Apr. 30th, 2011

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I think it was Jensen who was the bar owner or the bartender, and different patrons had tried to hit on him, and take him home but he wouldn't go with anyone.


And then Jared came in and he got put up to the challenge, and Jensen says yes, because they have apparently been secretly dating or something.



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 Hey guys.

Okay, I think this is a bit of a long shot, because I'm not 100% sure I'm remembering this right, but here goes.

I had a fic saved on my 'To Read' list called 'The Artist', but when I clicked the link to read it tonight, the link was dead.

I THINK it was about Jared being married to JDM, but it was a very abusive relationship, and Jared sits in a diner and draws in a sketch book. Jensen sees him through the window and is immediately enthralled and tries to get to know Jared, but, scared, Jared flees, leaving his sketch book behind, which just makes Jensen want to know Jared even more. I can't remember if there was any details given about what Jensen finds in the sketch book, but it's a good bet he finds either drawings of himself or Jared's mistreatment by JDM.
Please, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, or recognizes the title, I'd really love to read it.
PS, I hope I have my tags right. :/
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I just had this random thought and now the idea is stuck with me so i have to ask - is there any Jared/Jensen AU fic where the guys work on the radio station? Any station, anything, i just thought it'd be fun to see them bantering in live and generally being awesome :D
Anything ike that, huh?

Also, just remembered another requset i've been meaning to write but always forgot - any stories around where (preferably) Dean (or actually, doesn't matter who) lears about Sam's feelings via Chuck's books?? Like, accidentlally coming across or buying them and through reading coming across some deeply emotional stuff he hadn't known?? Or basically, anything, that includes boys dealing with Chuck's bboks would be fine :) (Wincest is very welcome)

Self-recs are welcome!
Thanks in advanse!
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Two (very) different sort of story searches:

1. Just rewatched 'Heaven and Hell', and would like to read some Dean/Anna stories. I'd prefer ones that actually have plot, rather than just PWPs. Not that there's anything with that ;) Can be canon-based or AU, I'm not picky. The longer the better.

2. Any casefics that feature the MotW as a child/child-shaped thing. Any season. Preferably stories that deal with the boys' struggle to cope when they have to kill something that looks like an innocent little boy or girl. Or, conversely, a story where they kill a monster that leaves behind an orphan, and try to find it a home/raise it not to be evil.

Thanks in advance for the help!


PS - Did my best with the tags, but it's still sort of vague. Sorry.
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So, I'm looking for ANY STORY, seriously ANY KINDA STORY that has the boys on a train... it can be J2 or SPN, AU... slash, gen, case!fic (actually a case!fic happening on a train would be soooo good), hurt!whoever, just.. ANYTHING!!

Umm so yeah, the boys and a train in whatever combination you can find!!

Oh and NO death!fics, NO Cas or Misha and NO WIP's! :)

Thank you so much! And I probably tagged this weirdly, but seriously it's such a wide search that I could've used all the tags! LOL

Anywho.... just... whatever you have that has boys and a train! :)

Thank you!

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Alright, so I'm looking for fics where J2 are parents to Teenagers, and dealing with all the usual teenage problems, you know like ' sex, dating, school trouble' that kind of stuff?

Also, extra cookies if you can find a fic where they have a gay son who is just  coming out of the closet? I think I read one like this before but I can't recall where :(

I've been through the tags and most of it has them as parents to babies and toddlers, so I hope someone has what I'm looking for..

Oh, and I don't mind mpregs, so be free to rec anything!


*Gives Puppies*
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 Lookin' for sam/dean fic during the end of the world, after the apocalypse, etc. Last Outpost of All That Is is EXACTLY what I'm looking for; just fic where either everyone's turned to croats (like season 4's The End) or they're the only people left on earth. I'll accept Dean/Cas as well, or Sam/Cas if there are any. Any rating, self recs are a-ok!
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Hey gang, today I'm just in the mood for general Sam and Dean hiding injuries and motel patching up. And just hunts gone slightly wrong and more patching up there!!!

Thanks peeps!
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 Hi there. So I'm not sure if I'll find anything, but I've been craving this for so long, I just have to ask all you wonderful people. 

I've read a lot of Sam/Dean and I've looked through the tags on here, too (and don't ask me how long that takes! Does anyone know an easier way?)- but I can't seem to find something really close to what I'm looking for. Which is this: 


Falling in love with each other AFTER Dean gets Sam back from Stanford. Not before Stanford. Not during Stanford. (No fics that deal with Sam leaving for Stanford because of his feelings for Dean - none of that please. I want Sam to go to Stanford because a kid is allowed to want an education for himself and want to go to college solely for the purpose of getting an education.) 

NO previous feelings towards each other AT ALL. No sexy feelings, no 'in love' feelings before Stanford. 

ALL 'in love' and sexy feelings for each other AFTER STANFORD. NOT before. AT ALL. 

BOTH of them falling for each other, please. No suddenly realizing that they both (or one of them) always wanted each other. 


Read more... )


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Can I please have some more stories like True Colors. Either Jensen or Jared or Sam or Dean has a mental handicap, they are slow, autistic, anything along those lines. THANK YOU! :D I've read Dawn N's amazing work!
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Hey again!

You guys were so much help with my last request that I thought I would  see if you can help me out again. This time I am looking for breea1's fic Jared's Rules for Dating his Jensen....

Does anyone know where I can find it?

Please help, and thanks in advance!
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Hi guys,

I'm searching for two kind of fics.

1. This one's a little exoctic: I'm searching for canon AUs where John dies instead of Mary and Mary then raises her boys and teaches them to hunt. Do any stories like these exist?

2. I'm looking for wincest fics where Dean basically behaves lick a dick towards Sam, not really meaning ti be cruel - no character-bashing please -  just being his usual charming self, making fun of Sam like only an older brother can, without realising he's over the line until something makes him take notice. Happy ending, but no OC-ness, I'd love for him to make it up to Sam without being all emo.
Fics like [livejournal.com profile] astolat 's "Raindrops on Roses" or [livejournal.com profile] candle_beck 's "Eight Things You Should Know". Stories with lots of banter and mutual eye-rolling...


Apr. 30th, 2011 11:50 pm
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I am nearly obsess with a whipped Sam or Jared, can you help me find some story too help me too calm down, and please, just Sam, no Dean Cas or others


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