Apr. 11th, 2011

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So, I've been searching though all the HP/SPN crossover fics I can find and I can't find any that quite fit what I'm craving! It's driving me crazy 'cause I thought for sure there would be plenty of them but I was surprised to find so few of them.

I'm looking for fics that take place at Hogwarts, where Dean and Sam, or Jared and Jensen, are students there. I prefer a Dean or Jensen focus and I'd like them to be kids, not going as adults for a case or anything. If it's a case, then I'd still like them to be kids and maybe John put them there undercover or something. Anything goes around those guidelines. I'd love it if the potter gang were students there too, but beggers can't be choosers!

Psst...I know it's way AU, but I think more people should write these crossovers, Hogwarts would be SUCH a cool environment for weechesters!
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Hey! I was wondering if anyone could lead me to any prompt sites? I have plots that I would LOVE to see written and know there is some amazing talent throughout the fandom that could make them come to life. If anyone has any places where I could maybe give a prompt or anything-that would be fantastic! Thank you :)
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Hello everyone, I'm new to the fandom so I'm not quite sure if I'm posting this at the right place or what, but I hope you will still help me out.

I have a craving for two kinds of stories:

1. Sam meets people he knew at stanford and they have to react/cope with the changes in Sam since they last saw him. Preferably set in Season 5 or late Season 6

2. cut for possible S 6 spoilers )

It would be great, if someone had any ideas <3


Apr. 11th, 2011 12:56 am
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I would love it if you all could rec me some good BAMF Cas/Dean fic.

I love Cas being all tough and controlling and sure of himself (manhandling Dean maybe?) and I just can't find many of these around :(

Please help a gal out!

I would love longer fics, but any length will do as long as Cas is a bad a** :)

Bottom Dean and Angel Cas are preferred for this one, and Thanks to all who reply.
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I'm really surprised that I haven't managed to run across this on my own, so I come to you lovely people:

Are there any fics wherein Dean/Jensen *ahem* "gives Sam/Jared a hand" while he's stuck in the cast from the early seasons?

I'd prefer no established-relationships, but I'll take what I can get. Thanks in advance!
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 I don't know why but I got a random urge to re-read this fic where Dean goes to college to play ball, and he and Cas have a long distance relationship.  I'm pretty sure the story is a sequel, so I'd like the first one too, whatever it was.  Cas is a nerd.  The Team thinks Cas is a girl and in the end I think Dean ends up the first openly gay baseball player in major league and they live together while Castiel goes to med school or something?

Obviously this is an AU. 
Any help appreciated!

FOUND! Link in first comment! 
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this is killing me, i can't find this fic if my live depended on it. so i need your help! all i remember is that jensen was sent to a mall or a store by his sister-in-law to find some kind of toy for his little nephew. apparently the toy is really in demand and people are going crazy over it. so jensen was quite happy when he found the last one and was about to grab it when he was knocked over by some guy (jared obviously).

they don't like each other at all, but for some reason jared shows  up on jensen's birthday and wants to apologize  (i hope i'm not mixing fics...) and everything turns out fine.

can anyone help? :)

thank you.
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I'm pretty sure I have this saved somewhere but I can't seem to find it and I wanted to re-read it again. I remember that I believe Jensen was a Senior and Jared was a freshman (I could be terribly wrong though) Jared was working at a administrative (Is that what they call them?) desk or something that deals with applications and, class transfers the works. I remember Jensen excessively texting Danneel throughout waiting and initially he been an asshole to Jared but then later he realizes he's been an asshole and how hot Jared was so he keeps sending him emails telling him sorry. He even went back to apologize and I believe soon enough he asks Jared out. I could be getting two fics mixed up but I believe Mike's grandfather or something like that built the building they were staying in or bought it and it's named after them so Mike is pretty influential throughout the building. That's all I can remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! XD

ETA: Found! Link in comments
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Can anyone point me at any SPN / White Collar crossover fics which feature Sam and Neal Caffrey as a pairing? I've seen plenty of Neal / Dean - there's even a comm devoted to it ([livejournal.com profile] dealtwice).

But I've searched AO3, FF.net, Delicious, and [livejournal.com profile] sn_crossovers without finding any fics with Neal / Sam. The only post I found via the tags in this comm, here, was all Dean / Neal.

I ask because I'm currently writing a Neal / Sam story, and I'm curious to know if there's any others out there already. Thanks in advance :)

Mods: could you possibly add a crossover: white collar tag, please?
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 Hi all, I'm wondering if there are any stories about Jared being jealous of Jensen's friendship with Misha, or Jared feeling like a third wheel around Jensen and Misha.  I guess for this request I'd prefer non-AUs, but since it's a fictional idea anyway I'll take whatever exists (if anything--it's hard to be picky when there probably aren't many that fit this search)!  I would prefer that there is NO Misha/Jen slash, though. J2, het or gen is perfectly fine. 

Along the same line, I'm looking for any stories about Jared feeling like he's a third wheel or where he's jealous of Jensen's other friends.  (This lends itself to AUs a bit better so I'll take anything!)

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A friend of mine told me about this fic, but she couldn't remember where she read it. I've tried searching but I've had no luck. :( Help please! I really wanna read it! :)

Description under cut for season 6 spoilers. )
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Hello guys!
I was wondering of could please link me to any Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen fuck-orodie fics? Or the ones where Sam (Jared) is incubus-infected? Preferably bottom!Dean or bottom!Jensen. Don't care if it's long or not :)
Self recs are awesome :D
Thanks in advance, guys!
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Ok this is a weird request. I was just reading "Heart That Hurts" by enigmatic blue (which is great by the way and I totally recommend) when I started wondering... Are there any fics out there were Dean And Cas end up with Ben AND Claire. Sort of like an insta-family? I've read plenty with Ben, this is the first I've read with Claire (which is cool and I totally wasn't expecting), but is there one with both. Them having to learn to function as a family would be awesome. (A hunting Brady bunch!)
So if there is some thing like that please point me in the right direction. Thanks!!! -K:)

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There is this WIP fic about Sam, Dean and Castiel set in an AU where Castiel and Sam are college sweethearts. When Sam takes Castiel home to Lawrence they  break up because they want different things and Sam has cheated on Castiel twice with other girls namely Jess and Ruby.

I wanted to re-read this but when I tried to I kept getting a 'this page is deleted'. Does anyone know if its still being written? Or has the parts written so far? I'd really like to read it again and I think the author was ryan_blackwood?
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I recently read a story that was based on I am Number Four the movie but lost the link. It also had a sequel set ten years later or something after the war with the aliens and humans rebuilding earth. Does anyone know where I can find it? Because I am in the mood for crazy alien stories.

Hurt boys

Apr. 11th, 2011 07:20 pm
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Yep,me again.
I'm a fast reader and get through loads of fics and thats why i ask you guys for help, finding me something to read.

Okay, i'm looking for fics that involve the boys getting lost/stranded and one of them is injured. Preferbly Sam or Jared. I want the pain and the chick flicks moments and the pain and the 'are we ever gonna get out of here' speech and the pain and.....yeah,i think you get it.

Oooooh,near death would be fab, but don't want them to die though.

I don't mind Gen,Wincest,J2,AU. I'm up for anything.

Longer the fic the better,as i said before,i read fast. Just read a 174,456 word BigBang in 2 hours.

Please please help out little ole me *puppy eyes*

or if anyone has really really really long fics,throw them my way too. Lol, yep,that's right. I have no life so i need SPN fiction. :)
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So I read this fic a while ago and I'm sure it's in my bookmarks but I have no idea what it's called and really wanna read it again. It was set after the apocalypse of during it with a group of survivors and the boys made a video of the damage. It was shown in a church and it sam was filming dean during some battle and deans explaining how to protect yourself in the attacks then suddenly the camera goes sideways, dean grabs the camera and films himself cradling sammy in his arms, and he says something like "my baby brother, ladies and gentlemen, sammy winchster' and some really nice things then sam dies and then dean dies and his hand is in shot or something and thats the end. It's a beautiful story and I cant remember where I saw it either.

Please please please help!! I really would like to read this again :)  *hopeful* 

Please and thankyou and you all get a puppy :P

PS i THINK i tagged it right. please fix if its not :) 
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I've read a lot of stories where the boys behave like animals because they are werewolf or something similar.

I'm wondering if there are any stories out there in the big webby thingy, where both or one of the boys behave feral or wild not because they are actual animals. Like from being abused or not being properly socialized. It can of curse be any degree of feral/wild behavior. 
I have no restrictions in genre or pairing, I only ask that if there are anything disturbing, that there could be a warning. 

Thank you all so much, you're the best. 


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