Feb. 9th, 2011

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I've been looking for well-written, longer the better, fics about flegdlings, egg!fics, anything where Dean/Cas or Gabe/Sam, or heck, even Cas/Sam I guess, make little angel/human baby.  I've read Blessed is His Child.  Awesome fic!!  So, I'm wondering if there's more of the longer, plottier fics out there.

Any rating is fine, but I'm honestly not a big schmoop fan.  A little sweetness is fine, but so sweet it rots your teeth doesn't sit well with me.  I prefer angst, angst is ALWAYS good!!

Thanks in advance!!
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Hi, i've added a subject line and tags, hope i've done it right this time. I am a huge Supernatural fan and have been for the last year and a half. I can't believe I didn't find this community before, it's wonderful because i've been trying to find stories more friendship centered and haven't been very successful lately.

If anyone could recommend some good stories with Dean and Castiel and Castiel and Balthazar, I'd be really grateful. Stories that are more emotional and about friendship because so far all the stories i've seen have been more towards a physical relationship and I really want to read something a little more moving and serious.

 I thought I might get a reply after only a few days, thank you for replying so quickly.
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I'm looking for a fic where Dean and Cas are seeing each other despite Cas being engaged to an angel. They meet in secret and Dean arranges to waiter or bar tend Cas' wedding because he wants to see it and he needs the money. Dean still sees Cas after the wedding but one day meets Cas wife (name starts with an R I think). She likes the same music and Dean likes her so he stops seeing Cas.

Later Cas and his wife show up at his place. Turns out Cas grace/soul isn't linked to his wife because he used someone else's (I think his dead brother) so he isn't really married. Dean and Cas decide to leave and Cas former fiance goes with them hoping to find someone she loves like Cas loves Dean.

Can someone help me find it? I checked the 'partner betrayal' link on deancastiel but it didn't show up.

Found in comments. Thank you.
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I'm looking for a Dean/Castiel superhero story, I'm not even sure it exist, but I think I remember reading it. They were all heroes/superheroes and villians (angels/lilith) and I'm pretty Sam was with Ruby and it was pretty long.

I've read Let's Face It, Spandex is a Lifestyle Choice, Iron Impala, Holding Hands With a God, Turning a Blind Eye and For Truth, Justice and Led Zeppelin.

I swear there was another one, but maybe I'm hallucinating. Anyone know of any more?

Also looking for a specific Dean/Cas story, I can only remember the end of it. Both Dean and Sam had Michael and Lucifer in them and at the end Michael!Dean was gonna kill Lucifer!Sam and Dean was thinking about how much he loved Sam (?) and how he'd do anything for him and Michael ends up feeling what Dean's feeling and jumps outta Dean and pulls Lucifer outta Sam and drags them both to hell, I think. Sound familiar to anyone?

edit: found this one myself, it's This Story Was Brought To You By Our Sponsors.
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I recently read a really cute fic where Jensen and Chris both wanted to date Jared (Jensen won of course). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other fics like that where Jensen and someone else compete for Jared - preferably in a funny or sort of friendly way (but I'll take whatever you have). Oh, and Jensen has to win in the end ;)



Feb. 9th, 2011 09:02 pm
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I'm looking for J2 AU stories with playboy!jensen or playboy!jared, where one of the boys hits on/sleeps with everything that moves and is very aware of how attractive he is. I don't even mind if one of the boys cheats on the other (some angst and fights here would be lovely) because, as I said, he wants to sleep with anything that moves, as long as it ends with happy J2. Some complicated relationships. N-17 rating please.

Thank you.
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I was looking on delicious and came across a story called *Concrete Angel* by dean-stalker and their journal has been deleted. Does anybody know if this author put their work anywhere else? I saw some other links and her/his stories looked really good. If anyone can help thanks!!
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Hey guys I'm looking for Tom/Clay fics for a friend who wants to read some stories about them.

So ANYTHING you have send it over too me because she really wants to read this pairing (In pairing I mean Jared's character in Friday the 13th and Jensen's in MBV)

Point me towards singular fics or even a rec list for them which would be awesome!
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I've lost the link to a WIP I have been reading. It was about a series of dreams Dean has been having for years where he has a friend/friends whom he can't see but he feels safe and relaxed and loved and he's pretty sure he has wings. He, at some point, tries to explain this situation to Castiel who reacts very strongly and badly to it - something to the point of it being horrible that Dean was saying/dreaming this.
I'm not sure how helpful this description is, but I do recall that the story description did not rule out future dean/cas or dean/gabe (though I may be misremembering that last one, as I tend to do).

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I'm not too sure as to the exact plot, but I remember a scene that's been stuck in my head for a while. It involves Dean and Gabriel at Bobby's house. They're up in one of the bedrooms and Castiel happens to walk in on the pair. I remember him being upset about the wing grooming that Dean was doing for Gabriel. The author mentioned in the story description that the plot might very possibly end up taking a Dean/Cas/Gabriel turn in future chapters.

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it's an AU story, where cas is the tv host of one of those tv shows like "queer eye for the straight guy" basically. and sam/jess are getting married, and they get cas's show to come help get dean made up cause he's the unkempt dateless straight guy. and of course dean and cas end up falling madly in love. also, i think cas is hung up on an ex or something, if that helps. i'm pretty sure it's called boys helping boys but i can't find a working link anywhere!

thanks in advance!


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