Mar. 21st, 2011

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Hey folks!

Well, I'm looking for stories where Jensen and Jared are dating but one of them has gone through abusive relationship (could be verbal - like persuading they're no good/pretty etc., or the usual beating/non-con, or altogether) and still has the habit of not trusting his partner. Like Jen/Jay gets scared when the other shows temper or flinches away at brusque or angry gestures. Wanted to see some trust developed with time..

Extra bonus would be no psychotic and evil exes appearing in the middle but if it doesn't look far-fetched it's fine.
Don't care if the fic begins already with our boys together or the break-up with abuser.
Mmmm, it can be also Sam-Dean couple.
Yep. Think that's all.

PLEASE-please-please gimme some hints, i totally suck at net-search and would greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you everyone, wise and experienced finders, in advance! little flattery never was a bad thing. ;)
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I have been driving myself crazy trying to find this story! I can't remember the name only the plot it is about Jensen being jealous because he hears Jared and Misha next door and assumes that they are having sex when they are really jumping on the bed. I can also remember that this story comes in two parts with the second one being abou Jensen comforting Jared and sex ensues. Please help!
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Are there any spn/being human crossover?
Bonus point if slash : D
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Ok, guys, so I read a ton of great fics where Jared has a thing for Dean and they roleplay or whatever, but I can't find anything with the dynamic reversed.
Are there any fics where Jensen has a crush on Sam? Young Sam or, preferably, toppy S5 Sam, maybe even Robo!Sam?
I'll also take any crossovers between SPN and RPF worlds with Jensen/Sam pairing shown in any way, I'm easy like this ;)
I tried J2 recs and so on, but I came back empty.
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Okay, so I'm wanting any fics where Jared or Jensen get all riled up over their baby sisters. Any combo will do, just about any scenario. I just want overly-protective big-brothers. It can be part of a bigger story arc, it can be a one shot, I seriously don't care.

Self-recs welcome too. ^_^
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I am not looking for anything specifically, just tiny, adorable Sam and Dean.  It can either be pre-series fics, preferably Sam 2-4, or de-aged fics.  Hurt/Comfort is welcome but not required.  I am mainly looking for the cuteness factor.  I am a sucker for 6 year old Dean taking care of his brother.  A good example would be by KayValo87.  I have read a lot of Maxandkiz as well as supernaturalsammy1967 so don't rec either of those.  Thanks a lot!
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hi you all :)

what i'm looking for is a sam/dean fic in which dean is living in a small town (i think) and befriend this guy at the local coffe-shop (i think) only to find out later that the guy is sam, made unrecognizable thanks to magic or an amulet... i don't remember well, but maybe dean had amnesia and got confused...

i'm so very sorry for all this vougue-ness, but you guys are awesome, so i hope to find this fic! it was beautiful!


eta: FOUND!!!
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I have a few request for all you lovely rec-ers.

1. I'd like to read anything that has Dean killing Ruby. I don't care if it is canon or AU, but I would love, love, love it if it is canon and occurs in season 4, but prior to 4x22. It doesn't have to, though. It would also be great if the boys kill her they did in 4x22 (Sam holding her, Dean stabbing her) I'd like the story to describe Dean's feelings about killing her. Of course, Dean killing Ruby doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, but if it isn't I'd like there to be a good amount of words about it. Like, I want more than, "I killed Ruby. I loved it."

2. I would love some season 4 or season 5 re-writes. I'm thinking a long story where something happens that drastically changes things. For example, Dean finds about what Sam has been doing in season 4 earlier, or a big player (that isn't Sam or Dean) is killed, or Sam never escapes the panic room, or the boys don't separate...anything and eveything

3. And along the lines of my second request, I'd like stories that have Dean never going to Hell. It is amazing how few I have found. I don't care how it happens, whether Sam breaks the deal or there was some loophole, or something else entirely. The only thing that matters is that Dean never goes to Hell....(I'll take Sam saving Dean from Hell, as well, but I prefer it if Dean never goes)

I like Gen and Wincest. I accept Het if it is one of Sam's canon pairings. Please no angel pairings. The longer the better, but I'll take any length. Please no evil!Sam....unless Dean is evil, too.

Thanks in advance!
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It's a pretty general request, I know. But all I want is some good long!fics. Ones that are slow-burning and are particularly in-canon (although if it's a really good AU, don't hesitate to rec it!)

I'm also a sucker for stories that manage to incorporate a little bit of everything into them - humor, drama, h/c, schmoop, smut, the works... (preferably Sam/Dean, Sam/Castiel or Dean/Castiel)

Thanks a bunch! ♥
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So, I was re-watching Tall Tales the other day and now I have a craving for Sam/Trickster!Gabriel fics.

Can anyone rec me something where Sam doesn't know that the Trickster is the Archangel Gabriel? Sam can find out who Gabriel really is, but I would really like most of the fic to focus on the Sam/Trickster aspect.

Thanks very much.


Mar. 21st, 2011 09:44 pm
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Hi, I am looking for a crush in the office or romance in the office with someone being in a higher position but  not necessary  being the boss ( yeah I have a crush lol)

any paring,  happy ending or angst  either is fine

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The author Villiageidiot appears to have deleted several fics and I was wondering if anyone could get me links to them.
They are Life in a cubicle and the 5 times Jensen lied and sequels. Please and thank you.
*Found help with Life in a cubicle and five times fic*
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I am looking for a copy of[ profile] lorraine4naz 's  2010 Big Bang story Fire and Ice. More info can be found here.

Found: link in comments below. 


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