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Hi All!
All of a sudden I'm just crazy about Teacher!Castiel, so I was wondering if you great darlings would share your favs with me?
Teacher/Principle/Tutor/Advisor!Cas recs will all be met with love and adoration. Dean/Cas or Gen are preferable.

( If it is Dean/Cas please nothing where Dean is grossly underage. If we're talking highschool then 17-18 at the earliest.)  

Thank you all so very much!

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Hey, I did look through the searches tagged cursed!boys and was unable to find the fic I'm looking for, though sorry if it's there and I just didn't recognise the description or whatnot.

Anyway, I'm looking for a fic where Dean is cursed and unable to swear and when he goes to say s*** it comes out as 'shi...take mushrooms'. That's pretty much all I remember I'm afraid!

Thank you in advance!
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I read this fic a long, long time ago... It's a story about how Dean does not know some things about Sam but his wife does. I think it also involved Dean's newborn and Sam talking to the baby, which Dean's wife overhears. Let me know if you find it. I'll be eternally grateful. :)

ETA: Found!

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1.  I thought I saved this.  Guess not.

Sam and an OMC (maybe Caleb) take care of Dean after a hunting accident.  Dean is brain damaged, has epilepsy and vision problems.  Sam finds a doctor who can help Dean and they operate to remove bone fragments.  It was a gen.  I think it was kind of long.   FOUND

2.   Evil!Sam and Ruby track down Dean who had escaped.  Dean had cut himself during his escape and he had Ruby's knife.  I think it was really short.  FOUND

Does anyone recognize these?  Hope I did this right.  It's my first time posting.
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Hi there friends!

I was wondering if any of you kind people would know of any story out there that deals with Jared or Sam loosing his lovely locks of hair? Through either illness or necessity. I'm looking for stories that deal with the emotions of it, guys gotta get pretty attached to his hair over the years right? Would love for Dean/Jensen to play a part too.

I don't mind J2 or wincest, or gen. I'm pretty easy in fact :)

So there you go - hit me with your stories! =D

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Back again. I am look for a J2 fic possibly with a sequel about Jared and Jensen. It is AU and Jared works with Mike and spends all his time with him and Jensen wants him to choose. Not thinking he is serious he says Mike. They break up and don't see each other for a long time at the beach. Jensen brings his new boyfriend. The boyfriend is Chase from house or the actor who plays him. Jared is determined to get his man back. Seem familiar?
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Preferably a regular smoker,  not an idealised once-in-a-blue-moon kinda thing. As for the asshole part, he could just be socially inept or something. Also, they don't really have to go together, he could be a perfectly chain smoking adorable fella, you know?
Slash, het, gen whatever, as long as it's well written and you liked it.
BTW, how come there's no smoking tag?...
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does anybody have a copy of "crossing forks" by peculiar_mind? i read the story some time ago, but now i can't access it.
your help is much appreciated! :)

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 Blast it, another one I thought I had but can't find now!  This one starts after the big battle defeating Voldemort.  After seeing Harry use his full powers, everyone is afraid of him, even his closest friends who don't trust him anymore.  Disgusted, saddened, and tired of the whole thing, Harry gathers his finances and moves to the States changing his name and staying away from the distrust of the wizarding world.  He meets up with Bobby Singer and I thinks he's working closely with Bobby or stays at his place a lot of the time.  Bobby hooks him up with Dean and Sam on a hunt.

I thought I'd found that here and saved it, but I can't seem to locate it again.  Anyone know where this is?  Might or might not be slash (don't recall and it doesn't matter to me) and no, Harry and the W's are not long lost cousins.
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Hi All,

A couple of very different requests, which I've hopefully done the correct tags for:

1) Are there any stories where Sam is a powerful psychic, but he's very reclusive and Dean is his protector/lover/intermediary? If you want Sam's help, you have to go through Dean to get to him - and that's not easy.

2) Any stories where Dean's a demon, preferably a "good" one, and he possess Sam? Whether temporarily or for the long haul is ok.

3) Can anyone suggest any fic request communities that is good about filling said requests? If there aren't any stories along the lines of my first request, I'd like to try to get someone to write it :-D

Thank you all in advance for your help!
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 Bedwetting, Thumbsucking, Stuttering, or Mute Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen!! Slash, Wincest, Wee!chester whatever! Can be ANYTHING! 

Thanks so much!
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I've been out of the fic loop for a while and missed whatever wonderful fics no doubt have arisen from the episode "The French Mistake." I would love some recs. No Dean/Cas, please! Sam/Dean, however would be awesome as would gen. Thanks!
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Hey all!  I have a request!  I'm looking for fics about Sam getting wings and the two Winchester boys dealing with it and growing to love it, maybe Dean loves them first and convinces Sam they are okay since they can't get rid of them or whatever.  Here's the challenge: I'd love it if they were gen, no slash.  I looked over the tag about wings!fics, but they seem to be either all slash or all about Dean with wings.  

Thanks so much!  

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so yah....this is what I want.....Jared uses Jensen for any reason....maybe to get some one else jelouse....or to reach to some one Jensen knows...anyways....I want Jared to fall for Jensen and feel really ashamed for using him but Jensen finds out and is really heartbroken....it's up to you with the ending.

I also want any fics that have Jensen being hurt because of Jared....like they want to hurt Jared so they hurt the most important person....that's Jensen....the more graphic the better.

also any fics that have Jensen working undercover in mobs or mafia....deep undercover and being really good at it that the new detictive Jared doesn't know he is a cop/fbi and try to catch him....they fall in love of course.

thanx for any help.
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Hey guys,

So a lot of people, including me, were having trouble getting on livejournal today. I wanted to finish a 7 chapter fic and I was able to read up to chapter 6 until the site showed the 503 Error page, but now only chapter 1 will show and the rest of the pages are blank. Google also asks me if I want to translate it to English from Dutch, which is weird because it was in English in the first place. I've tried on both internet explorer and Moxilla, but no luck.


So I was wondering if anyone had a PDF file or a copy of some sort of Closer by Sidnihoudini? It is so well written and I am dying to finish it. Of course chapter 6 ended with a cliff hanger. I could ask the author to send me it, I suppose but I'm shy and I don't want to bother her if necessary.

Here's chapter one and if you want to let me know if the same thing is happening to you that would be awesome. :D



Is anyone else having issues with livejournal still?

Also if anyone has non-au kid fics for Dean/Cas and any non-au fics for J2 send them my way. :)

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I'm new to the fandom and addicted to memes. Have already found the kink meme, but is there one for any other other kind of prompts please?
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 I know there's lot's of this stuff around but lately i've really been wanting to dig my teeth into a nice long Sam/dean in which Dean is the victim of some disability/curse/illness/ailment etc. I am a part of hoodie and I've read a couple stories there, but if anyone has anything to recommend?  

in summary i want Sam taking care of Dean(or visa-versa if you have a good rec^^), a nice length (aka longer than a couple thousand words), and it would be extra nice if his predicament is either not permanent or something that they can live with.  what can i say i'm a sucker for happy endings. :P  oh oh!  bonus points if at the beginning they are just brothers and by the end they're still brothers, but you know, with benefits....

self recs welcome! :)
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Hello people!

Some time ago, Ive asked for general fics about a certain plot but there weren't answers for it. So, Im trying again:

Fics in which Jared is trying to do romantic things with Jensen, like cook for him, giving him some gifts, PDAS, nothing over the top, but meaningful things and Jensen just blows him off, saying he's a big girl or something like that; so Jared stops doing these things and later Jensen regrets it!


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