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I'm looking for a specific J2 story.  In the story, Jared joins the military (I forget what branch) and goes off to war.  By the time Jared returns, Jensen has moved on and is in another relationship.  Does anyone recognize this story?  Thanks in advance!

EDIT:  Found in comments.
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Hello, everyone!  Just a quick request.  I'm wondering if there are any John/Dean fics set in the episode In the Beginning, or anything similar (young!John and Dean).  Other John/Dean time travel fics would be just as fabulous.  Sex isn't necessary of course (though who am I to turn it down?); I'm just looking for a slashier sort or interaction in which John doesn't know they're related (or even Dean doesn't know).  Thanks a bunch!
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I'm looking for any and all rockstar AU fics.  It doesn't matter who the star is, or if it's just one person or if everyone is.

I'll happily take Wincest or J2 or anything, really (though I'd prefer het isn't the main pairing).  But mostly what I'm looking for is Dean/Cas.  I think someone mentioned to me once that there are some rockstar!Dean/Cas fics out there, and I've been looking, but I haven't come across any.

All help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey y'all

I'm looking for stories where the Js used to be a couple but broke up for whatever reason and now meet again, maybe fall in love again.
I would certainly not mind if it stays gen (which I know can't possibly happen...) but other than that, I'd rather have them as a couple again than in another m/m relationship.
The focus should be on those two, not on any love between one J and someone else.

I'm a bit picky, so

. only AU
. well-written
. no blushing or giggling or girly-ness from seeing the once-lover again

if at all possible.

A perfect example of what I'd like to find would be Coda, which you should read if you haven't yet.

Thank you all for any help.
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Hi! New here and looking for a few bajillion things:

1. Long, maybe epic stories about the boys on the road- traveling around the country, anywhere from Cape Cod to San Antonio, staying in motels and driving, driving, driving. Any age is fine, wincest is a super-plus and a happy ending is always appreciated. I've been reading all the S/D stories by [ profile] candle_beck and they're fantastic, so anything like that's good, too.

2. Long, well-written, domestic J2 stories that have slow build-up, on-set scenes and pining. Again, I'm pro-happy endings.

3. Dean/Cas bond fics. You know, where they have to get angel-married to save Cas's life or they accidentally touch a cursed bracelet and their souls are all tangled up. Porn is good. Angst is good. Happy endings, of course, are good.

4. Anything (J2, Misha/whoever, Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean, whatever) in which the boys smoke pot and get all lazy and horny and maybe share smoke.


ETA: Tons of great recs below!
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 Hey everyone.  I was wondering if anyone knows of any really good stories where Dean and Cas care for a sick/hurt/etc. Sam.  I'm generally not a fan of Dean/Cas, but in this case I will take either gen or slash.  Mostly I just want a satisfying story with plenty of brotherly caring.  Also post wall coming down would be extra nice.  Sorry for how generic this request is.  Thanks.
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 Looking for a J2 Future-fic where Jensen hurts his knee falling down the stairs and Jared takes care of him. There was some pretty sick artwork too!

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Hello, it's me again! :D
I recently realized that I'm so into this fandom i doen't even
Anyway, this fandom is so huge and awesome i thought there might be some fics i'd very much like to read, so, i have some requests, my friends:

1) Any fics, much preferably wincest, where Dean is being a huge ass and hurts Sam by doing or saying something, ontly to later realize how much of a dick he'd been and make it up to Sam. A happy-ending wotuld be great :D

2) Maybe a fic where Sam is cursed or something and loses his memory, and Dean suddenly realizes that with Sam not remembering his past or his relationship with Dead, he might develop some dangerously not-quite-brothrly feelings towards Sam. Again with happy-ending :)

3) Any fics where Sam and Dean pretend to be boyfriends? Undercover or something? Kind of cliche, i know, but i can't find anything on the topic, unfortunately...

4) Any fics where Jensen wears reading glasses causing Jared to just lose his shit? Like, with LOTS of lusting on Jared's behalf and with all of it leading to sexytimes? Preferably Botttom!Jensen. Just my recently-developped glasses!kink, i guess...

5) Finally, i want to read some j2 fics that are non-AU and have the long-developing love story in it. I'd like it to be long and well-written and having Jenses (preferably) pining after Jared and the deep emotional side in it, and how the boys finally make it together after all. Are there any fics like that??

Sorry for such a long request listm but i'm totally new to the fandom and i'm so overwhelmed with things i've found this far, that i'm sure this questions will spring up sooner or later so i decided to just ask everything in one post :)
Oh, and self-recs are welcome
Thanks in advance, guys :D
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I hope someone will remember this story

 what i remember is Jared and Jensen goes to adopt a baby girl and while at the orphanage they see how the kids are treated and there a little boy in the crab with the baby they wanted to adopt the nun was going to hit the little boy and Jared and Jensen's adopt the little boy to i remember the little boy sleeps in the closet not the bed

i hope someone know it thanks a lot...

FOUND Thanks a lot...
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I'm looking for stories on two topics:

1.  Sam feels guilty after releasing Lucifer and, unable to forgive himself, asks Dean and Castiel to punish him.  I've read a couple, but can't remember the titles or authors.  Any are welcome, including self-recs.

2.  Sam is mentally messed up after Lucifer and the cage - stories like Mousme's Fusion verse where there's no easy fix, so his and Dean's lives are fairly permanently altered. 

Thank you in advance!
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So in this story Dean was cursed and because of this he could not stop talking. If he thought it he said it. I think Gabriel might have done it, but I'm not really sure about that. Anyway he says something about wanting to held to Cas, and Cas ends up holding him all night. Help, please and thank you!
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Hi, so recently i read  'Heart of Summer' by suckmyspock and i'm looking for some more Dean/Sam or Jared/Jensen slash...

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any more longer fics were one is a virgin ( could be because he's younger that the other - or whatever)  - basically a story where there is a longish lead up to actually having sex.....

So they do other stuff, but not till later on in the fic do they actually go the whole way.

I don't mind who is the virgin, and whether this is just parallel to another main story line, just something that has a big emphasis on the virginity and trust.

Also  i would prefer it so the other would be really patient, and didn't push the other - basically something smutty but with a fluffy side to it!

Bonus if whoever the virgin is, is insecure/shy/embarrassed - But i know this is a lot to ask so don't worry if not!

I love angst - but all must end up well in the end!

Everything MUST BE 100% CONSENSUAL

Preferably Longer Fics
NC-17 or Equivalent...

So yeah - please can you rec me whatever you have that sounds even vaguely similar!   :)
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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for fics (long or short) where Sam works on a sex hotline or acts in porn and Dean doesn't know (they are NOT together or have ever been).
Of course, main point will be him finding out, possibly calling the line, and ending with the boys sexing up either on the phone, in real life or both XD

Also, I'd love to see Sam having a size kink for Dean-I've read many the other way around, but I prefer top!Dean XD

No one-sided, please, it breaks my heart :(

Does any of you have recs for me? Thanks!
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Hey guys,

I was looking through the Xover with Charmed tag yesterday but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Are there any Xover with the pairing Dean/Chris out there, or maybe also Sam/Chris (but preferebly no pairing of the boys with Wyatt).
I also don't mind if one of the Js is jealous of the others relationship with Chris, or if they were togehter at some point...

I would be really thankful, cuz I could only find other pairings or gen!

Thanx again in advance!
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The crossover and zombie tags yielded some stuff, but I'm looking for a kind of specific concept.

Here goes: I think Wesker would absolutely love to have both Leon Kennedy and Dean under his thumb (in his bed, collared, etc; to-ma-to, to-mah-to).
Are there any fics in which there is ANYthing like this? With Wesker being all slightly less (more?) than human and all possessive, dominant, etc., and thinking that, 'gee, those two guys sure are purty (and deadly), I'll take me some of that'.
Sam can totally be all "Uhhm, no, he's mine. The other not mine, but is pretty, I agree."

Oooh, hell, Wesker could also be all wanting Leon and Dean to be B.O.W.s cause they'd make pretty kick ass B.O.W.s. Of the mostly-human-looking type (not the licker type).
OOOOHHH, B.O.W.s of any sort could be attracted to Dean&Leon, that'd be happy-making as well.

Pairings of awesome: Sam/Dean, Dean&Leon (I can't even begin to imagine who'd top), Wesker/Leon(&/or Dean), Sam/Dean&Leon, B.O.W.s/Dean&Leon

Sam could be made into a possessive Dean-is-mine B.O.W.

Does anything like this exist? I will take anything that is even vaguely related in any respect.

P.S. There seem to not be any specific Crossover: Resident Evil (or generally Videogames) or for tentacles. I feel like tentacles are almost inherent in any R.E. fic.

Much appreciated
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I've been reading some wonderful Sam/Castiel in the last couple of days but I realized most of their fics are fluffy and sweet... So I was wondering if there was any good serious or angsty Sam/Cas fics out there?? (if they are also long and plotty, even better!!).

Bonus points if Dean and Sam's brotherly relationship is also an important part of the story! And, um, no evil!sam, please.

Thank you very much!!


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