Apr. 23rd, 2011

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Hey peeps! So I have an oddly specific request. Anyone know of any fics out there where JUST Sam/Jared is gay? Dean/Jensen is totally straight and okay with Sam/Jared being gay, and maybe even more protective of him for it? If it has hate crimes or any hurt/comfort in it at all, I'll have your babies!
And another one, I've been looking all over for some Jared/Adam Lambert. I've seen A LOT of Jensen/Adam, but hardly any with JARED/Adam. I've read Crossing Forks, but that's really the only one I can find. Threesomes are totally fine too, with Jensen thrown in there. XD

Aaaaand yet another one, er..kinda more like two cuz I'm a greedy bastard. This one might be a little weird, cuz I'm totally contradicting myself here, but any fics where, one: John is mean and selfish, and maybe hates Sam a little, taking his anger out on him? And two: John is a complete protective, loving father, and he's really super gentle and caring with the boys. *gigglesnorts* I'm in a weird mood. Anyway, I ADORE hurt!Sam/Jared, and if it's wincest or J2, bottom!Sam/Jared, but I'll read anything if it's good. Thanks so much in advance! ;D
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Hey, all!  I have been searching for a particular fic I read a while ago. 

This is what I remember:

It starts off with Sam at Stanford talking to Pastor Jim on the phone, who has called to tell him that John is dead and Dean is missing.  Dean then shows up at Sam's door, drunk with a gun, talking about suicide.

If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Edit:  Found in comments!  Thank you!
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 001. I'm looking for a J2 story where Jared and Jensen are in a relationship, and Chris Kane, bless his soul, is an ass to Jared, or bullies Jared or something mean to Jared that makes Jensen confront him or makes Jared jealous or SOMETHING. Anything. Bonus points if the gang is in high school or college. No Jensen/Chris, please, no threesome, no Jared/Chris. I suppose J/Chris can be fine if it's unrequited, but whatever.

002. Jared and Jensen are dating and Jared spots something that he misinterprets to Jensen cheating and doesn't know what to do. Bonus points if everything is cleared up. No actual cheating, on either parts. Sam/Dean is okay for this, too.

003. Jensen as a DJ in college would be wonderful. This is kind of a request that's specific because I know I have it on my old delicious account, but can't find it. Anyways, Jensen's a DJ and Jared's in love with his voice. If you could find that, I'd love you, but I'd also love just some recs where Jensen's a DJ.  ORIGINAL + TIMESTAMP FOUND IN COMMENTS

004. Scandalous relationships between the boys! I'd prefer it to be because Jensen's a public figure of some sort (teacher or something, and yes, I've checked j2_recs) but anything is fine!

005. Sam/Dean stories set in season one that go through the whole season would be awesome!

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Hi you all!

I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days and I won't have internet access, so I need recs before I go. Can you rec me fics where the two main characters share a bond? It could be a mating bond if they're werewolves, a telepathic bond, ... I'll read Sam/Dean, Sam/Gabriel, J2 and Dean/Castiel.

And please, no major character death or unhappy endings.

Thanks in advance.
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Looking for a story that I'm pretty sure was Dean/Cas, with background Sam married to Sarah- it was set post-apocalypse in a world that hadn't been destroyed but was a lot more aware of the stuff that hunters dealt with. Sam was running for political office, possibly aiming for president, while Dean had been trying to avoid the popularity/fame/infamy that came with having helped save the world. The brothers were still in contact, but I think Dean was is self-imposed semi-isolation.

I can't remember anything else about this, but hopefully someone recognises it. :D
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I'm not normally into this pairing but I'm hoping someone point me in the direction of fics with the Adam/Dean or Sam/Dean/Adam fics

No rape or death fics (at least not permenantly dead) fics please.
Also, bottom Dean

Thanks in Advance!
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I'm looking for a fic I read the other day. It's Dean/Cas, Dean is a high school student intent on seducing his principal, Mr. Novak. He gets into fights and gets sent to Cas' office and comes on to him a lot.

It's a no-hunter AU, and Sam and John appear as well.

Please help?
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Hey everybody :)

I don't know if you're familiar w/ cindy123's "Three Brothers Series" (here's the link to her FF.net page http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1474733/cindy123), but I was wondering if there were any other fics out there where Sam and Dean actually had a third brother, possibly older than Dean?

Thank you all :)
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Not in the creep vampire way but in the fondness way ya know watching Sam sleep, covering him up ya know that warm and schmoop moment between brothers? You guys know what I'm talking about? Right? RIGHT? lol Anything that has Sam sleeping and Dean watching him or taking care of him because Sam is really exhausted. Gen for all requests! Thanks XD 
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I'm looking for a story i read awhile ago. I also saved it, but can't remember the author nor the title.

In it, Sam is raped and John finds out about it. Pre-series. They both agree to not tell Dean. It's about 7? chaps long. I'm pretty sure it's under 10 chapters. It's also an old fic, written before 2010!

thanks mates,


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Hey guys!

So I read a fic awhile ago but, as usual, can't remember who wrote it.

Sam discovers that Dean has a thing for being tied up, but Dean feels like it wouldn't be safe enough to let himself be vulnerable like that with strangers. Sam offers to be in the room while they do it, so Dean can be safe. They start putting ads online, and Dean starts meeting with guys, with Sam getting more and more into watching, and eventually it progresses to first-time wincest.

 Any ideas??
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I have looked but cannot find any Jensen/Matt Cohen or Dean/Young!John.

I couldn't even find any tags for Matt or Young!John which really surprised me.  Do any fics exist? Or am I just looking in the wrong place? lol

I wanted some Jared/Sam caught cheating on Jensen/Dean and I thought it would be good if Jensen/Dean was comforted by Matt or Young!John, but I'll take anything.

Please tell me there is some, somewhere.  

Thanks.  : D
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I am looking for some wincest recs, but with Dean being the one to start things. I read lots of fics where it is mostly sam who kinda seduces or starts the relationship between them, I want Dean being the one start things or say something about the UST and makes a move first with Sam being the relucant one. I don't want any non-con. Just something like Dean being the confident one and cocky one knowing it is only matter of time Sam sees his way to Dean.

Thanks in advance!

Ps: still looking for this fic: http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/6058855.html
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Hey I'm looking for a certain non-au fic.

Jensen has a special ring.
Jared and Jensen have feelings for each other, and some shit goes down.
Jensen ends up going back to Texas and punches the shit out of a wall and breaks a few fingers.
At the end they make up. But the fic tied in the special ring or something.

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Hey guys!
This is my first post here, so forgive me for any mistakes. You guys have been great in this community and that's probably the biggest reason I never had to ask for your help before.
I just finished my final exams two days ago so I have all the time in the world to read! YAY!!
I am looking for some serious hurt!Dean and/or hurt!Jensen fics.where Sam, John or Bobby take care of him. He could be blind, deaf, mute, physically challenged, mentally challenged, ANY kind of hurt and angst as long as he's being looked after by someone. The lengths of the fics are not an issue and neither are the pairings.
I'm looking forward to reading some great fics and hope you can help me with it.
Thank you all.

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Okay, it's been year since I've read this fic but I'm hoping it's still online somewhere. Sometime during season 1, Sam and Dean get cornered by some monsters of the human variety. The leader asks Sam what he'd do to save Dean's life. Coreced/non-con ensues.

The next part I remember is after Asylum, Dean is mad at Sam until he remembers what Sam did to save him earlier in the fic. I think the guy that hurt Sam shows back up and Sam does something to him.

I'm pretty sure the quote has something to do with it.

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so I looked in all possible tags but couldn't find it and I hope you can help me.....it was J2 but Jared left Jensen and then Jensen started working with robert downy jonior...he became capten America and became really famouse....then Jared tried to fix things with him....it ended hapilly.....so does it ring any bell?

also....do you know any fics in which Jensen is blackmailed....(weather by Jared himself or some one else)....to be Jared's boyfriend?

and another request....any fics that have Jared's family hating Jensen and putting him in mental hell while Jared doesn't believe him?

or jared being hurt....physically or mentaly (like losing some one he cares about and he is grieving)....and he takes it out on Jensen?

I know I forgot something but for the life of me I can't remember it so this will be it for now....and I apreciate any help....thanx.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 11:37 pm
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Hey guys, sorry to bother you. First time posting so I hope I'm doing this right.

I found a fic a while back and forgot to bookmark it, I was wondering if you could  help me out. From what I remember, it was set pre-series, and Sam was around 14, maybe, perhaps older. It started with a scene of him and Dean wrestling and Dean pinning him down, with Sam shifting like he's going to throw him off. This comes up later, since it's clear Sam knows how to throw someone off himself. He, Dean and John go and meet up with a bunch of other hunters, including Bobby, because there's this ancient Greek creature, I believe, killing boys around Sam's age and build. There's a lot of deliberating about what's to be done, and Sam decides to be bait. Dean flips out a bit, and there's a long conversation with another hunter in the Impala about how Dean sees Sam as just a kid, someone that isn't a hunter or an equal. On of the scenes I best remember was the baiting, and the trap the hunters had made went south really quickly -- Sam realized this before it happened, but everyone figured he was just freaking out about nothing. The creature would have killed John or Bobby but Sam lead it away into the woods. Sam ended up basing the creature's head in with a rock and everyone was kind of freaked out/impressed.


Does this ring any bells for anyone? Thanks.



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