Feb. 15th, 2011

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for some really hot het fics! I really want to read Jared/OFC, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, or Jensen/OFC. Not looking for really long fics, just one shots. PWP! please.

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Does anybody have know any fics where:

1. Gabriel interacts with John either before or during the series?

2. Gabriel with Sam and Dean, or just one of them, when they're little.

I don't mind whether they're gen or slash

Thank you
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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting and I hope to be doing this right! (1)I have been having trouble finding stories with either Sam or Jared as bottom, and I am actually looking for mpreg fics, possibly long :) I don't really care about the rating, but possibly with an happy ending? (2) I have also been looking for slave fics in which Jared/Sam is the slave though, and I'd like them to be slash, only sam/dean or jared/jensen. Again, I don't care about the rating :P
Thank you so much!
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This fic is definitely NC-17. I've asked for it before but I've never had any luck. Here's hoping new people are around or people's memories have gotten better. Read more... )
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Hi I am looking for copule of searches:
1) sam/dean any slash non-slash where dean takes sam away from John for any reason and start a new life.

2)Sam/dean/castiel slash where sam and dean use/take castiel (bottom castiel). (rps or from the show fics)

Thankyou in advance
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No actual specific fic but it had dawned on me that it's going to be a really long...rest of the week before Friday night so I was wondering if you guys can rec me any

Businessman!J2 - Where either of them is a CEO or wateva within a company. Rival companies, yadda, yadda, once its has them working in some standard office toss it my way.

Princes or Royalty fics

Historical fics (Historical Romances etc) Don't rec that fic with Jared being Lord Perinth?? and Jensen the artist lol 0_O The name is lost on me for the moment, but yeah, I've read it. Need one or seven more like it though if u don't mind my complete lack of respect for the title or summary *smh)

Fics where one of them (preferable Jared) was in a relationship with someone else before he got together with Jensen *shrug*  Could've been a brief fling with Genevieve, ex gf Sandy, throw in past with Chad, maybe a little thing on the side with Misha, lol.

Hey what about Magic and stuff....like Dragons and other mythical creatures? Or them being Knights. Hmmm any suggestions?

The fics can be either Dean/Sam or Jared/Jensen, m'not picky.  As for top and bottoms, just rec anything containing the mentioned tags and I'm good. And the longer the better :D
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 So, two three requests here, because I have been I have been craving some Winchester-Angel relations. 

STATUS: Not found, but did find some epic wincest wing!fic, link in comments. 

1.FOUND Sam/Gabe wing fics.   I've read through a billion Sam/Gabe fics, but I really, really love wing-fics.  I'll Dean/Cas wing-fics too.  Any kind. Whether they be pervy, or schmoop, or hurt-wings, grooming ( I love grooming fics).  No M-Preg, please.  That includes them laying eggs. I read a fic where cas laid an egg, and I just couldn't take it serious at all.  He actually laid four. I don't know if the fic was meant to be crack or not. It was a good story, but it threw me for a loop. 

3. Suddenly human Gabriel.  Preferably where he realizes how vulnerable he is, and clings to Sam to protect him.  This doesn't actually have to be part of a pair, but Sam/Gabe preferred. 

3. Sam/Cas Season 6 Fics. 

(spoiler alert, I'll hide it behind this link) )

Please and thank you!
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 Hi!  I have some more requests.  Please help me!  I need to read something!  :)

I'm looking for post-hell Sam having to deal with his memories.  I want protective Dean too please! Anything from Season 6, an AU from Season 5 with Sam getting out early (or at least going to Dean or Dean finding him earlier), an AU from season 3 or 4 with Sam going in Dean's place or whatever, also works. I'm really looking for the hurt/comfort here.  I want Sam to rely on Dean, Dean to be there for Sam.  Be brothers again.  Thanks so much!

Please no slash, no death fics.  I love happy endings!  Thank you!
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Ok, I'm straying from wincest into new territory. I'm heading to ff.net to look for some but I'm wondering you guys know any EPIC, LONG, INTERESTING Dean/Cas or Sam/Gabe. Warnings from Mpreg to Character death to fetishes are absolutely ok with me lol.  Lets see if I can be converted to Deanas(??) Sabe(??) Deas? Gam? -_-'' And if it contains wincest too(no matter how brief) that'll be acceptable lol. thanks

AND OMG! Sam/Priestly!!! Yeah, totally rec some of those kind of fics for me please.
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The fic I'm looking for is one where, at some point in the future, Sam and Dean run a school for kids who want to become hunters/kids with abilities. Sam teaches the psychics whilst Dean teaches hunter skills. Dean has a bum leg and I know Michael (Something Wicked) turns up. There's also a set of twins who look into Sam and Deans past because they're involved with each other the same way as Sam and Dean. There may also be something about a bathroom extension (its amazing what bits your mind latches onto)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'll be eternally grateful
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I just passed my Praxis II Exams (one step closer to being a teacher) and I am in a really good mood. I am looking for some schmoopy stories.  No angst this go around. I am in a good mood and want to stay in that mood.  Or hurt/comfort that ends happy and cuddly.  So any happy, funny stories that just make you go "aww".  Be pre-series, canon, or A/U.

Would prefer any Gen involved Castiel or Gabriel.  If they are slash I would prefer Dean/Cas, Cas/Gabe, or (tentatively) Dean/Sam.  And any variation of the aforementioned (Dean/Cas/Sam/Gabe, Dean/Cas/Sam, etc.)

Thanks very, very much in advance.
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So I´m looking for this fanfiction and I just can´t remember the name or if I read it on livejournal or on archiveofourown.
I´m also not sure about the length, although I´m usually more into longer fics, so chances are high that it could be around 5000 words or something (but I also might be wrong about that).

Here´s what I remember from the content: Dean and Sam thought that Gabriel was dead, until Sam sees him in his dreams every time he has the DVD of Gabriel with him. I think Sam was suffering from seizures after that and Dean asks Castiel for help and somehow in the end everything´s okay again, Gabriel is back alive (I think).

Thanks in advance for any help I can get!

Lost Fics

Feb. 15th, 2011 09:20 pm
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A couple of months ago my hard drive was wiped and since then I have been looking for all the bookmarked fics I had, I have found most of them, but my google-fu sucks and I am still missing some, so here I am, hoping someone here will know the fics I'm talking about.

1) Jensen runs a hotel, Jared is a customer and finds Jensen in his room, straightening out flowers or something and mistakes Jensen for his 'escort', Jensen goes along with it. From that first time on Jensen makes sure he is available for Jared.

2) Jared pretends to be his twin brother, who is dating Jensen (who is very shy). He pays a photographer to take pics of him and Jensen in a compromising position. I think after Jareds brother comes back and claims Jensen he beats Jensen up.

3) Sam gets on the bus to Stanford and is really sad because he feels like he lost Dean, or something like that. I think he sits next to an old woman, who turns out to be a witch. The woman feels bad for Sam and wipes his memory and takes him home to be part of her family. Dean eventually finds him, I think it might turn into Sam/Dean.

4) Sam is a hunter, but no one in his family knows it. Bobby helps him. he fights a gargoyle, I think that is when Dean figures everything out and helps him. I know there is more to this but I can not remember, sorry.

5) Jensen  is a heart transplant recipient, the heart came from Jared's best friend who died in a car accident.  Jared is an artist, maybe, lives/owns? in a bar left to him by his grandpa?

6) And finally, the only thing I remember about this one is that Jared is a rich druggie who goes to court ordered rehab and meets Jensen. 

Thanks in advance for any help ;)

# 1, 2, 3, 4 found. Thank you  [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel  [livejournal.com profile] lazyangel04  [livejournal.com profile] arachne13 [livejournal.com profile] jenilees 

any help with 5 and 6 would be great.
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Hi Everyone!

So I'm looking for a type of fic I never thought I'd want to read, and I'm hoping someone has some recommendations for me. :)

I'm looking for any J2 fics (they could even be wincest) where one of the boys has gender reassignment surgery.

Now, this does NOT mean I want fics where they are girls, or fics where a spell changes them from one gender to another.

I want it to be a CONSCIOUS decision on the part of the character to have the operation done.

I'd even love to read fics where they used to be girls and then had a sex change operation to become male, AS LONG AS THAT DECISION IS A MAJOR PART OF THE STORY.

I hope there are some fics out there like this.

Thanks so much!
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Hey!! :D I hope I do this right with the tags and everything. It's my first time posting. 

Anyway, I'm looking for a body switching fic between Sam and Dean. I'm looking for Sam experiencing things about Dean that he didn't know, like any pains, for example, maybe he's hiding injuries or something. I would also REALLY really love it if Sam experienced flashbacks or nightmares from Dean's time in hell. Other things like Dean's scars (mental or physical), drug addictions, etc...

Angst is love.

Preferably no wincest, but if it's a really good story or the wincest is in the background, post it.

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Hey gang, I'm working on my first ever J2 fic involving somelet's just say hurt )Jared and I've gotten part way through and suddenly come to a standstill. I'm looking for some inspiring fics on a similair topic to kick start me going again. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm looking to steal something from a fellow writer in anyway, I'm simply pleaing for a little brain food for my muse.
Thanks guys!


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