Feb. 27th, 2011

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Hi everyone,

I've been gone from the fanfic world for a while, but I have a craving to read again! I would love to read any thing that has one of the guys Jared, Jensen, Sam or Dean being gay. Not suddenly gay for...

I would especially love if it was Sam or Dean and not J2 but I'll take either. It would be awesome if Dean was out to Sam but not John or vice versa. I also want the fics to end up with the guys together.

So I'm looking for Gay!Dean or Gay!Sam, and will also take Gay!Jensen or Gay!Jared. 

Remember, no suddenly gay fics please. Self recs are totally welcome!

Also I have seen SPN up to episode 11 of season 5 so please nothing set in season 5 or 6. 

Thanks in advance!
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Hi folks =D

Any of you lovely people know any good Dean/Castiel fics set during episode 5. 18, Point of no Return?

Specifically after Cas kicks seven shades of crap out of Dean, cos yeah...it was just epic lol It could be short, long, sweet, kinky...I just wanna see what people did with it.

So yeah, thanks either way guys.

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are there any stories out there where the boys find that John and Gibbs worked together or at least know of each other form being in the Marines. Gen please and bonus points if the story has strong father/son themes form both Gibbs/Tony and the Winchesters.
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This is a short story as I remember it, Jensen signs up and is sent to Iraq or Afghanistan and promises Jared he will come back but he gets killed and Jared goes to collect his coffin from the airplane. I can't remember the title or author. A thank you to all who reply.
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I am trying to find a fic that I read a while back.
Jensen had a kid with his best friend who dies. He and Jared start a relationship, but he is stil grieving.

I particularly remember a scene where it is the anniversary of the woman friend's death (or maybe her birthday?) and Jensen's friends take him out for the day. He is in a dressing room trying on clothes, a little drunk and dancing to Scissor Sisters.

ETA: Found in the first comment!

Hunted Sam

Feb. 27th, 2011 10:32 am
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I'm looking for a story where Sam is kidnapped by hunters that know what he is or what he did and torture him for information at first but then when they plan to kill him they set him loose in the woods and actually hunt him down. While running away Sam's leg gets caught in a bear trap, while this is going on Dean and Bobby are looking for him. Hope that helps, thanks!!

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 I love this comm. No one judges for crazy kinks. 

that being said, I would really like to see some cross-dressing AU's. 

sam, dean, cas, gabriel, jared, jensen, misha, richard, any of them dressed like chicks.  Not actual chicks. Just dressed like them.  I particularly like college or high school scene. 

Slash and wincest welcomed and wanted!  

Please and thank you!
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I need both of them to be females, whether it be always a girl or from a curse doesn't matter. I just don't want it to be (accidental) het.
Any rating goes, but I like my fics on the porn or fluff (so, I don't really like angst) side of the spectrum (though seriously, ANYTHING with both of them being genderbent is a-okay with me)
Any side pairings are acceptable *unless* it seperates Gabriel and Sam (So, Gabriel/Dean as another pairing is a no go. Unless it's Team Free Love.)
Thanks~ :)
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Hello, sorry to bother you guys but I'm trying to locate a fic I read a while ago and thought I had bookmarked but apparently I did not. Sadly, I do not remember the name of the fic nor the author, but here I list what I do remember about it, hope you can help me locate it.

• Dean/Cas
• Cas always visits Dean on his birthdays at the same hour/time. Although the current year he is late to come.
• Lisa(?) finds out about their sexual relationship when she unexpectedly visits Dean's apartment and Cas answers the door (I think he's shirtless or wearing boxers or something)
• Cas had previously lived/stayed with Dean for a while (3 months or something, not sure) but had left to go back to heaven and now that he's back Dean is unsure of either it is to stay or not.
• I think there is a road trip of some sort
• At some point Dean takes Cas bent over the side of the couch

I hope someone knows this fic and can help me locate it, it's been a long while since I read it and am not clear on the details nor do I recall the story very well, I've just been having this urge to re-read it.

Thanks a bunch, guys ♥

FOUND! It's [livejournal.com profile] bauble's Wherever I go (I end up somewhere I've already been) Thanks a whole bunch [livejournal.com profile] 888mph
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1. I'm looking for fics where in AHBL 2 Sam doesn't die thus Dean doesn't go to Hell in a year. Like maybe Dean patches him up or he takes him to a hospital or whatever as long as Sam doesn't die. Gen and Wincest are fine

2. Fics where in Jensen is a business man or lawyer I.E those types of Jobs and he's Jared's boss.

3. Fics where Jared is a hooker and is homeless or poor. Really struggling and Jensen swoops in like a night in shinning armor lol.

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Okay so what I'm looking for is any Sam/Cas or Dean/Cas stories where the other brother still features heavily in the fic, not just mentioned. Actually it doesn't even have to be Cas, can be another guy. I would really like it if it's main focus is on the brothers but one of them just happens to be in a relationship with a guy/into guys. Bonus points if either Sam or Dean are hurt.

Also any J2 fics where they are in a relationship together and either both or one of there brothers is one of the other main characters of the story. Something like they're not just brothers but best friends and they are protective of there little brother. Again bonus points if either one of the J's are hurt, can be physical or emotional, I don't mind. Only AU's please.

Any fics where one brother comes out bi/gay to the other. Of course the other brother is fine about it and maybe even suspected it. Bonus if the other one has got really worked up about telling his brother but everything turns out okay. This one could even work for J2, again on AU's with J2 please.

No wincest please.


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I'm currently reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. It's a great novel but it's also quite sad and depressing. So I need funny fanfic, or at least happy fanfic. I'll read Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, Sam/Castiel and Sam/Gabriel, or gen.

If you have happy!fic featuring Adam, rec those too, please.

Please, rec me your favourite "make me happy" fics, before I disolve into a puddle of tears.

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I'm looking for fic where after the Apocalypse Dean wants to quit hunting but Sam doesn't as he feels too guilty. After finding out Ellen left him the Roadhouse he reopens it with Cas because Sam has already left for a job. Dean reopens it and it's a sucess as he and Cas serve not only alcohol but help with researching/finding jobs, rent a few rooms for overnight guests, and Dean can work on customer's cars if they need it. Cas and Dean become close over time and are in a relationship by the end of the story.

Sam comes back after a year or so and decides to stay with Dean and Cas at the Roadhouse.

Found in comments. Thank you.
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 So I have been reading this amazing story and I got about half way through it and now I can't find it! So I am needing some help since I cant remember what it was called or who wrote it. but basically Jensen is in college and Jeff brings him home to the Padalecki house for spring break, where he meets Jared, who is fifteen. He falls for Jared and then at the end of the break cuts all communication with him and leaves. Skip to four years later when Jeff brings Jensen back for christmas and Jared now has a boyfriend. Sound familiar to anyone?? I really need to finish it! Thank you!
FOUND in comments!
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FOUND: by the speedy and awesome [livejournal.com profile] equally_dour : Stumbling Toward Something Real penned by Allie Quixotic

I'm looking for a story and it's driving me nuts!!!

It's J2 --an old fic i think-- and if I remember correctly, Jensen dumps his loser OC boyfriend (who spent all his money on other guys and blow). Jensen reaches out to Jared in his time of need, despite the fact that he doesn't like to feel needy and vulnerable, but Jared's with Sandy (or Gen? but I think it was Sandy) at the time and feels like he should put some distance between them for the sake of his relationship. He has feelings for Jensen he thinks he shouldn't. Jensen starts drinking more and more to escape his reality and it quickly spirals out of control.

There was a scene with Jensen's family, where his dad has some choice words for Jensen and we realize that this is the root of his feelings of worthlessness, addiction and acceptance of rotten behavior from his ex. I remember it being well-written, realistic and angsty, but not melodramatic.

I want to re-read it and leave the author some feedback in appreciation, so I'd love it so much if you guys would help me out. Thanks in advance. :)
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I'm looking for a J2 story.  I don't think Jared and Jensen had been together for very long before Danneel showed up, saying she was pregnant.  She ends up living in the house with the guys, and I think they all end up raising the baby together. 

I found a similar story (No Children, No Pets by [livejournal.com profile] latentfunction ), but it wasn't the story I was looking for. 
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I'm looking for a specific fic that is separated into sections (or possibly a series of fics?) where a teenage Dean teaches young Sam how to kiss and... beyond. ;) Underage Wincest.

And I'd love any other fic recommendations in that vein, with Dean instructing Sam like that, any ages.

Thank you!
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Ok......... I know that it may b a little early for this, but I just finished watching clips from the beginning of season 6 of supernatural with Castiel and Raphael. And i was wondering if there were any fics out there with Castiel/Raphael? Also going off of that episode with Castiel trapping Raphael in holy fire and he suggests to Castiel that Lucifer brought him back, Are there any fics where it takes place after that (Castiel/Lucifer) where either Lucifer confirms or denies the supposition Castiel has or confronts him somehow after Raphael makes the comment? Thanks so much!
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A reeeeally long time ago, I read this fic where Hell's idea of torturing both John Winchester and Azazel (because demons don't apparently, have fun in hell either) was to have them live together as roommates...it's crackfic, obviously...

If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, please let me know, thanks!
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I can't remember a lot of details, but the clearest scene I have is where the baddie, again my brain is thinking shapeshifter like maybe it's a Skin tag, has a rope around Sam's neck, and he throws the end up over a pipe in the ceiling, orders Sam to drop his hands from his throat and then ties the end of the rope around his hands. The imagery I have of the scene is that they were in the sewers.

I know not much detail, but that one scene won't leave my head and now I want to find the fic again. I don't think it was on ff.net but again...can't remember.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm looking for a fic. I think it was sam/dean. Anyway, Dean works at a restaurant and he finds sam in an alley by a dumpster. Sam is into cross dressing and has a brother with special needs called Jonny. i'm pretty sure it was called treasures in the trash but i can't find it anywhere hmmpfff!

found in comments thanks!
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1. A J2 college story, I know it's not 'things I learned my freshman year of college'. I remember a couple of things. The girls (idk who) get a hold of a picture of naked baby!Jared and post it online(?) also the house that Mike(?) and Jensen live in the picture is smack in the middle of a whole bunch of other pictures and it's blown up. Another thing I remember is Jensen being sick in his room and Jared coming over and maybe cleaning his room. The house might have been a beach house and I think there might have been a halloween scene where Jensen dresses up as a pirate.

edit: Found! Everyone Experiments in College.

2. Any Dean/Cas pretend to be boyfriend fics and they get together somewhere along the way, there's a lot of J2 and Sam/Dean ones. Can be AU or not.

3. Tension. You know when you read a story and you can just feel the tension between two characters (not ust). Because of a fight, disagreement, jealousy etc. Like the fight scene in domestic bliss & other oxymorons or like the f*cked up relationship in Ain't No Sunshine. J2 or Dean/Cas.

Longer fics preferred. No first person pov's please.
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Hi!  So I was wondering if there are any fics related to 'Time is on my side' that involve Dean's fear at hearing Sam kidnapped over the phone, Sam's point of view (like what he's thinking) while he's being kidnapped, Sam's fear at Doc Benton's plans for him, Dean's fear at seeing Sam laid out like he was.  You know, stuff like that.  Dean saves Sam, comforts him, that kind of thing!  :)

Any fics that DON'T deal with Bela and DON'T involve the boys actually using the formula.  And....if at all possible.....a happy ending!  

Thanks so much!   
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Hi folks,

Inspired by this image (SFW), I was wondering if anyone knows of a story/stories in which Season 4 episode's "The Rapture" ended differently, and rather than reclaim Jimmy Novak's body, Castiel had to possess young Clair Novak. It would be both cool and tragic to see Dean and Sam left to take care of a wee angel!girl.

So, anyone know if a story like this exists?

ETA: Found! [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics has written two stories, Little Wing and Fait Lux. Mucho thanks to [livejournal.com profile] layne67.
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Hmm. Wanted to re-read a fic I'd had saved in my 'delicious' account but it looks like maybe the posting journal has been purged.

I had it saved as 'First Time Around' by nola_rue" but again, purged.

I had this in the notes: Summary: Teen!cest. Sam talks about goosebumps & hickeys. Dean is nearly asleep. And then...
I also used my tag for essentially, 'woah, gotta read this again, guh' so I'm bummed that it's gone away.

Perhaps she's just switched journal names?


Hurt Dean

Feb. 27th, 2011 10:20 pm
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Hay I am back...and I need more help    :)

1) are there any fics that have Dean being taken care of  by other people...not his family....like he got hurt and his family didn't help him and others did...and they took him in as family...a man saw him as a son and the mans children saw him as a brother...then his family come and they see that Dean was being treated badly by them and they are sorry....or any other fic where other people see how Dean is really great and it's unfair they he is treated by his family.

2) spoilers for season 6 )
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I'm looking for a J2 high school au. After some initial drama (involving Tom, I think), they get together and all seems happy. They're going to meet at a movie theatre for their anniversary (something like a 1-wk or 1-month thing). Jared's waiting out front for Jensen. Sandy's been crushing on Jared and surprise!kisses him, just as Jensen drives up. He keeps on going. Later, he refuses talk to Jared and let him explain. JDM is Jensen's stepfather and is the one to talk to Jared and send him away. Jared leaves Jensen's house on his bike. He's distraught, not paying attention, and gets hit by a car. Help?

FOUND: http://felisblanco.livejournal.com/697931.html
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Looking for a Dean/Sam fic. I've read it a couple of month ago - there was a link at spnnewsletter.

Anyway, Sam is back from the Pit and he has a serious case of touch-deprivation. Dean notices this and decides to help by starting to touch Sam all the time.  It works. 

Does anyone knows this fic?

If someone can recommend me some wincest of the same kind - you know,  warm, almost cozy first time fics with one of the boys comforting the other (some hurt maybe - but lots of comfort) and happy ending, where you end up smiling stupidly, please please please do!
I'd love some of those!

Thanks in advance!  


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