Apr. 12th, 2011

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So I realize this isn't a pairing most people like. But are there ANY Balthazar/Dean fics out there...... anywhere? Even if it's got other people thrown into the mix?

P.S. mods I'm not able to use tags for some reason? It may be because I'm on a phone. I'm so sorry for the trouble
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I don't remember much of the story, just that Jensen was deaf and was on a date with Jared. Danneel was there to translate for them, but Jared ends up saying something that comes out wrong and Danneel gets offended for Jensen. She tells Jared the date is over, and explains to Jensen what Jared said and they leave.

I think it might have been a WIP.
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Hey guys, me again.
I have two simple requests.
1) Could anyone please tag me to any long Sam/Dean fics set during season six? Just so the story considers everything that had happened, includingSeason 6 spoilers )The longer fic is the better :)

2) any Sam/Dean fics with broken!Dean, and I mean not physically hurt like many fics on hoodie_time, but emotionally broken, like what he must have been when Sam went to hell, or basically, anything as long as there's comforting Sam fixing his broken brother. It could be even more awesome if there is a good amount of schmoop there as well, but I'm not picky :D

Thanks in advanc


Apr. 12th, 2011 01:46 pm
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Hey guys,

I have been thinking about this fic I want to re-read for the last couple of days and can't seem to remember enough of the story to find it.

I know it was some sort of AU were Jensen is pretty rich. The only scene I can really remember is when Jared and Jensen are on a Yacht (I think they spent the night, or even a couple of days off-shore)  and they are below deck in some kind of living room or something with a bar where they start drinking Patrón Tequilla. And I remember Jensen explaining to Jared that you drink Tequilla of this quality with sugar and limes or something....so anyways I think they get drunk together while making out and doing body shots (I also looked through the body shot tag at J2 recs but couldn't find it)

So I would be REALLY forever grateful if you could help me out cuz this has been driving me insane,

thanx in advance!

Found: link in comments
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So hey, I'm looking for a couple of things;

1. It was a fic about publisher!Jensen, and he didn't really like his job, and met waiter!Jared in a cafe where he went to lunch one day. And they get on really well and Jensen tells Jared about his job and how he doesn't like it much. Which Jared finds really odd cos Jensen really likes books. And slowly, Jensen learns to love his job again. And obvs they fuck like bunnies. :P

FOUND by [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel; Until You Catch On (I'll Hold My Breath) by [livejournal.com profile] akintay.

2. Any Madison fics? I lovelovelove Madison and am always so sad that she had to die. Prefer Sam/Madison or gen. NO Dean/Madison or Dean/Sam/Madison.

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I was sure I had it saved but I can't find it anywhere :( . And to make matters worse, I can't remember the fic title D: ! It's a fic with Dean and Cas as the main pairing and Dean's a sheriff and Cas is the mayor and they have children. It's a really cute and funny fic and I've been wanting to re-read it now for awhile. Please, please someone help me find this story :( !

FIC FOUND!!! A Day In The Life by [livejournal.com profile] anne_higgins
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If you please.

1. Casefics with ghosts/hauntings that are gen or lightly het. (Extra Yays! for longer fics.)

2. Specific fic: Outsider POV of a high school boy that is fascinated by Dean. When Dean starts at the boy's school, everyone thinks he's cool. He eats lunch outside and a lot of people follow him outside. Then a girl dating Dean reveals how poor Dean is and he's no longer popular. Everyone starts eating lunch in the cafeteria again, except for Dean, who still eats outside. That's about all I remember.

Thank you!

UPDATE: #2 is Methods of Survival by Spectral Scribe. Found by [livejournal.com profile] ferrous_wheeler.
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I recently read a fic where Dean was captured by a group of creatures who appeared to him as multiple Sams and it was revealed at the end that if he'd just said no then they would have stopped all the sex stuff. I know this is a poor description but I've lost it and it's driving me crazy. Please help!
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 Hello finders!

Are there any Dean non-con lists of fic-recs?  Or just individual recs. I've read some, but I'd like to read more.
Please, no pre-series if possible. Bonus points for angsty recoveries with lots of awesome Sammy.



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I just read several very good stories about books (Jensen was an author, Castiel worked in a library, Sam is an authot...) So hit me with you recs, provided someone works with books. It can be anything : author, editor, libririan, ... I'll read rps BUT ONLY J2 or gen, and fictional character fics (het, gen, slash, long fic, short fic, ...).

Just please, I need you to not rec fic with major characte death.

Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for a specific story that was possibly a kink meme-type fill of some sort, or was definitely linked to via one, but I can't find it in any of the usual places (blindfold, spn_hardcore, general google/ljseek searches)

It was Sam/Dean and featured chaining- not tying up but cut for filth )

For all the kink in it, it was a pretty light hearted, two people just having sexyfuntimes type of fic. Anyone else read it/know of it?

Edit:Found in the comments. :D
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Hey! Does anyone know of any fics that 

1. feature Misha/Sebastian Roche?

2. feature Castiel/Balthazar?

3. have Dean leaving Sam (but prefferably coming back, and prefferably wincest.)?

4. have Misha as a dom? (with Jensen, Jared, or Jake as a sub, prefferably. I'd also take dom!Cas fics, if they exist.)

Any help would be appreciated, and self recs are most definately welcome!

(And mods, can we get a person: Sebastian Roche tag? Pretty please?)

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I found AU a while back where Jared reads fanfic based on the Supernatural novels and he meets Jensen after emailing him about his fanfic. Jensen turns out to be the author of the Supernatural series, which Jared finds out when he attends a convention. They of course get their happily ever after at the end.

I'm guessing it came from either the padacklesrps community or the Big Bang, based on where I find most of my fic, but I really can't remember and had no luck rediscovering it.
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 Is there anything out there where J2 meet each other on a bus quite often and fall in love? Or they just meet each other, coincidentally, anywhere, and begin falling for each other. Anything?

Anything where Jensen is the one who hurt stories, in stories based off of movies? (ie: Twister, Sweet Home Alabama. They were all found on J2_recs, but they were also, all Jared being the one that was hurting Jensen)

I've already looked on j2_recs, and read basically everything listed, but maybe there's more of J2 being camp counselors?  

Any good ol' natural Sam/Dean stories about their relationship, hunting and their relationship... anything?

Mods, I don't know if this is allowed, so if it's not, let me know and I'll edit the entry, but any SPN writing communities? Specifically for big bangs? (I know of spn_j2_bb).

Thanks guys! 
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I'm looking for a secific fic I read looooong time ago.If I remember it right  the story was with epileptic Dean having seizure attack in car.I think sam was talking with him through the phone earlier.Later Sam was looking for Dean and found him unconcious in the car.I think it was one shot fic.

Also I'm looking for:

1) Any hurt/sick Jensen/Dean fic
2) Any Kidnapped Jensne/Dean fics
3) Any fic with J2 playing sports or instruments
4) Any fic with protective Jared or Jeff or Chris
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Have there been any Girl!Dean/Cas fic written??

Either where Dean has always been a girl or where he is changed into a girl and he/she and Cas get it on!

This idea kinda popped into my head, and I am either crazy or maybe other people have had this same thought....?

Any fics out there? Would sure love to read them.



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