Feb. 16th, 2011

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I am posting here for the first time so please bear with me if I do something wrong.

I read this fic a while ago and now for the life of me cannot find it.  it started with Jensen killing a dragon?? Jensen was a fae i guess.  he worked in some govt. fbi type dept. that  employed fairies and humans as agents.  it was called DNSF or something.  Jeff was their boss and Chris was Jensen's partner, but they got probation and Jensen got tagged with Jared and Chris with Steve. It also had Adrianne Palicki and Katie Cassidy.  Jeff, Katie and Steve were fae too.  They traveled through fairy realm to make distances short.  All of them travel to fairy realm when some humans get kidnapped.  There they meet Misha who was a POLKA. Danneel  was also mentioned in it, she was Jensen's girlfriend i guess but she died somehow and that was why Jensen hated the fairy realm and did not like to go there.

Somebody please help me.  I am sure this is not figment of my imagination.

MODs.  I am not sure how to tag this. If you could please help.

FOUND:  Links in the comments. :)
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 Hey guys!

A while ago I read a Dean/Cas wip that was about Dean being infected by a werewolf. From what I remember Samuel and the other Campbells were somehow involved, I'm pretty sure Dean was being kept there for research or something like it. Gabriel appears in there too and I think the general plot was Cas trying to find a cure and/or help Dean through the transformations

Much appreciated!

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I'm finally getting into wincest, so I'm looking for a few different types of fic.
  1. they break up
  2. unrequited, where Dean is the one in love with Sam (no Sam/Dean non/dub-con, please)
  3. fics where Dean and Sam are in a relationship and Sam is manipulative or mean, but not evil
  4. any angsty wincest fics you think are essential (bottom!Dean please)
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Hello! Okay, a few days ago, I saw a clip with Jensen and in the clip he was stuttered a little and I found it so adorable! So that made me wonder if there were any stories out that have Jensen stuttering.


If not Jensen then “Dean” will work also. All ratings are fine and self recs are loved. If anyone has any please send me the link.  


Thank so much!! *hugs and loves*

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Hey everyone! I just read the roads 'verse (http://ksock.livejournal.com/tag/fic:%20roads) and now I'm looking fics where Dean and John are not related but John takes him under his wing.

Gen or pairings, doesn't matter.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey everyone

I'm sick and I could really use some fics to distract me.

I'm looking for a few general things:

1) Long Wincest fics. The longer the better. Also I'd really like them to have plenty of porn *and* plot. I'd also love it if Sam was like his season 1-2 self in these.

2) Wincest fics with hurt/abused!Sam with protective!Dean. Again the longer the better. But please no fics that deal with Sam after hell. I really wanna read fics where Sam is broken somehow and Dean (and ideally others) help pick up the pieces, but no fics that deal with post evil/soulless!Sam please. I want old-school hurt Sam if that makes sense!

3) Wincest with Bobby being a major role hel[ing his two favorite idjuts, plotty *and* porny would be welcome. Or also any Wincest fic with an ensamble cast (John, Bobby, Ellen, Cas etc)

4) any J2 fics with shy/insecure Jared & confident!Jen

For all the fics I'd like rec with *only* bottom!Sam or bottom!Jared and the longer the better. I really want fics that have a lot of plot but also lots of porn, not just a quick scene at the end.

I'm hard to squick so anything goes, self-pimps are very welcome

thanks in advance!
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Hey guys.  Need some help finding a story and I feel like an idiot having to ask for it.  Tons of details, but can't find the darn thing.

It's part of highwaywoman's Post Season 4 Hug It Out Meme.  I've been through all the stories that are there at  http://thehighwaywoman.livejournal.com/135416.html  but the one I'm looking for isn't there.

I think the title of it was called Stay and the summary is this:  Ridden with guilt, Sam get's trashed and Dean picks up the pieces. 

If ya know it, I'd sure appreciate you telling me where I can find it.  The stupid file I have it on corrupted and I had to delete it.

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Looking for another story that, well, not sure if you can label it wincest or not.  What information I have on the story is under the cut.

Read more... )

FOUND!  In comments
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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me find this story of Jared breaking up with Jensen for some reason, but couldn't really let him go and both parties are still in love. I believe it is non-au, some scenes are at the supernatural set. The main storyline is about dealing with the aftermath of the breakup in Jared's pov, while winning Jensen's back.

I would appreciate if anyone could recommend me more breakup/reconciliation stories too. I've read quite a few like small moments and the other side of shacking up which I really like.

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 I can't stop watching fanvids made of It's A Terrible Life (4x17) ep, especially Frozensify's In my Veins and SecretlyToDream's Till The Sun Starts To Cry and I need some fics to accompany them, preferably full of delicious wincest :) 
Thank you in advance!
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I saw a post on tumblr recently (within a week or two) where someone had written a ficlet saying if Supernatural didn't get picked up for a seventh season, this is how they would want the series as a whole to end. I don't follow many tumblrs and I've searched the ones I DO follow until back before Hellatus ended (and it keeps making my browser crash), but I do remember that post had been reblogged to hell and back so I'm hoping someone here might have seen it.

Read more... )

It wasn't very long, but it was painfully perfect and I want to inflict it on my friend who first got me hooked on Supernatural but I cannot find it to save my life.

Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me find these?

1. De Aged!Cas.. All I can remember was near the end of the story, Cas was sitting in Dean's lap on the backseat of the Impala (Sam was driving) and Dean was singing Norwegian Wood to Cas.

2. Again, fuzzy memory but... Dean feels like he lost everything to him (Sam included) and after Sam's death, Dean and Cas became closer and eventually had a relationship while fighting for the Apocalypse. Then something happened to Cas. And Cas death was sort of the last straw for Dean so he went and finally faced Lucifer?

I know vague details, but I was hoping some of you are familiar with this fic. I remembered crying when I read it, but stupid me didn't saved the link. I was wondering if anybody knows what I'm talking about? It's written 2010, I think.
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Hey, so I've looked through the tags and stuff and read all that was there. I was wondering if anybody had any other Sam/Dean D/s fics with dom dean and sub sam? Just seems to be the thing I feel like reading at the moment.
EG- Maybe a fic where dean/jensen is possessive of or got the hots for sam/jared and leads to it? *shrug* 
Theyre pretty much my only specifics. I'm not  really into J2, but if theres any similar to what I'm asking, (dom jensen, sub jared) throw them in too.

I think I covered all tags i'm looking for. Please and Thankyou :D

J2 fic

Feb. 16th, 2011 10:49 pm
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Hi everyone I'm looking for specific J2 fic.

It was about how Sandy found about Jared and Jensen. She walked into Jared's apartment and saw them making love. She realized that they really loved each other and left her engagement ring on the table before living.

I will appreciate any help :)
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Simple bashing is simple. Just looking for some good ole' stories where Sam has either a knife or gun shot wound and Dean takes care of him. Mindless hurt/comfort is well appreciated. Whether hospitalized or DIY fixer upper. Thanks


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