Apr. 13th, 2011

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Hey all. There was a request posted on hoodie_time I believe asking for fics about vulnerable!Dean dealing with self-esteem issues with Sam's help, especially the issues John unconsciously (or consciously) initiated in him due to his upbringing. I think this was the link  community.livejournal.com/hoodie_time/357490.html  I had it open in my FireFox and it had at least 3 replies. But when I restarted my FF, it said that the post could not be found. Any help? Does anyone remember the fics people recced? Or does anyone have any brotherly, schmoopy, Dean-finally-faces-the-issues-we-all-know-he-has stories?

Thank you!!
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Can't remember much about this story, Jared has been released form prison and finding it hard to get a job, Jensen is ex-military I think and take him in. Sorry have nothing more. Has anyone read this story, Thanks to all who reply.
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I've searched the existing tags for this fic and I didn't see it. I read it several months ago. What I rememeber is that Jensen and Jared are in high school and are a couple. They are at a party and everyone decides to go on a beer run. They get into an accident and Jared slips into a coma that lasts for several years. Jensen goes off to college, where his roommate is Misha. Jensen eventually becomes involved with Chris. One day, Jared's family (Jeff?) calls Jensen to tell him that Jared is awake. Jensen is hesitant to visit Jared. He eventually goes to see Jared. At one point, Chris follows Jensen and causes a scene at Jared's welcome home party.

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Hello everyone I'm a new fan of Supernatural, about 2 weeks now and love everything about the show.
I was wondering though if there's any fics out there I'm interested in reading
1) Genderswap fics (doesn't matter who)
2) Bottom!Dean fics (maybe if there's an Dean bottoming from the top)
3) Fuck or die fics
Mostly centered around Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen
Also I was wondering if there was any forums out there too like for the show or Sam and Dean's relationship, or the actor's relationship.
Thank you in advance and I'm really happy to be a new fan and make more friends :)
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Hey all, I'm looking for Dean/Castiel fics where...

1) Castiel is really needy for sex (Always a bottom!Cas Top!Dean)

2) Dean refers to or thinks of Cas as 'Pretty' or 'Beautiful'

3) Vunerable/depressed Cas where dean comforts him
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Hi All,

I was avoiding season 6 because I was afraid it would break my heart like season 5 did. But now I'm all caught up and looking for some Sam/Dean set anytime in season 6. Angsty stories are alright but nothing that's going to break my heart (no non-con), happy endings only, and pretty please for good grammar. Any rating is fine but I would prefer stories with plot.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

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Hey all! I searched around, but don't see something specific to what I'm looking for.
Any recs would be great!

1- Any stories of Chad/Jensen/Jared.
Ideally, where Jensen and Chad are fighting over Jared, hopefully with sex involved.
Maybe Jared is with Jensen, and Chad never spoke up about his love for Jared before Jared went on to do Supernatural. Or maybe Jared is just oblivious that he's had 2 guys crush for him really hard in his life. Something like that :D

2-Any Sam/Dean/Castiel fics that basically revolve around whats going on in this picture:
Where they both are just all about pleasing Dean and/or in love with him.
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Hello people!

I checked the tags and I didn't find what Im looking for, so Im giving it a try.

Is there any Mpreg in which Jared/Sam has a hard pregnancy (with Happy ending, of course.)? The worse, the better. I also want Jensen/Dean to suffer together, feeling protective of their partner? Brownie points if Jensen/Dean is jealous if somedody touches Sam/Jared's belly or says how beautiful he is beacuse of the pregnancy.

Thanks in advance boys and girls!
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Hello everyone...
So, you see, I'm a big fan of Gabriel, and I'm addicted to fics about him...
What I'm looking for are:
1) Any crossover in which Gabe appears in
2)Smutty fics in which Gabriel bottoms
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I've recently been watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, and can't get out of my mind how similar James and Dean are. So, I started searching and have, so far, had no luck. Does anybody know of any Twin Peaks/Supernatural crossovers?

Thanks in advance!
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I don't know if this type of fic exists, but anything where Sam tries and fails to get into college (Standford of otherwise) is what I'm looking for.  Bonus points if Dean knows about sam trying to get in and comforting him. Wincest would be great but I'll take anything as long as it doesn't involve Het.  Any length is fine, and if John finds out and gets angry at Sam, that would PERFECT.  But I'll take just about anything. Thanks!
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Hi, everyone,

suddenly I thought of a fic which I'd seen 3 or 4 years ago.
I believed it to be a wincest story, in which both brothers were anything but good people. I meant they might be criminals or some other bad guys with dark and morally-corrupted streak but I can't recall exactly.
In one scene Dean seemed to say this line in front of a group of badasses who called Sam a princess and were trying to do something awful to him. --- "He(referring to Sam) might be a princess, but he is my princess."
So this is what my poor memory can help out. I really want to read this fic because now I think my heart is strong and eager enough for dark fic. So thanks in advance and I'll sincerely appreciate any effort from you.
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Just wondering if there are any fics out there where Dean is much older than four when Mary dies and when John starts leaving them alone for two or three weeks at a time Dean takes Sam and leaves? Or any fics where Dean secretly adopts Sam and Sam believes that Dean is his father and then John finds out? Anything along those lines would be great. No wincest please, I'm lookin for Father/Son exploration of the Sam/Dean dynamic. Thanks in advance ya'all!



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