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Hey gang, got an idea, are there fics where the J's go on a date, blind date, start of relationship date, established relationship date, out for a meal or in a club or at a ball game, anything as long as they are out spending the day/night together and it gets cut short because one of them gets sick or hurt. I'll take anything from AU to not AU lol.
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looking for a fic where Dean and Cas beomce animal like after fighting werewolves. They want to mate and regard Sam as pack. Sam prevents them from having sex then calls Bobby for help. Bobby figures out what had happened then left Sam to deal with them. Sam falls asleep as some point and Cas and Dean come back to themselves then had sex. Anyone know it?
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I am in desperate need of fics where Sam treats Dean/makes love to Dean like he's something extraordinarily precious and Dean actually loves it. Does anyone remember [livejournal.com profile] writeatmidnight's Sick Verse, when Jared asks Jensen how he likes it and Jensen's (kind of) response is soft and slow? Stories where the sex/relationship is like that is what I'm looking for. So basically I want a protective, caring, loving Sam with a woobie Dean who actually end ups liking being protected and loved like that.

Also any ones with jealous Sam and/or "I'm three times your size and I'll crush you like a cockroach if you go near my brother" Sam would be icing on the cake...or I guess pie is a better analogy for this fandom.

Thanks so much

PS please any mean stuff (e.g. any abuse that Dean ends up getting) needs to be done by another character, not Sam.
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Hey guys!

season 6 spoilers )

2) Also, are there any Sam/Dean kid!fics with the boys raising kids for whatever reason and being all daddy-like and schmoopy? I hope there is smth like that, cause i'd really like to read it :)

The more wincest the better
Self recs are great :D
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 i'm looking for two types of stories that i couldn't  find in the tags; first, I would really love some sleepy!sex, I  just seem to be in the mood for it - it doesn't matter if one or both partners are sleepy, if it's a pwp or a scene in a longer story (though do prefer long ones) -  and I'd iike to read some breathplay, with or without a bondage element.  sam/dean, dean/castiel, NC-17 preffered.

Thank you :)
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hey guys,

i'm looking for a fic where jensen and jared meet a party and then become boyfriends. jensen, however, doesn't tell jared about his job. he is a fetish model. jared finds out accidently through a friend and wants to confront jensen. jensen asks him to come to a certain address, where he's doing a photoshoot. jared is completely overwhelmed by what he sees, but also turned on.

the story was rather short (oneshot) and if i remember correctly the last line was said by jensen's shooting partner (a woman). she said that maybe next time jared could be on his knees instead of jensen.

thanks for your help! :)


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Hope you can help me as I'm nearly crazy with searching (my memories are messy).
So it's a J2 AU story with slave Jensen and nomad Jared. Jared was passing by, saw a fire, helped the family and got Jensen as a reward. He decided to sell him as soon as possible 'cos Jared was trying to find his sister (many years ago she was kidnapped from their village).
Also there was a scene under the rain in the field.
And once finding his sister Jared left Jensen at some place (don't remember).

I've looked through the tag "slavery" but nothing came up.

FOUND! "The Nomad's Slave" by anyothergirl415
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 Obviously, I have no life, if I'm asking for more help from you guys!

001. Are there any stories out there where Dean is being followed by ghostly!Sam or invisible!Sam and he doesn't know it, or he does, and he's trying to save Sam or help Sam, or something? Kind of like Invisible Touch by authoressnebula. That's what I'm looking for. Anyways, it can be J2, but I'd prefer Wincest. Happy endings only, no threesomes, no non-con or other injuries by Dean, etc.

002. Season 1 fics where Sam and John get into a fight because of Sam's leaving, and Dean gets all upset but chooses Sam. 

003. Anything slashy (Wincest or J2) to do with Skittles? I've kind of got a skittles kink right now.

004. John/Dean find Sam's own journal and realize what he truly went through as a child Winchester or during Stanford or something!~
005. Dean/Sam (wincestual) in the point of view of Jo and/or Missouri
Thanks guys.! 
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Trying to hunt down a fic I read months ago. I can't remember much about it except that it was a Dean/Cas Superhero fic. I believe Dean was a superhero/masked vigilante and from memory Cas was a reporter but I may be wrong on that. All I can really remember about it is that Bela cameoed briefly as a cat burglar who Dean ran into on occassion.
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 Hi, it's my first post ever! I looking for  J2 fics with piercing preferably genital but what anything is fine really. the kinkier the better LOL

Help please.
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I read this fic a while ago and forgot to save it, and now have no idea where it is :l
Jensen is in college (I think) and is an ameteur internet porn star (by himself, only toys and stuff). Jared is his ever faithful viewer and runs into Jensen one day. Jensen is the total opposite of what he seems to be on the net, quiet and shy and they begin dating.
Once they have sex, Jensen seems to act like a virgin or even more shy and Jared wonders why Jensen isn't like what he is on the net.
Anyway, Jensen finds out that Jared knows what he does and they break up, but then they make up and get back together.

I know it describes A LOT of fics, but if someone could help me out, it would be awesome :) It was also a one-shot if that helps any
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hey guys.

My kid has been ill for a few days and sleeping a lot. i'm running low on stories to read and i'm hoping you guys can help me find some new stories and an old one. I will be gratefull for anything you can suggest.

1*I'm looking for some good old fanshioned jealousy fics. It can be J2 or Wincest, i don't mind. or even Gen fics. I just want one getting really jealous and the other one being oblivious for a while and then catching on.

2*I'm looking for fics where Dean finds out that Sam did some hunting or got hurt while at College.

3*Is there any fics where the guys both meet and start dating and one of them keeps getting frustrated with the other because they keep missing dates or having to leave half way through a date. maybe they have a secret,eg, kid at home,sick parent,looking after siblings.

4* Lastly i'm looking for a fic that i can only part remember,it was from a few years back on FF.Net and Sam was in a bad mood or slighty down and Dean wrapped him up with rope,just tied all his limbs together and then to his body,it too place in a hotel room and Dean told him it was for his own good. Any idea's ? P.S it wasn't anything kinky,just Dean's way of helping

Thank you.
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I looking for a fic and have checked through my bookmarked fics, here and in J2 recs without any luck.

The particular story I'm looking for goes like this. Jensen breaks up with his boyfriend has to move out of their apartment. He meets Jared in a coffee shop, Jared is also looking for somewhere to live (he's in college).
They decide to be a fake couple to move into this apartment that is owned by Jeff. Misha is their neighbor.
Jared's girlfriend is Adrianne Palicki.

Jensen pines Jared is oblivious but it does have a happy ending.

I would love to read it again. Help!!

Found - Take the Sky, For Example

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] juice817
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 Hi all,

Has anyone ever written any non-AU fic where Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes back as John during a later season of SPN? It could be a quick guest appearance (John's ghost or something - so this could include that one S2 episode) or a longer arc. I'd like to read something about how each of the J's react to his return. I'm not really into JDM/anyone, and would really prefer J2 as the main pairing (if there's a pairing at all), but I'll take what I can get.

On that note, any fics out there featuring a friend of one of the J's guest starring on SPN, making the other J jealous somehow?

Finally, a different request: I'm looking for any and all J2 fics that feature natural top!Jensen. As in, he's not particularly growly or jealous or possessive - he's just the Jensen we know and love, a little shy and a lot sarcastic, who also just naturally tops in the relationship and doesn't have to go all caveman to do so.

Thanks so much!


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