Apr. 27th, 2011

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Just read Dealing with Life and loved it. Does anyone know of any other stories like it? I especially like how protective Jensen gets of Jared when he is hurt or in danger. And I am not a fan of homophobia in real life, I like to see the characters play of it like with this fic.

So-- any Recommendations?
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I would really like to know if there is a fic out there where Jensen has a bad stalker and Jared is all protective about Jenny. :D
The stalker can also be Jared but I prefer my first request. :)

Bottom!Jenny is wanted! ;D  (WITH THAT IS BOTTOM!JENSEN WANTED!!! For the people who don't get it or don't want to get it. :DD)

Thanks! =3
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I think this is a J2 story, One of the boys is having to sell himself because his dad got into some kinda trouble, he's kept in a room and he has to have sex with a certain amount of people before the debit is paid off. Jared is a college kid,his friends have bought him a hooker for the night, trying to get over his lover's death. Does anyone know the name of this story or author? Thanks to everyone who replies.
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while back in which Jensen & Misha kiss during a take sort of as a joke sort of not and then the writers decide to use that. I don't remember if they ended up getting together before this or after and they ended up kissing because of all the UST. Sorry I can't remember more!
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 I'm looking for a story and having no luck with my usual searches or with the tags here, though I feel certain I've seen this request before.  Anyway, in this story Jared is having relationships with both Sandy and Jensen, knows that it is wrong, but is sort of stuck.  He and Jensen are on a vacation together and Jensen is stung by a jellyfish this finally gets Jared's butt in gear about making a decision.
Thanks in advance for your help!

17 again

Apr. 27th, 2011 11:31 am
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i was wondering if you could link me to thinks which are written in the style  similar to 17 again? i prefer jared/jensen but i'm cool with any other pairing, too.

Thanks a lot!
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I am looking for a short 'verse that has Sam and Dean as part of an outlaw gang in the old west. They come across Castiel who is a preacher - or is going to be one - and Dean takes him with them and they become a couple. It may have been dubcon at first. Thanks in advance!!
FOUND!! at http://sites.google.com/site/xerific/supernatural
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I've got a friend who is looking for any j2 fic that relates to the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie. If anyone knows of such a story, lemme know! Thanks!
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Spoiler ALERT for season 6 episode 18! shield your eyes!

Request full of spoilers!! )

Thank you!
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I'm looking for a story that involved Dean breaking his wrist after falling in a grave. The boys were on a hunt after a giant and got caught and thrown in a deep hole. Bobby had to come save them and Dean broke his arm/wrist (ie bone went through the skin)

I thought it was posted on hoodie_time but I can't find it

Thanks for the help!
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hi all,

I'm searching for this fic i read a while ago, in it Lucifer had a blog or was on twitter or some kind of social network.
A few things i can remember is:
that he had a crush on dean and keep mentioning how hot he was
and he also talked about how Sam was his vessel
and i think Castiel, bobby, Sam, and Dean also would leave comments.

hopefully someone knows of this fic


FOUND by metija 
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Hey lovely community,

I have a serious craving for fics where one of them is a merman. I've already read:

Legs are required
We flow together
Sea change
Whats a fire and why does it burn
Saving you, saving me
Red tail (a WIP)

And I'm wondering if there are more out there, preferably NC 17.

Jared/Jensen or unrelated Sam/Dean only.

Thank you for your help!
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Well well well, I'm here for two things: first one, to thank you all for always answering to my requests and helping me find AWESOME stories :) THANK YOU.

And second, I come here with a request, I'm in the mood of a J2 or wincest were one of the guys cheats on the other and (big AND) they have kids, where they're all like "how could you do this to me! to the kids!" so yeah I want a long one and also all angsty but with happy ending :) I'm a sucker for happy endings... So yeah, it may be any of them but I would prefer both to have options. I know that you will all recommend me awesome fics so I trust you with your opinions. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR READING TO MY REQUESTS!

Thank you in advance.

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Looking for this fic i was reading this morning but forgot to bookmark it before I went to work.  It features a shy Jensen who was adopted by a man and a woman who believe the bomb is coming any time this leads to Jensen becoming quiet and later in life works as a janitor at a art gallery and Jared is an art thief who kidnaps him.

Also wondering if there is any fics where Dean is trying to get Sam to hook up like in the episode Provenance.  Wincest is preferable but not totally so.
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I am looking for some/any Dean and Cas mpreg/eggpreg fics. I just love it when the boys settle down and get in the family way! :) It me up with anything you got (AU,drabbles...whatever) as long as dean and cas are making and having babies! :)

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Hi, I'm looking for any Supernatural threesome stories that have one Dean and two Sams. Or one Sam and two Deans.
I'm not picky on how there are more than one of the guys... either time travel, a spell gone wrong, a curse it doesn't matter. I recently re-read 'Split Heir by Jassy' where there are two Deans and one Sam, that got me wanting to read more stories like that. Just as long as it's Dean and Sam only, no others in the threesome.
I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.  Thanks in advance and hugs to all who help.
*hug* halliwitch


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