Apr. 3rd, 2011

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All I remember from this fic was Castiel having tea with Persephone (Queen of The Underworld, wife of Hades). Castiel makes the headlines because he emptied a few liquor stores with a drinking binge after Dean breaks up with him. It deals with Dean and Castiel through out Dean's mortal life. Thank you. Castiel is still a angel.

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic in which Gabriel has lost his Grace, like Anna did. He doesn't remember he used to be an angel and doesn't even know his own name.

Dean, Sam and Castiel track down Gabriel's Grace in a pond or something.

There is one point in the story where Gabriel looks at Sam and wonders how long Sam has been in love with the man Gabriel used to be.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Found: Blood, Sugar, Sex Magic
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Okay, so that last t ime TNT ran In My Time of Dying, I myself was watching from a hospital bed, so maybe my emotions were a bit off from the last time I saw the episode, but one thing caught my attention. 

After digging through the tags, I find out that most of the stories written about the episode are about Dean dying instead of John, or Dean dealing with the whole reaper coming after him thing, or Dean angsting over John dying for him.  Everything seems to be completely Dean focused, and while that's okay, there's been a huge area ripe for the writing that I think was overlooked.

The times throughout the episode when Dean's "spirit" was with Sam, Dean could see how hurt and worried Sam was about him and trying to hold it together.  Dean even went so far as to say to Sam thanks for not giving up on him.   Dean hates seeing Sam hurt or upset and would do anything to help him get past it all.

So what I'm looking for is any stories written where after Dean wakes up, his concern is more about Sam and how he's doing and what are his injuries.  Anything that could have brought Dean's big brother radar up fast and furious as soon as he's awake.  It seems like most of the writers waited util after Everyrone Loves a Clown to address that.

So I'm hoping anyone can help.  Slash/wincest is okay.
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a fic I've read once where Jensen is the son of a president/governor? and somewhere in the fic Jared (who has been genetically engineered with panther traits during his time as a soldier, i think) saves him from assasination attemp. Also in the fic features Adam Rodriguez, Jonathan Togo and David Caruso as the bad guys. There are also other pairings such as Tom/Mike and Chris/Steve (they also have the animal traits). I would love to read this fic again. Anybody could help me with this? Please and thank you.
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I'm back again! Okay, I read this story last year and don't remember if it was a stand alone fic or from a meme. But it was underage, I think Sammy. John was asleep and Sam snuck into his bed and rode him until he came. And John slept through the whole thing. Does anyone know what fic I'm talking about?

Thanks in advance!

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1. I've just been through the drugs tag trying to find a story along the lines of what I'd love to read. Basically no wincest; Dean is a hardworker earning a pile of money and Sam is his looser druggie little brother. Sam uses Dean, steals money off him, treats him badly. Prefer Destiel. Cas tries to make Dean see sense about Sam but Dean refuses to listen.

2. Looking for a story I read a while ago. I tried to find it again after reading it but couldn't remember the author or the title. It's J2 where Jensen is on the streets with Milo and for a while they live with Milo's girlfriend and are bike messengers until their boss sells them out and they get dragged into slavery. Jared gets adopted by a nice couple but gets kidnapped and sold into slavery as well. There's an albino girl called Ghost... eventually they get rescued and Jensen, Jared, Milo and Ghost set up a shelter for abused children.

3. I'm dying to read the sequel to A Love Story Told In Reverse. I tried to post on here a while back in case someone had the link for it but the mods didn't let me. Confuddled as to why. If anyone knows the author or how to find it on Livejournal I would be eteranally grateful!

Thanks in advance ya'all!


Note: Will add tags after posting coz it's being weird with me :/
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Hi! So I just read this amazing little fic: http://gekizetsu.net/sn/tehgay.htm - AND I WANT MORE. I don't know if the author has an LJ or if she has written a sequel to this or not, all I know is that I want MORE FIRST TIME LIKE THIS. I can't find anything more that follows this story line... 

Can anyone rec anything like this? I'd love the pace to stay the way it did in the story - basically what I would love is to read what happens where that fic leaves off at - but anything even remotely like this fic are okay with me! I'd love an ACTUAL Sam/Dean rather than something hinting at it - and some NC17 would be much loved as well! Anyway, please please please help me find more like this?

I don't mind angst, or more crack, even though this fic that I read wasn't all that cracky, IMHO. But I would love a little more serious Sam/Dean - like them actually accepting that they've fallen for each other. 

I want a fic in which they JUST fall for each other, through the little act or whatever they're doing - and NOT have previous feelings for each other. But really, I'll take anything and everything! As long as it's Sam/Dean only.

I've ticked off all the tags that I'd want in the story, but like I said, I'll take almost anything! 

(if it's NC17, please no strong sub/Dom - and no humiliation please. Thanks.)

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I'm looking for Something Different: The one in which there is a big dog and a small child and smex but hardly any angst by karfraegh.

The link I have for it seems to be broken.

Does anyone know if it was posted somewhere else, or maybe have a saved copy they'd be willing to email me?

If you're not good with titles, it's got Jensen as a single father with a little girl and a big dog who scares away all the nannies he tries to hire. He's about to abandon the dog at the shelter Jared works at when he meets Jared, who's trying to get a job as a nanny, but can't because he's gay.
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A long time ago, I read a fic where Dean got a backdraft when salting & burning a body, and couldn't see. Sam had to help him get about, do his hair, shave him etc.

I can't remember where I read it, or even when, all I know is that it was definitely a gen fic - all brotherly care, just lovely! 


Thanks! :)
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Hello all! Let's see if I remember how to do this.
This is a call out (and plead) to all the veterans and collectors:

The fic I'm looking for was posted long ago, I think during the 1st or 2nd season. I recall it being Sam/Dean and it was about the family (huge, think it was like a hive collective or something) of the original skinwalker they killed hunting the brothers and basically making their lives a living hell. I never got to finish it, I think it turned into a series and I lost track.

Please help me wax nostalgia!!

And if all else, you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about? PLEASE feel free to distract me with some recs from the earlier seasons.

Thank you!!! ^_~GN
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HI everybody!

Can you guys link me to some long (one-shots are ok, too) mpreg and established relationship fics?

I'd like the pairing to be J2 and happy endings only please.

2. any mike/misha or jared/chad (established relationship/ best friends falling in love) fics?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello :D

I'm currently searching AU stories, where one of our lovely boys is a huge Star and the other one is a pretty normal guy.
For example: Star Struck by FayJay. I'm so very much in love with this story and I would love to read other stories like that.

I don't care who is the Star and who is the normal one...and I don't really care for the pairing (J² or S/D), as long as I get a happy ending.

I really hope you can help me.
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Hi! I'm actually looking for a few fics.

1) The first fic I'm looking for is set in season six, I believe sometime after Sam returns. He takes Dean to the Grand Canyon (possibly for his birthday?) only to find out that he went with Lisa and Ben.

2) An old fic where Jessica is a witch and has cast a spell over Sam to fall in love with her. She kept him away from his family.

3) A Wincest fic set in season five where Sam thinks he deserves to be punished. He and Dean have sex, and Sam ends up in tears and begs Dean to forgive him.

4) Another old fic on ff.net. Sam and Dean were hunting something (I can't remember what), but Sam reveals that Jessica was pregnant and  had an abortion six months before her death.

Thank you in advance!

Seasons 1-3

Apr. 3rd, 2011 04:01 pm
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As much as I absolutely adore all the seasons of Supernatural {I am kind of easily pleased sometimes} I have been itching for old school Supernatural. Mostly seasons 1 & 2, but three can work too.

Where all the boys have to worry about are YED and Dean going to hell. No apocalypse and no Angels vs Demons {though I do love those guys}. I would adore either Sam/Dean or Gen.

Also, I've been playing Resident Evil a lot lately, so I was wondering if there are any stories that have an RE feel to it. {Or a cross over, but not a movie crossover. More of the game cross over because I really don't like the movies.} They can be AU with the boys being thrown into something strange {i.e. like game 1} or anything like that. Just something that has the Resident Evil game feel about it.

Mod, are the tag okie dokie?
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Bonjour à tous!

I was wondering if any of you all have some fics in French (both translated into AND originally written in French), that you might recommend for me to read? I love reading fic AND practicing my French, so doing both at the same time would make me one very happy fangirl.

In my searches of the community I came across <href="http://community.livejournal.com/spnstoryfinders/4224332.html">this request, but the majority of the fics recommended ended up being in Spanish or Portuguese (although there was a nice small offering of SPN gen in French that I'm looking forward to perusing).

I'm open to any recommendations you want to give me, though I must admit that my preferences run towards more light-hearted, humorous, or schmoopy fics with at least a touch of romance. That being said, if you know of a angsty gen epic written in/translated into french that you adored? Please feel free to let me know about it. Whether SPN or SPN-related CWRPS (J2 or otherwise),  it's all good. The tags on this post are EXTREMELY general guidelines for what I often look for in fics, but if you have a fic that doesn't fit the tags, I still would love to hear about it.

I've also noticed a dearth of foreign language podfics in SPN fandom, but if you happen to know of any, would you mind sending your recs my way?

Merci bien pour toutes vos reccomandations! Je les attends en retenant leur souffle :)
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I'm looking for a fic where a young Dean goes to a club and finds Sam there. Sam is perched on some guy and is sipping a beer the guy bought to him because he is underage. I think he goes ballistic and either beat up the guy or just threaten him. I think it's a wincest and that Sam was just trying to make Dean jealous but I'm really not sure...
I hope someone knows what I'm talking about!

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I'd like to read a fic where Sam decides he's done with hunting before Stanford and takes off. He could stay with someone we know from the show, a friend from school, or bust his ass waiting tables and going to school.

Gen or any Sam pairing would be fine.
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I'm looking for stories that have the boys as twins, can be any age. 
Please help!
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About to do a bit of travelling so need to load up the e-reader (thank Chuck for technology! *g*) with some help, please :-)

1. Adding to the previous recent entry for a specific fic, I'm looking for any recs/links to either gen or slash (preference for the latter ie; Dean/Castiel) fics that have a temporarily or permanently injured Castiel (as human or angel or mostly human/partly angel)... with one or both of the boys looking after him/living together to help him/whatever.

2. Looking for any stories - again, preferably slash (Dean/Castiel) but can be gen, too - which has Castiel living with Dean and Sam, or just Dean ... pre or post apocalyptic.  (Has anybody written anything with all of them living with Bobby?)

I guess you could say looking for any good Castiel fics, eh? *g*

Thank you in anticipation :-)

Update: Fic recs provided by fabulous people. :-)  (Thank you!)  See the comments.
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Hello, I'm looking for...

1) Any fics wherein Dean is younger than Sam (de-aged, born that way, etc.) but still acts like he's older.  I want Dean being super protective or possessive of Sammy even though he's younger/smaller.  And I want Sammy to listen to Dean when Dean bosses him (at least some of the time).  I think I remember reading an AU fic (which I can't find, so if you have the link to this one that would be great, too) where Dean was Sam's younger cousin but still basically controlled him. 

2) A specific Wincest fic wherein a djinii (or possibly a minor god) somehow captures both Sam and Dean.  The creature keeps them in a room/apartment he creates for them and forces Dean to dominate Sam.  He threatens to hurt Sam if Dean doesn't go along with it, I think.  Any ideas? FOUND!  Link in comments.

3) A teen!chester fic that begins with Sam walking home from school.  He has his headphones on and is checking/about to check the mail when he gets hit by a truck or car -- I think the side view mirror of the vehicle actually hits him in the head.  Dean rushes out to him right after it happens.  FOUND!  Link in comments.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello again,

So this time, I'm looking for a fic that I saw on the Limp Sam website (but the page disappeared). All I remember is that at some point Teen! Sam and Dean are kidnapped and burried alive. It has nothing to do with the Supernatural but a serial killer. (John was on a case that he thought was related to something supernatural but the real culprit was just a real psycho)
John is told where to find the boys but he has choose who to digg up 1st. He ends up more or less accidently choosing Dean. When Dean is free he screams at his dad and they dig up Sam but he is not breathing I think. And I can't remember the end...
Please, someone tell me that this fic still exists somewhere!


EDIT: FOUND! See comments
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I know this is a long shot, but has there ever been a SPN/Justified crossover?  Or an RPS with Timothy Olyphant in it?

Any help would be appreciated!
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1) I can't for the life of me figure out what this fic was.
I remember that Sam makes Dean take an IQ test but then doesn't believe the results and he even calls Ash to see if Dean forged the results only to find out that in order to hack the program he'd have to be super smart anyway.

2) Also I'd like some really angsty fic with either Jensen or Dean having low self-esteem, abandonment issues, or something similar. I'd prefer longer fics but I'll take short too and I'm fine with abuse or non-con. Oh and I'm ok with any pairing or I like gen too or preseries.

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 Hello I was looking through stories on this site and somehow ended up reading Stargate Atlantis fan fiction instead. The fiction was about how people are born/ and or become a Dom or a Sub and a BDSM lifestyle is the Norm. I was wondering if there was any J2/ or Supernatural stories with the same Idea. 
Wincest is love and if there is such a story with Gabriel/Sam I would really be happy as I have fallen in love with this pair :)
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Are there any fics pairing Samifer and Dean? I've looked through some tags and went to some LJs, but couldn't really find stuff I wanted.
I'm also interested in the aftermath of noncon Samifer/Dean, h/c, things like that. They could be alternate versions or codas to 5x04 or 5x22.

All that made me also think of Lucifer/Michael, or their platonic relationship. Michael is Lucifer's brother and it's not hard to draw parallels between Dean and Sam. Anything featuring their relationship would be great. I once read a Dean/Cas fic where Michael and Lucifer ended up eating baked goods and drinking tea in Hell... it was awesome. And it wasn't crack :P
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I lost this fic, and I'd really like to find it again. I thought I bookmarked it, but alas... Maybe someone here will remember it!

It was Jared/Jensen and was loosely based on "The 'burbs" with Tom Hanks. Jared moves onto Jensen's street, and Jensen and his friends are all weirded out by the new neighbor who never leaves his house. Turns out that Jared writes gay erotica novels, and Misha, who works in the library, gets Jensen hooked on Jared's books. Jared is a shut-in, though, so Jensen has a hard time getting to know him. Jared had some pretty messed up stuff in his past... Anyone know what fic this is?

Thank you!

Edit: FOUND. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel!


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