Feb. 24th, 2011

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I'm SO sorry I swear this is the last one :D Is there any J2 fics where Jared makes fun of Days of our Lives and then starts watching it and he is hooked and maybe has a crush on Jensen's character? XD

Or you know, boys watching each others old work and making fun of eachother but secretly liking it?

J2 only please!

fic search

Feb. 24th, 2011 12:57 am
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Hi, I hope someone can help me find a fic I read a few weeks ago. I just read a simarlar fic in another fandom.. not I want to reread this one. Warning it is a death fic... but with a happy ending. I've searched all evening and can't find it.

In the story Jensen and Jared are old men. Jensen has aI think a brain tumor and dies in Jareds arms. Jared keeps dreaming of Jensen or seeing him (not sure which). Then one morning Jared see's Jensen again and Jensen talks to him and Jared realizes he's deid also. Jensen and Jared are both back to looking young, Jensen has come to get Jared now that he's died too. If I remember right, they lived in teir dream house on the beach. It was such a sad and also beautiful story.

Thanks ahead of time for anyone who can help me. *hug* halliwitch

FOUND! Thanks everyone!
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I'm looking for this one fic where Dean looks for Raphael so that he can get him in contact with God (because he wants to ask for Cas's hand in marriage.)

I want to rec it to my friends, and now I can't find it again.

Please help. ;A;
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I kinda tired of the whole Angels, apocalypse, Sam's soul etc... So I'm hoping ya'll can help a poor girl out. I'm looking for Wincest recs that have the feel of season one and two (meaning no angels, Hell, or the apocalypse mentioned!).

A few example are When it Crackles by [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing and There the Crevasse by [livejournal.com profile] monkiedude

I'll also take Teen!chesters (if Sam is atleast 16), so along as it doesn't end up with Sam leaving for Standford. I'm not really in the mood for really angsty work right now. I don't mind some angst, just no 'rip-your-heart-out' kind right now.

No dub-con, cheating, permanent character death, or non-con. Self recs are more than welcome, they're encouraged!

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 Hello :D

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago, where Sam and Dean were hunting something in the woods and Sam got his leg caught in a bear trap and it completely broke his leg.

There was something about a bird that Sam was talking to, and it maybe lead Dean to him? That's all I remember, I don't even remember if it was wincest or gen ><

Anybody know it?

Thanks in advance! <3

EDIT: I found it -_-V link in comments


Feb. 24th, 2011 01:13 pm
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 Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has ever written any Adam/Jo fics? (Mods, there is no tag for this.)

Also, one last try for a specific fic )

Thank you, everyone!
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I'm looking for a story that I have read recently, but never bookmarked (how annoying is it when you do that?). I've checked j2_recs under 'neighbours and it's not there, and I only have really vague memories of it :)

Jared and Jensen are neighbours, and I'm pretty sure that Jared moves in and is curious about his neighbour who has big gates that are always shut. I know Christian Kane is in it and very protective of Jensen, who has someone after him, could be Misha? And I think Jared accidently leaves the gates open and Jensen is kidnapped.

I know it takes ages for Jensen to warm to Jared....

Apologies for the vagueness of this post and I appreciate any help in helping me find this story :)
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 I'm looking for a story that I read a while ago, that I can no longer find, To be honest, I'm not even sure if I have just imagined it or cobbled it together from various other stories, but any help would be great.

It's an AU fic with Jensen and Jared, where Jensen is at college with Jeff, and for some reason ends up looking after Jared over some holiday, perhaps spring break or summer vacation, whilst the rest of the family are away. Jared was in high school, I think somewhere around 15-16. 

I remember they didn't get on at first, and I think there was a scene where Jared is grumpy and sitting in doors watching as Jensen swims in the pool. I think he was looking forward to using the pool, and he thought that Jensen was hogging it.
It could be the other way around though.

I also think it was a longer fic? 

Any help would be great, thanks very much.
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Hey All,

Looking for a Jensen/Misha fic.

Click for plot! )

Found in comment!  Code Purple!
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It's me again. I'm only just beginning to recover from my cold and I really, really need some fics to cheer me up.

Can anyone rec any Jensen/Jared fics with:

1) J2 fics with top!Jensen who's also the 'boss' of the relationship. I want stories where Jensen as the older is the more confident one, who protects Jared, isn't afraid to stand up for Jared/to people and is generally just confident and comfortable in his skin. Protective!Jensen would be fantastic too!

I really want Jensen like he is fics like "Both Sides Now" and "Dealing With Life" - confident & in control etc. Please *no* top!Jared fics!!

2) J2 fics with Chris being protective of Jared. I really wanna see a close relationship between Jared & Chris. Chris can be best friends with Jen etc, but I wanna see Chris being awesome & protective with Jared

Self pimps are more than welcome. Hurt/comfort are loved and adored and I don't squick easily.
thanks in advance!!
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I'd really like a nice, long gen-fic that revolves around something other than just Castiel/Dean's relationship. UST would definitely be worth extra brownie points though!

AU's with lotsa UST are amazing too! 

Thank you very much!
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are there any stories that have John or Bobby getting fed up with the boy's behavior and coming up with cool and unsual punishments for them to do.  per-series or S1 or 2 please, Gen please

Not sexual punishments I.E. spanking just tough love types like making them run 15 miles or something like that.
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 Okay, I want some John/Sam or Jeff/Jared fics with slutty Sam/Jared. AND DADDY KINK!
No non-con, please. 

Thanks :D


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