by [ profile] dodger_sister? (


May. 2nd, 2011 11:10 am
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Can anyone link me to any hunter!Jess stories? But NOT stories that end up being Dean/Jess or Dean/Sam/Jess. I want Jessica-lives-and-hunts-with-Sam-and-Dean-and-Sam-is-ridiculously-in-love-and-Dean-is-awesome stories. :) Essentially, does anyone have any stories similar to Growing the Familiy Business by [ profile] samidha?

Thank you!
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I have recently discovered spn/tvd crossovers but am having trouble finding them. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I am particularly interested in any combination involving Sam, Dean, Damon and Stefan.Thanks!!
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Hello again, I was just wondering if anyone could give me recs for the best pre-series fics out there? I was thinking along the lines of when the boys were kids -- like, Dean being in his early teens or lower and taking care of Sam, watching out for school-yard bullies. Or Sam taking care of Dean as well as he can; anything like that. If John was in there too, being awesome or being terrible, that would be great. Just, like, slice of life fics. Other characters interacting with the boys, first hunts -- really, anything!

Wincest, gen, long, short, any rating, any point of view other than first person. It's all welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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Hey! So, school has me stressed like no one's business. Therefore, I would like fluff. Lots and lots of fluff or schmoop to distract me when I need a break. I'll take Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Sam, and/or Lucifer/Sam (though I'm not sure how common that last one would be in the schmoopy category). Also, for some reason I really want to read rainy fics... fluffy kisses in the rain? Dio mio, I'm sappy right now, sorry. -_-

- So, give me your fluffiest little oneshots, bonus if there's a rainy scene!
- Non-AUs prefered but I'll take anything, really.
- One or two-shots are best but again, I'll take anything as long as it's fluffy.
- Angst is fine too since that tends to inspire h/c fluffy stuff.
- S6 ties are great.
- No RPF per favore!

Self-recs are welcome too!

Thank you!!

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For some reason, I suddenly got a craving for a J2-AU with one of them - or both? - as a rich offspring (no age-preference, I'd like school-fics as much as adult boys) who is pretty miserable.

There doesn't have to be any abuse (though I wouldn't say no to that), but rather just the suffering of having parents that give you anything you want and you still don't have what you need. I'm thinking celebrity-kids, stuffed into expensive jeans but never knowing the joy of a mud-puddle.

It's ok if it's only mentioned in passing, not the main plot, or if the unhappiness isn't that obvious. I already read the one that has Jensen the rich friend of Jared, who is some kind of investigator.

Please NO
- mpreg
- BDSM or D/s (for them, I don't care about OCs)
- main character death

I'd take Sam/Dean-AU as well, but rather non-brothers, please.
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago - where Sam and Dean get cursed by a type of fairy I think? The curse caused them to be continuously hungry and they ended up eating and eating. I don't remember much else other than it was wincest and it was hilarious.

Thanks in advance!
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Okay, so this fan fiction is mostly Cas/Dean with a slight Cas/Sam but not really. It's PWP, for the most part, and fairly long (also NC-17).

Read more... )

FOUND: Some (Don’t) Like It Hot by [info]strangeandcharm
Thanks [info]improvedpeanut for the help!

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I'm looking for a specific story. Dean and Sam are in a high hotel room together the night before everything ends. After sexing each other to sleep, Sam wakes to find Castiel in their room. He's looking out their glass door at the spreading wave of nothingness that is the angels destroying the world.He can hear the angels singing as they unmake everything and says it's beautiful. I think Cas had made the decision to die along with them because he didn't fit with the other angels. There were sparks pinging against the glass door and a faint rumbling which wakes Dean up. I'm pretty sure he asks "Has the world ended yet?" then Sam shushes him back to sleep. I think it ends with Sam curled around Dean counting his heartbeats or listening to the pinging of the sparks.
Please someone remember this fic!

Edit: Found by the wonderful
[ profile] cherry916!! Link in comments, thank you so much!
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Hi! I'm trying to find a story in which Dean buys Cas various types of candies. Cas develops a distinct preference for Hershey Hugs, and Dean comes to the happy conclusion that it's because Cas wants a real hug. I think they're driving around a lot in this fic and the candy may be secondary to the plot, but I'm not sure about that.

Any help would be much appreciated.

FOUND: And I Will Walk On Water by [ profile] tracy_loo_who
Thanks [ profile] kruel_angel for the help!


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