Mar. 9th, 2011

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I need help finding a specific older Spn fic. It was wincest of a sort, but also a death-fic.

What I remember: Sam dies during a hunt, and a spirit, ? , who didn't kill him but was watching takes over his body. He (Not-Sam) and Dean begin a relationship together and become immortal through bouts of month long sex..?

Any one remember what this story is and where to find it?

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Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic that has something where Sam goes to Hell every tenth day for a whole day or something instead of Dean and I honestly don't remember much else about it except I think Sam was going crazy cause of it. Does anybody have ANY clue at all what I'm talking about? Please and thank you!

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Hey guys.

So I was over at [ profile] j2_recs and they had a link to [ profile] hansons_angel's "Stung", "Layers" and "Returning the Favors". Sadly, as you can see, they've deleted and purged their account. Does anyone have their work, or know if they minded sharing? I'm hunting specifically for those three fics, but I will happily take any and all of the work, so I don't have to keep bugging you lovely people. I see that account pop up ALOT over on that comm. :/

Secondly, and I'm sure it's out there somewhere (For heaven's sake, there's Adam/Mary fics out there. There -has- to be this!), but I've not stumbled across it yet. Anyone know some fics where Gabriel runs his mouth, and upsets Castiel, and Dean comes to his defense, and Sam stands up for his angel? Only happy endings, please, but yeah, kinda in the mood for brother vs. brother, while they're both kinda knights for their angel. IDEK, it's the fever I think. *nods*

Thanks everyone. You all seriously rock, just to let you all know. This community is amazing and awesome and one of the best I've -ever- found.
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I am looking for a Sam and Gabriel fic that starts off when they are in the Impala.  As they cross a bridge, it collapses and they fall in the river.  Gabriel can't "mojo" them out so has to pull Sam to land.  Shortly after Sam wakes up and finds out it was a dream.  Parts of it followed him into real life...Sam is cold and Gabriel is wet.
Any ideas, anyone?
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It was J2. Jensen was a programmer and he was working on the game Supernatural. People would be able to chose Sam or Dean and you could switch off. But Jensen just couldn't get Sam down because he didn't have a proper vision of what he should look like. Jared is a gaming critic, and if I'm not mistaken he is really harsh about the games. When Jared and Jensen meet Jensen realizes that Jared is Sam.

Link in comments.
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 I am looking for any J2, Jared/Misha or Jensen/Misha fic that fills this criteria.

I want a fic where they've never been with guys before, so when they decide to be together, they have to come out as gay to their families. 

And I've read a lot of fics where their families are wonderfully understanding. <b>I want a fic where one of their families doesn't take it so well. I want them to kick them out, disown them, that kind of thing.</b> And then that brings in the whole hurt/comfort dynamic between them because one family was understanding and one family wasn't. Or both families weren't understanding. That works too.

High school AUs are cool.
Self recs are always welcome!

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Dean is in the hospital and it is revealed that Sam is stinking filthy rich. Not much to go on, but it's been on my head and I just can't find it!

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: FOUND! It's the marvelously complex and brilliantly told Miles To Go

Thank you, [ profile] geraltbublik!
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I'm looking for J² fics where the Js are soulmates, or bonded, or just have a special conection.
I read some werewolf fics, and they're more than welcome.

Thank you!

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Hi there,  I'm looking for a story I've ready previously.  Jensen is turned into a cute little fru-fru dog by an animal trainer on set.  Jared thinks he's lost and  takes Jensen home.  I remember dog!Jensen can understand Harley and Sadie and they call him "Little dog Jensen".  Hope that's enough.  Thank you in advance.

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 I am mainly looking for fics that are kinda like one I read a long time ago called Ambush I think was the name. Where the boys are used to control each other. 

I am looking for anything that has tortured boys either one is fine I am a equal fan gal love both boys hurt.
Rating is not an issues any level. I would just love to read some great fics
self recs welcome.

1. The boys are used to control each other  beaten, captured, kidnapped kinda a do this or we hurt kill your brother kinda fic ect. 
2. The boys are beaten in front of each other just up the mental pain of it all
3. Any good hurt boys from any gen. AU,preseason I read it all!!

Thank you all for helping in advance
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 hi guys.
I'm looking for a fic. I think it's quite an old one. All i remember is that for some reason Sam and Dean are apart.(could have been raised apart, i'm not sure.) Sam has been making a living by committing crimes (robberies i think)  sam is very successful, has millions in the bank, owns lots of homes, and lots of cars. i seem to remember a scene that said "sam chose to drive the Aston Martin that day." or something like that.

I know it isn't much to go on but i hope someone knows the one i mean!


Seizing Sam

Mar. 9th, 2011 11:31 pm
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Looking for any fic featuring a seizing Sam with protective Dean and maybe Bobby. Some mental disturbance in the deal would be wonderful. Gen preferred, but wincest is okay.

Thank you!


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