Feb. 14th, 2011

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hi guys,

I'm kinda vague on the details but hoping that someone can point me to the right story anyway. Here's what I remember: Sam has been injured in the course of a previous hunt and is now limping. I think I remember him having some trouble climbing the stairs to their room. Featuring a very protective!Dean and eventually turning into Wincest.
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I was hoping to find a BtVS/SPN crossover. Which yes, I know there's a lot, but I have smoe specific requirements that might make it harder to find.

No Buffy/Dean (unless Spike's involved as well) or Buffy/Sam. (and definitely no Buffy/Angel) I don't mind Dean/Faith, as long as the fic is the first time they meet.

Spike/Dean's ok, but then I like pretty much most Spike pairings.

I prefer a straight out case fic though where the boys run into the Buffy gang. I prefer the story to be set post high school, and prefer Spike being one of the good guys. I kinda see a lot of BtVS/SPN crossovers that ignore Spike, and since BtVS without Spike feels as wrong to me as SPN without Dean would, and I really don't like BtVS crossovers that don't have him in it. I'll accept it if it's a really good fic, but then he needs to be at least mentioned as someone important to Buffy.

I like Xander well enough, but I'd rather not see the fic focusing on either him or Willow.

Preferably the fic would focus on the Winchesters and the Scooby gang either working together, or against one another,with as little of a focus on romance as is at all possible.

Preferably neither side of the crossover gets treated as if they're less than the other. And, very important, they've never met before.

I'd rather not read a story where they're already old friends, meeting up again, I want to actually see their first meeting and how both sides react to one another. And definitely no established relationships between characters from the two separate shows.

Think anyone knows even one fic like that?
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I am looking for a fic that I found on this site, I can't remember that name. But the plot of the story was that Sam and Dean were apart, Dean was living at Bobby's and Sam was ssomewhere else giving hunters information through a second person. When Dean finds him, he finds out that Sam has brain tumor.
Does anyone know which fic I am talking about? If so please help!
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Is there any Dean/Sam/Cas out there that shows all of them in a loving relationship with each other? I'll take anything, but I would prefer long fics that show the development of this threesome.  It could even start out as two of them in a relationship and somehow the third ends up in it too.  I would also like for it NOT to be PWP, but again I'll take anything.

Thank you ahead of time.
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for any stories where Dean and Cas are married or emphasis on their profound bond or Dean has a piece of Cas grace and Cas part of Dean's soul. Basically anything that redeem the cluster f**k that's season 6. Thanks for all your helps:heart:
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 Hi Guys

Not too long ago I stumbled across a fic that was set in an AU universe where deamons dont exist, and where Sam and Cas met in college and have a very romantic and committed relationship, which unfortunately, takes a turn for the worse when Sam and Cas graduate and Sam starts questioning his sexuality and apparently realizing he's straight (He keeps cheating with the same girl, Ruby), before they officially break up though Sam takes Cas to visit his family, and while there Cas mets Dean. Cas doesn't initially like Dean because he overhears him saying he doesn't like the idea of Sam committing to someone while he's still so young, but eventually starts to warm up to him. Dean immediately finds him appealing, as apparently its well known in this reality that while Sam has always had a propensity for blonds, Dean has always preferred brunettes.

The fic was not finished when I last read it but i've lost the title and would really appreciate you guys pointing me in the right direction so I could check if it was finished now

thanks guys :)


Feb. 14th, 2011 03:06 pm
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I just want to reiterate some rules 'cause the other day I had to reject five posts in a row for not having any tags.

First and foremost, there is a Sticky Post, most of what I'm going to say here is already on there.

Whether you view the comm in it's original style or your own journal style, the Sticky Post is set as the comm's webstie and will always be next to the "recent entries" link.

There are two, sometimes three things you need in order for a post to be approved.

1. A subject (check Sticky Post for more info)

2. Tags: Every post should have a 'character or 'pairing' or 'person tag, no matter what you're searching for. If you're searching for specific pairings, there is no need to use the character or person tag for that pairing unless your talking about secondary characters. If you don't use one of those, one of us has to go back and tag it and that's not fun.

If we remove tags from your post do not add them back, same goes for if we add tags to your post do not remove them.

Do Not abuse tags. If you're not specifically asking for it in your request do not use that tag.

3. Season 6 spoilers need to be behind a cut. If you're asking for something that happened to one of the boys in an episode or something about an episode, it needs to be behind a cut. I'm not going to post examples. If you're just asking something like 'can I get 6x12 related fics' that's completely different.

Also, be clear what your asking for. You want J2/Wincest or you don't want it. You want het or you don't want. Some request are really vague.

If I reject a post, I usually leave a note asking you to fix something. Please fix whatever was wrong and resubmit it. Don't just resubmit the same exact post with no changes because it's going to get rejected again. If you don't know how to do something like tags, you can mention that in your post. Something like "mods I tried to tag and it didn't work, help" and we'll most likely approve the post and help you tag it.

If you don't want to go that route you can send one of us a message ([livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel, [livejournal.com profile] vinylreckoning, [livejournal.com profile] cherry916, [livejournal.com profile] silverblaze85) just go to the persons profile that you want to send a message and click the link where it says 'send message'.

Or you can comment on any one of the posts tagged !mod-post and ask your question there.

If you know the title of the story you're searching for use google and/or delicious first. I find it helps to put a character/person's name after the title if it pulls up too many results, i.e. Jared or Dean. If I (or another mod) can find what you're asking for on either of those sites with the title that you posted, your request will be rejected.

There is also the LJseek tool on the profile and in the sidebar, I've set it to only search the comm and it looks a little different than the normal ones cause I changed it.

Please follow the rules and don't hesitate to ask myself or another mod for help, that's what we're here for.

Comments are disabled on here, please direct any questions to the Sticky Post.

All other rules are either on the profile or the Sticky Post.
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 I'm just really curious about this cause a friend was talking about it. So, to see whether it's something I like or not, I'm looking for a couple of well done Cas/Dean shot gunning fics. If there's other pairings that's fine, just please no wincest or rpf. 

Thank you, happy st. valentine's day,

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I'm looking for a story I read on fanfic.net. It had Dean, Sam and Bobby in a cave in the woods, Sam was having to hold Dean up so that Bobby could cauterize a wound. Does anybody know it? Thanks

EDIT: Found in comments

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 Hey, I'm looking for any fics where Dean/Jensen or Sam/Jared is BORN a girl but really feels that they are a boy. Not a genderswap, but actual transgender identity. Their can be gender surgery and hormone regiments to actually transition into a boy or it could be about when they are younger and just dressing ect like a boy. And it's also okay if there is some magic/supernatural thing that eventually changes the person into a boy. I wouldn't mind wincest or J2, but gen is fine. Please no other long term pairings. 
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Looking through some of the links here made me want to reread this fic but I can't find it anywhere. Everyone (Heaven, Hell, the Hunters) thought Sam was Lucifer reborn. They've all been searching for him but some Hunters find him first. They tied him up and I think they were planning on torturing him for information before killing him. Unfortunately for them, Sam is just a decoy. Dean figures out something is wrong. He arrives and saves Sam revealing that he is in fact Lucifer and (unless I'm mixing it up with a different fic) he never wanted to start the apocalypse that was something something Azazel & Lilith came up with during his absence thinking he was trapped in human form without memories and needed to be freed. Also I don't think anyone knew Sam was actually a decoy which is why Azazel wanted Sam. They all really believed Sam was Lucifer. I can't remember why they were so sure it was Sam who was Lucifer though. And I think after he was rescued, Sam thought Dean was possessed. And Dean eventually got him calmed down and explained things.

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Hi All

Firstly - Happy Valentines Day!!

Now to why I'm here.  I'm looking for a fic I read over Christmas where I think Jensen has a child  (or Jared could be the dad) and Jensen keeps collapsing with debilitating headaches.  I remember he suffers an attack at the top of the stairs and the child has to sit with him through.  When he meets Jared he becomes a comfort.  Any ideas which story I mean, its bugging me that I only read it recently

Also I love fics where either Jensen or Jared are single dads so any recommendations there too then I'd appreciate it

Thanks in advance

Sue x
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Hello! Curently I'm in a mood for something good to read ^^ I would like read some amazing fics :) Not long ago I have read a fic called "The Doors of Time" and I woul loooooooooove if someone would recomend me something as good as that fic.It could be something with the classical musc,with Jensen with problems from the past,or just with amazingly written stuff^^ It could be eather with J2 or Misha/Jensen. I'm also searching for fics:

1)Kidnapped Jensen

2) Something with protective and posessive Jared or Misha

3) Sam,Dean,Castiel fighting with Alastair
4) I would alos like to read something with Jensen having some magic powers (I prefer Jensen but It can be Jared or Misha ^^) Maybe some similar powers as in "The Doors of Time",not some kind of superhero.

5) Maybe also something adorable and funny with J2 being sick and with Misha taking care of them ( or someone else)

6) Please also recomend me something hearbreaking  to cry,but not too long.Could be a death fic too.

7) Some hypothermic fics

8) and the last one.I'm looking for some fanvids :DIt could be some vids for fics or whatever :)

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Hey, I'm looking for a specific fic.

Its AU.
Cas rolls into town undercover as a volunteer there to fix up the roof of the town's church.

John is the pastor of the Church and Dean works under his dad. Romance ensues, while Cas covertly carries out his angelic protection detail on Dean.

There is angelic interference in the middle of the fic because Cas's mission is not actually under orders.

There are so many other small details that I can include:

Its Christmas time,
The Church Youth Group is called Teen Bitch,
There is a massive Snow Storm with a loss of power,
Sam and Dean live in a apartment together
Mary is alive and well but separated from John,
Sam is in a non-conformist relationship - with two chicks,
Of course there is pie.

My thanks for any help,
and Thanks Mods.

ETA: Found by scarecrowqueen

"I've got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier" by Starandrea


Sassy fics

Feb. 14th, 2011 09:56 pm
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 o here in Oz, they're way behind with the SN eps, and 5x14 - My Bloody Valentine just aired. Now that I'm a Sassy girl, I'm looking at the ending, where Sam's in the panic room detoxing, and Dean goes off to "get some air" and Cas stays...

Are there any fics about what Cas helping Sam during that time Dean isn't there? Anything?
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I am looking for two specific fic.

1. I'm looking for a specific j2 fic. It's a long fic. I can't remember a title or author. The only scene I can remember is Jensen taking Jared to a very exclusive restaurant owned by JDM, Jensen gets a table because he is an investor and JDM is a friend. The restaurant had seven floors and each floor was based on a different continent with different food and decorations. I might be confusing two different stories but I think Chris and Steve ran a homeless or domestic violence shelter. Tom and Mike worked there as counselors. Tom wants to create a separate living area for transgendered clients. Jensen might be a famous actor or a rich businessman.

Found very quickly by [livejournal.com profile] koichick_07 and [livejournal.com profile] coolgrin   It is An Unexpected Love by [livejournal.com profile] angela3 

http://angels3.livejournal.com/40403.ht ml

Jared is the one who takes Jensen to the restaurant

2. I got this response to a request I made for arranged marriage fic about a couple of weeks ago.

   There's a really good one but i can't remember the name !
   It's the one where Jensen live in the old west and needs a husband for himself who could also be a school teacher for his childrens...           

Does anyone recognize this fic. I tried google and delicious by I had no luck.

Found by [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel  I can't be sure but its most likely

Destination: Heaven, Texas by [livejournal.com profile] dontmembersam 


thanks so much for the hlp!

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
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I am looking for any stories that have Dean being removed from behind the wheel of the Impala. It could be because he is sick, or maybe there was a car crash.  Doesn't matter if it is gen or slash, and self recs are welcome. :) 
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Are there any stories where Dean doesn't listen to John's warning in the beginning of season two or even where John doesn't/can't tell Dean about Sam? It seems like that's where he started doubting Sam, and I want stories where Dean doesn't believe it/knows that Sam will never turn evil, etc...

Gen or Wincest only please. Self recs are welcome.

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Hey guys,
I totally want to read fics with this theme. It excites me more than it should. :P Could you rec me any J2 or Dean/Cas that deal with it?
Self-recs welcome. I don't know how to tag this, so I'll just use the pairings tags.
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Okay, guys. I'll you forever and ever if you can help me with this.

I'm looking for some good, long arranged marriage J2 or Wincest stories. I don't care who is on top or bottom, or if it is forced marriage like slavery or something. I would prefer happy endings though. If anyone knows a list with arranged marriage stories or a community, that'd be excellent.
Mpreg is fine. Good, even. Uhm... Slavery fic where there is h/c after the marriage would be epic. I don't even know. x:

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So hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me find more girl!Jared or girl!Sam stories. And by "girl" I mean born-a-girl.

Just a couple of points;
. girl!Jared fics can be anything really, though I'd prefer J2 and a little plot. :P
. girl!Sam I'd prefer to be GEN, Sam/Jess or REALLY FUCKING AMBIGUOUS SAM/DEAN . As an e.g. I give you A Fire of Unknown Origin by [livejournal.com profile] vaingirlfic and all its sequels. Which are awesome btw and you should totally read them, if only for how wonderfully messed up and intense Sam is in it.
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Hey guys can you rec me some good highschool fics, where Jared is shy,nerdy, bullied or just doesn't have alot of friends and Jensen is either cool or popular and befriends him and sticks up for him with of course eventual j2. Looking to read a good fic that I haven't read yet hoping my search yields some new fics.



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