Feb. 12th, 2011

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Looking for fics where Dean and the others (Cas, Bobby, even Gabriel) band together to care for a damaged Sam. Would prefer mental ailments, but physical will work in a pinch. Just some good ole 'we all love and want to protect Sam'-ness.

Prefer gen, but slash is okay.
Thank you!

Recs Again

Feb. 12th, 2011 01:39 pm
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Hi I'm back again :)

Because you guys were such awesome reccers last time around I'm back for more.

What I'm looking for is any dean/cas fics that deal with how blase Dean was about Cas getting smote (not sure if thats the right spelling) by Raphael in 4.22

Also any fics where Dean realizes or someone points out how he treats Cas like the angel has to help, so pretty much Cas whump fics

No wincest please,

Thanks in advance
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 I just finished reading the new Dresden file anthology and I'm jonesing for some good xovers. I prefer the the crossed over with the books,  but I can live if it's with the tv show.
Please no Sam/Dean, but other pairings are okay.
FYI, I have read e-mouse girl's stuff on ff.net, but if you know of something that wasn't posted there that's by her, I'd be thrilled.

I think that's it. Thank you in advance.

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Hi everyone! Long time lurker, second time poster and you guys were so helpful last time I posted, I thought I'd try it again. I had a bit of a search through the crossdressing section with no luck but since I remember very little of the story, I suppose that's not surprising.

Okay, so what I do remember of it is that it is a Dean/Sam fic, and to solve a case, Dean has to dress up as a woman. Sam slowly finds this irresistable because of Dean's appearance and his lips and his general all-over *sigh*worthiness and they end up in a relationship. Vague? Tell me about it. I'm not even sure if it's a real story, or if I'm mashing up a story I read about crossdressing with the awesome story about the tour bus.

Umm, so any help would be greatly appreciated? If this story does exist at all? Please and thank you :-D
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Yeah, I know the subject is kinda vague but I want just that. And if the fics are also awesome that would be great.

Bottom line is I want to read fics that have Dean being manhandle by Sam or John or Cas or the bad guys. I'm not picky. He can be sick or injure or was captured and had to be manhandled, gently or roughly, I don't care.

Gen only, please.

Thanks in advance. :)
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Hey! I'm looking for a fic in which Sam and Dean dress up to go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bonus points if Sam is Franknfurter, but not nessesarry. I saw it on DVD last night, and couldn't get Sam in fishnets out of my head since...

And, are there any good fics in which Sam cross-dresses, and Dean likes it?

I prefer wincest, but will take gen. Thanks in advance!
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 Back again! I'm feeling bad about asking so many recs this past week, so I'm going to throw out some of my favorite fic along with my requests.

1. Can anyone point me in the direction of a rec list or some fic that detail Castiel's transformation from Angel to Human? Now, there are a lot of fic that don't really go into detail, or they don't explain the turmoil Cas is going through. I'm looking for those stories that center around Castiel's grief over losing his grace and learning to live as a human being. I'd prefer Dean/Cas, NC-17, and relatively long fic, but I'll take anything you can throw at me!
A very memorable -- and very sad -- favorite of mine would be Vichan's Reflection of You: http://vichan.livejournal.com/394634.html Rated R!

2. I remember an episode where Sam and Dean had the hotel with the vibrating bed, and Dean was just in absolute bliss -- until he ran out of quarters. :(  Are there fic of Dean enjoying the simple pleasures in life? It's a vague description...sorry. Any rating, any length, any pairing!

3. Looking for a specific fic...VERY vague details. The apocalypse was over, Dean had saved the world. But he'd become.. a vegetable? Either he was physically or emotionally handicapped, but I think it was physically because he was always weak. He wanted to see the grand canyon now that he had the time, so he, Sam and Castiel were on a roadtrip to the grand canyon. Edit: Found in comments!

4. Same request as always...hopefully someone out there can help me find it. Behind the cut! )

Thank you so much! Self recs are always encouraged!
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Hi, so i'm back with a follow up request, last time the amazing [livejournal.com profile] wolfish_willow rec'd me loads of Gabriel/Trickster fics which were amazing - but i've run out! :( (btw - if you haven't read her fics - go do it right now! )

So i was wondering if there were anymore longer fics that centered around Gabriel or The Trickster or Richard Speight Jr  / Sam or Jared / Dean or Jensen.

My Favourite is Dean/Gabriel but Sam/Gabriel is awesome too!

(If it's Sam/Gabriel i'm more than happy with a side pairing of Dean/Cas or vice versa) ;)

I love angst - but it must have a happy ending! ;)

*Long fics
*MUST BE 100% CONSENSUAL (Please NO Dub-Con/Non-Con
HAPPY ENDINGS ONLY - Where the couple ends up together & No main character deaths (meaning Cas/Dean/Gabriel/Sam/Bobby)

(Previous Search (With Recs).)
So yeh, i know this is a lot to ask but please rec me all you have! Thanks in advance!   :)
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for any and all fics where Jensen sings. Length doesn't matter, although the longer the better. Preferably Jared/Jensen as well. Thanks :)
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I'm trying to find a reincarnation fic I read when I first got into the fandom. Sam had been Sam Colt in his last life and Dean had been the hunter who introduced him to the supernatural. When past Dean (I think he was named Jensen) died, YED made a deal with Sam to bring him back if Sam made him the key to hell (the Colt). Sam was sleeping in the Impala and he dreamed his memories from his life as Colt. Dean freaked out when Sam woke up and started talking about being Colt but I believe he had remembered as well by the end of the fic. Anyone recognize this one?

Found! It's Stand by you by [livejournal.com profile] tempestquill 


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