Apr. 28th, 2011

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Hey guys.

Looking for some physically affectionate boys. I'm a wee-twitchy with pairings, but any ratings, any length, self-recs welcome. I just want some sappy, sweet, not-really-sexings type affection. (I blame RatherAStory's newest post for starting this craving!) I think pretty much everyone knows what I mean; if not, lemme know and I'll try to further elaborate. ^_^

Sam/Dean/Castiel (shush you)

If you have any with Misha and the boys, I'll take it too, but only if it's under NC-17/R. No sexings, please. >.<
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 Ok so i dont like whenn anyone hurts my Sam/Jared, but i am a big fan of over protective Dean/Jensen and the hurt/comfort genre in genral, so if anyone could give me some good stories with Sam/Jared being raped, or even molested, i would love it.  Preferably with lots of angst and Dean!! Slash is preferable, but i love big brother Dean as well!!!!! 

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I'm looking for a fic that's an outsider's POV. I believe it's Ellen.  Maybe Bill. I don't remember. John and the boys go to the Roadhouse, and everyone refers to them as the 'wolf pack'. I believe it was a series, actually, because I remember a later story where Dean is particularly amused by the fact that they're called that. I do know that it was wincest. 

Also, if anyone could link me to some good POV fics from Ellen's POV, about the boys, about the supernatural, anything really. Any fics with her mother henning the boys (in her own way) would be appreciated as well. 

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 Hey, guys.

Could you help me finding some Lucifer!Sam/castiel or Lucifer!Sam/Dean fic please? Lot of links to the fic will be greatly appreciated. :) Doesn't necessarily have to be Lucifer!Sam, a fic involving Lucifer!Nick with the preferred pairing like above would be more than welcomed too. :) Even better if anyone know if there is a genderbender fic with the preferred pairing above (lucifer!Sam with girl!Castiel or girl!Dean). :D

Thank you in advance.
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Hi everyone :)

I read a lot of fics with demon!dean, but for some reason I can't find anything with demon!Castiel. Whether he passes himself off as an angel or comes out outright as a demon... Anything!

Preferably with Dean/Cas in it, but not necessarily.
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Two fold search: (please include summary and length when reccing fic? The longer the fic the better, Gen or wincest only please. completed fics only please, if execptional WIP please warn.)

1. Fics that emphasize/ details the similarities between Dean and Mary. I can't think of any good examples presently... The longer the better. (This would probably have to be told in John or the Yellow Eyed Demon)

2. Where Bobby has a big presence in a fic, as in helping the boys/ needing help from them. I managed to find an older search looking for the same thing, hopefully there'll be more fics now or more will come to mind. A few examples of what I really enjoyed are below or more here[Notes may contain spoilers for the story]:
Mirrordance's: (I really love all of this person's fics, simply amazing!!! these are completed fics.)
With Blood » reviews Bobby Singer was just a friend to a widower, not minding the occasional babysitting. But his devotion for the Winchester family truly began when he was struck by a terminal illness and saved only by a sacrifice from Dean. Pre-Series.
Open, Shut » reviews A street prophet foresees a deadly disaster and goes to the only people who would believe him: the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. It's an open and shut case except the only solution is -how do you empty a town of four thousand people? Post-Family Remains.

A Foreign Country by relli86
Sammy wants a bike for his birthday and Dean's going to try his hardest to make it happen while trying not to forget "before", even if it hurts.

I Can't Remember (the sound that you found for me) by bellatemple
Dean and Bobby meet when Bobby finds the little munchkin squatting in his junkyard.

Note: if there's a serving of hurt!dean on the side, even better!

Thank you for the help!!

Mods: I couldn't find the tag for gen, please help?


Apr. 28th, 2011 01:25 pm
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So I'm curious, are there any fics out there that involve on of the boys, preferably Sammy, falling for a mermaid? Or trafitional siren or something like that? It'd be so totally cute, imho and I'd love to read some :)  Please and Thankyou


ps, i really wasnt sure what to tag it as but i did my best :)
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Hey gang, just caught a random episode of Wildfire and I forgot how much I loved the dinamic. So any fics where Jared or Jensen has been wrongly accused of a crime and has to go do some community service at someones ranch or anywhere really, and the other J is part of the family he's been sent to work with. Doesn't have to be wrongly accused either really, could be they actually did do something bad.
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Hello! :)
I have a little weird request I guess, I know I have read a fic dealing w/ hypnotherapy once, and I was wondering if there's more. Like, Sam  going through hypnotherapy either to deal w/ some kind of traumatic experience or to get clues from a memory because he has amnesia or something like that... Possibly w/ a lot angst and if John were involved it'd be even better!
Oh, and self  rec are more than welcome, the only thing I really care about is that it's Sam (or Jared, maybe) that has to go through it
Thanks! :D
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 Okay, I'm bothering you guys againXD I ran over the fics here and found two very nice with the theme of Jensen bying kidnapped by Jared.... I'd like more. XD 

Obviously I'd like for it to be J2 or... if there are Sam/Dean or Sam/Jensen, Jared/Dean or some like that fictions like that, throw them this way please XD

Bottom!Jensen/Bottom!Dean would be great, but... I don't mind very much if they switchXD just... Jensen must be the one kindapped. By Jared/Sam. yeah 83

Anyone can help? I'll be eternally greatful XD
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So a LONG while ago, I came across a series/fic on LJ. I only read the summary and was interested so I saved the link. Unfortunately, I can't find it. :[

I vaguely remember, non-related boys (Sam and Dean). They married. Azazel was being evil again. Mary was Sam's mom while John Dean's. I think Azazel or John disagreed with the marriage after they married. It was set back before 1900s and maybe old west, i'm pretty sure. The fic started when both boys were VERY young!

sorry about very general points. I really can't remember the name. ;(


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Ehm, hi... it's me again ^^ I totally forgot to ask you guys about another story that I can't find anymore :( I'll put the summary behind the cut, but it was a fic by wiselyparanoid, and I think she wrote it for spn_hardcore... The title was "Only when You're Around", and last time I checked on it it was a WIP . Now I try the link and it says the journal was deleted D:

Summary )

Ok, hope I managed to get the cut thingy right! u.u
Thanks again
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Yep,me again

I'm trying to find stories that revolve around one of the guys Jared or Jensen being forced to or by themselves,to find out material on the other e.g corrupt their buisness,get to their parents.The other person is unaware of their intentions. Then as the first one starts hanging/working with the other one they realise they love them and cannot do what they're supposed to do.

I'm going to continue looking but i'm hoping you fantastic people can help speed me along.

Thank you. x mwah x

I hope i got the tags right
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I remember reading a multi-chapter fic (maybe only two?) one time where Dean and Castiel somehow worked out an arrangement where Dean goes to him for sexual relief when he needs it. I remember Castiel wasn't particularly enjoying it, but did it because it helped Dean. As time went on, I believe Dean started developing feelings for Cas, but Cas wouldn't/couldn't reciprocate. If anyone can help me find this fic, I'd appreciate it!

ETA: FOUND! After looking through TWO YEARS of RP logs (thank god I rec'd it to a friend!) I found the fic. It's called L.O.V.E is not what this is, and you can find it here!
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Hey guys !

So i've just re-watched "Swan Song", and I was wondering if any of you had read stories were, after the finale, Sam ends up alive, but Lucifer is still in him, trapped, and Sam has to live with the Devil inside him

Could be it just made him awesome, or struggling, or really dark, i'm just interested in having these two share a body again !

Thanks for the help
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I'm looking for any newer fics featuring dark or evil Winchesters that only care about each other.

I've read the gold standard for this genre with the Howl verse, but it hasn't updated for awhile. http://huntersarchives.livejournal.com/35600.html

I'd prefer gen, but wincest is alright. But if it's wincest, only bottom!Sam please.

Thank you!


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