Apr. 19th, 2011

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Hey guys, I was wondering if y'all could help me find this fic I've been looking for but can't seem to remember. Put under cut because it may be explicit?

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If I recall correctly, it was a fuck-or-die scenario and there was one scene where Sam had to give Dean a blowjob. Dean felt guilty so he put a sweater or a blanket over Sam's head. Yeah, that's it. My memory fails me. D:

Thanks so much for the help!
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 Hello everyone!!!!

Can anyone give me some recs??

1.) Where Sam and John are protective of Dean
2.) Delicate!Dean or Jensen
3.) Mute!Dean or Jensen
4.) Evil!Sam (I've read the Suite!verse by Leonidaslion)
5.) Where Sam or Jared greatly in love with Dean or Jensen
6.) Possessive!Sam or Jared
7.) Abused! Dean or Jensen
8.) Hurt!Dean or Jensen and Sick!Dean or Jensen
Preferably Bottom!Dean and Bottom!Jensen... xD 

Please!!! Help me!!! I'm just desperately need some wonderful fics to read... Hope you guys can help me..

Thank you very much in advance..
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Does anyone know of any Dean/Castiel fics where they won't consummate the relationship because of Jimmy? Hopefully with lots of UST between Dean and Cas. I want drama and angst. I figure this must exist somewhere.

Any length, any POV. Self-recs are fine.

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Yesterday, I was reading "Spoils of War" and when I finished I remembered that there was a sequel to it, unfinished the last time I saw it, also on [livejournal.com profile] spnkink_meme , but I was unable to find it. [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion has deleted her livejournal account and the fic is not at her AO3 account. Does anyone have the link for it, if it exists?
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Hi! I've been trying to find this fic I read. I thought it was part of or similar to the "very kink shit" fic but I can't seem to find it. Its about John preping Dean ( with body glitter and piercing) basically giftwrapping him for Sam. Sam throws a party, make Dean drink incubus essence?? and makes him "entertain" his guests. (to be clear entertain=sex)
So I really really wanna find this fic! Please help! THANKS
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Can you help me find a few specific Audio fics?

I have been all over the audiofic archive, and I do not believe that any of these fics have pod/audio versions hosted there. It is possible that they do not even have pods at all, but if you could kindly take a look at the list and see if you know if any of the listed fic do indeed have pod versions and where I can download them I would be very grateful!

Sam and Dean
1. Res Gestae by Dreamlittleyo
2. Cause Sanguine by Glasslogic
3. Do Dandelions Roar by Kuwamiko
4. Relative Gold by Dayspring
5. Truth In The Lie by Flawedamythyst

6. Doors Of Time by Felisblanco
7. In A Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by Felisblanco
8. Learning to Fly by Slashboyz
9. Two-Spirits by Slashboyz
10. Lost and Found by Mediaville
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Hi guys.

I really want to re-read this story but I just can't find it again. In it Dean said yes to Michael and I think maybe Sam said yes to Lucifer and died (but maybe not). Dean ends up in a coma and Cas takes care of him in cabin somewhere. Dean wakes up again and he's pissed about something that I can't remember (he might be disabled or something or it might be about Sam). What I do remember is that at the end he wants to say yes to Michael again as he doesn't think Cas really cares about him, but when he comes back to tell Cas, the angel is standing in the kitchen crying and Dean decides to stay with Cas. I also think Michael shows up in the fic and Cas tries to keep him from Dean.

Hope that rings a bell for someone.

Edit: Found! In comments.
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I'm looking for a story..I think I'm looking for the sequel, i read it first before realizing it was a sequel. But it was Sam centered and it was shortly after Dean was sent to Hell. Sam was on a rampage of self destruction and was saved by a vampire during a cult ritual or something. The vampire takes him to his place (some apartment or something O_O) where there is no way for Sam to leave unless the vampire lets him out, and somehow they become connected through Sam's blood from the first story, and the vampire seems to develop an affection for him, and even forces Sam to eat some eggs when he refuses to eat ( mind control i think).
I would greatly appreciate help on this thx!!
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Does anyone know or have stumble upon a genderbender fic featuring Balthazar and girl!Castiel? If so, could you please provide the link so that I can read it?

On that note, does anyone ever stumble a fic about Balthazar's vessel? I had recently watched Criminal Minds Season 6 and Sebastian Rochea appeared in it for 3 episode as Clyde Easter, an Interpol agent. I am wondering if anyone ever see or write a fic about Balthazar take his vessel by possessing Clyde or something. 

Thank you in advance.
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Hi. I'm looking for help finding some fics please....

This first request is a 're-request' from a few months ago. figured i'd give it another go.:
I remember reading it on sinful desire. Don’t know the author or title and the details are sketchy but here goes: dean was a drifter who bailed on relationships when he felt they were too hard, sam was a college student who lived with chad and chad’s girlfriend (who was sam’s ex and she was hippy-ish), I remember her telling them all a story, while in the garage, about performing a sex act on sam while they were in jail, dean pursured sam for a while, sam and dean went to a gay pride festival and sam got mad because dean was flirting a lot and getting numbers at a club and sam had grabbed his arm and left marks on his wrist before leaving while dean danced with a couple of guys to the pussycat dolls, dean was always telling sam he loved him but sam didn’t say it back until late in the story, dean rented a house in sam’s town so that sam would know he loved him and wouldn’t up and run from their relationship, dean’s old boyfriend came looking for him and they got into a big argument and sam was thinking he would have to beat him down because he was bigger than dean and maybe dean wouldn’t be able to handle him, the story had bobby in it also. Or...i might be getting my fics confused 'cause the main characters might be named Jensen And Jared, i don't know  *face palms*  it's been so long since i've read this. in any case...HELP ME PLEASE?

second request:

I read a lot of fics where jared or jensen's best friend will threaten their boyfriend (you know, jared or jensen or any omc they are with at the time) if they hurt them but I've never seen any follow through on that threat. So that is what i'd like, some asskicking follow through. Don't care who tops or bottoms or who is the friend doing the threatening on whichever j's behalf or which of the j2's is at risk of being hurt, just would like happy endings please.

Thank you all for any help you may give.
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Looking for a story I read a few years ago. It was Jared/Jensen I'm pretty sure but atleast one of them was a Mormon missionary and the other one "corrupted" him. I'm sorry I' vague on details, I just recently saw a movie that had a similar plot, and I think I'm confusing things in my brain.. THANKS!!

edit: Found! :)
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I was wondering if anyone had come across any fics where either Jensen or Jared is a psychic, the kind who reads tarot cards and does palm readings. I would like for the psychic powers to be legit and if the psychic-ness goes beyond tarot and palms that's cool too.

J2 please, any rating, good grammar, preferably finished.

Thanks so much everybody.
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 See if you can help me. Looking for two things:

1) It Recently I read "All Started Like This" by  john_a_dean and I look for stories by this partner.

2) long time ago I read a fic where Jared is a starTV and Jensen is a fan and is secretly love him ... I read just one piece but not now find anywhere.

Thank you very much for the help
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Hi everyone!
I've been looking for an AU the past few days, which I read some time ago.

Dean is Sam's father. He had him with a girl when he was a teenager and raised him with John. It was a WIP and I remember the Pilot being (partly) rewritten with Dean as Sam's dad.
Pretty sure it was on FF.net, but I can't remember the author or title.
Can anyone help?

Wouldn't mind recs that are similar, either.
Thank you!

EDIT: Found in comments.
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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me find this.

The title is "Malacoda", in it Dean wakes up in a basement with Castiel, who's unconscious with enochian symbols drawn on him to keep a demon trapped inside himself. The demon starts appearing in Deans dreams along with visions of the part of hell he rules over, wearing Castiel's face with skeleton wings, and becomes curious about a human an angel cares so much about. To save Cass, Dean lets the demon out, to possess him temporarily - it being interested only in going back to hell.

I remember there was also a beautiful fanart that either inspired it, or was inspired by it.

I know I read it on the deancastiel community, in early January I believe, but I can't find it there and the link I have is broken.

I've been wanting to reread this for awhile, so I'd really appreciate any help finding it again.
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Hi, here again!

This time I want to find J3(Jeff/Jared/Jensen)threesome fics.Bottom!Jared only,please.And no Jensen/Jeff in it.When searching J3(Jeff/Jared/Jensen)fics,I only find bottom!Jensen ones.So,I'm desperate now.Could someone give me a bittle bit hope,ok?*puuy dog eyes*
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I don't generally like posting general searches, but I've discovered something that bothers me slightly in a lot of fics, so I'm looking for something to counter that.

It doesn't really matter to me how they get together, or when they get together, but unless it's a good long while into their established relationship as at least friends, it drives me crazy when one or the other declares their love almost immediately. I know it's very romantic and all, but it always throws me right out of the fic. So, if you know any fics where this doesn't happen, hit me with them.

(Also, if there are fics out there where they don't immediately have sex five minutes after finally declaring their love, that would be awesome too.)

Any and all recs are welcome. Thanks!
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Hiya Again!

I'm looking for a fic where Jared and Jensen have broken up.  I can't remember who is hurt, but one of the J's ends up in hospital after an accident.  The other J is either a doctor or comes to see them after they hear of the accident.  They notice that the injured J has the others name tattooed on his hip and they talk and get back together.

Does this ring any bells with anyone??????

Thanks for your help.

D xx

FOUND: The Truth - Link in comments.  Thanks to moviegeek03


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