Feb. 5th, 2011

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Potentially spoilery for tonight's ep )

ETA: fic linked in 1st comment not the one, but worth checking out! :)


Feb. 5th, 2011 01:35 am
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I'm looking for a specific type of Slave!Sam story. I was wondering if there are any stories where Sam is a slave because of his psychic powers?

I'm new to the Supernatural fandom so haven't found a lot of stories. I did look through the slavery tag here, but didn't see any (hope I didn't overlook them)


1. I have read the Bonded!Verse by [livejournal.com profile] feather_touch
2. I would prefer Sam/Dean at the end at least
3. No Het pairings
4. It doesn't have to have a happy ending
5. Really the darker the better (I like dark stories -- seriously abuse Sam as much as you want lol)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
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I want stories where Supernatural is over or something or any other scenario where Jared's left the country to go find himself or something. I just want a story that happens outside the united states.

#2: I really want a story where it takes a long time for Jensen and Jared to ease into a relationship. They dont flirt or pine, just really naturally ease into a relationship like it's supposed to happen but it takes a while for them to get it.

#3: Also want a story that happens years from when Supernatural is over.

Overall, I really want a story like In Production by [livejournal.com profile] reccea 

Thank  you
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Hi, I need help again looking for this fic and its sequel...

Sam and Dean are on a case where men are kidnapped, but when they return, have been de-aged to their younger selves. Dean himself is taken, and he realises these men have been taken to be the faerie queen's consort. He agrees to be her consort and consequently is de-aged as well, and his memories about his previous life and Sam are gone. Sam comes looking for him and makes a bargain with the queen to get Dean back. He succeeds and it becomes Sam/Dean.

Then there is the sequel where one of the male fae whom Dean 'spent time with' seeks his revenge on them. As the Lord of the Hunt, he declares that Sam is to be the Hunted...

I read it not too long ago, but I don't know why i didn't bookmark it! So I would really appreciate it when [not if, because you guys are that awesome=)] it is found...

Thanks in advance=)!

ETA: The Sky Was Full Of Wings and The Day Was Dark With Arrows, by [info]locknkey; found by inanna_maat 
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Hey guys, so the fic I'm looking for was one I read a while ago and lost.
It's basically a tattoo!fic, but from the tattooist's POV, although I don't *think* I remember it being first-person, it was definitely an outsider POV. It was Sam/Dean, and they had the tattooist mix John's ash (and I think their blood) into the tattoo ink.

Eh, sorry if it's not much, but it's all I could recall :/

ETA: Found here! Kudos to [info]allydenise :)
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I'm looking for a young Winchesters AU fic. All I remember is that John dissapeared or someting happend to him, and Dean is selling himself for money and for lifts while he is taking Sam somewhere. I'm sure that they get to live with Ellen and for a long while nobody knows what Dean did to get them there.

I know it's not much , but I hope somebody recognizes it.


Feb. 5th, 2011 11:02 am
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Hi, This is my first time posting. I'm looking for a a specific story about Jensen as a parent of a boy and Danneel is the mother. Jeff Padalecki is his best friend and I think Jensen used to date Jared when he's still in high school  but nobody know? He divorced with Danneel and meet Jared again when Jared accidentally bump his car to Jensen's car, and if I'm not mistaken I think Danneel likes Jeff. Last time I read this story it's still WIP. Thank you and sorry about my English, it's not my native language

ETA: Found by [livejournal.com profile] anin2
When The bough breaks by Truely Esoteric http://truelyesoteric.livejournal.com/118651.html#cutid1
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I´m in search for fics where Jensen gets a wedding proposal. The proposer can be anyone:

Jared (I thing and hope there are a lot)
Jeff (until now I haven´t found a fic where Jeff proposes to Jensen but I hope there are some fics)
Chris or Steve

It can be short or long, there can be wooing, there can be the actually wedding and the honeymoon! There can be schmoop, there can be asking the parents, there can be carrying over the threshold.

It can go from PG to NC-17!

....aaaaand, bottom!Jensen only, please! 

Thank you in advance!! :)
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I'm looking for a long story I read about 6 months ago. It could be a future-fic or an AU, I'm not sure. Jensen is a big-time movie star. He and Jared are together, but it's a secret. Jensen won't commit because he's afraid of anyone finding out. He keeps showing up at premieres with gorgeous, vapid girls hanging off him. And Jared is getting sick of being Jensen's dirty litte secret.

Ring any bells?
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So I am looking for a mpreg story. It was Sam/Dean and I think that they were both pregnant at one stage. Their dad was involved and I think that he was ok with it. The one scene that I remember most clearly was one of the boys having a vasectomy, but still getting pregnant and i think that it was Dean, but Sam still got pregnant, and Dean accused him of cheating. Sorry it's a bit vague but that's all i can remember clearly.

Smile =)
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I have never posted here before so I am hoping this is not wrong. Although I adore Jared/Jensen, I have recently read a few Jensen/Chad stories, discovering I rather like them. Is there any ones out there anyone could recommend? I like long fics and rated R at least, but I am not sure how much is out there and would take whatever I can get. Thanks much!
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 I'm looking for Harry Potter crossovers, I don't care if it's slash, het, or gen but what I really want are fics where the boys go to England and discover the wizarding world, I don't really care how it happens just as long as they discover it and meet HP characters :) 

Thanks in advance!!!!
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 Okay, looking for JDM/anybody fic, but something where the usual tropes are at least a little flipped.  Like Jeff's the one in the bad relationship and the good love of Jensen or Jared makes him whole again, or Jeff's the slave and one of the others his new master, or Jeff's first time bottoming (especially if he's never topped with a man before either) or hustler Jeff (top or bottom).

 Something where Jeff starts out in a rough situation and one of the Js helps him find himself.

No underage, no daddy!kink, just about anything else would be okay.

Self-reccs are great too!
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 Hullo! I checked through the genderswap tag, but most of what I sifted through was born!girl Dean, or girl!Sam, and what I'm looking for is genderswapped!Dean only, not Sam, and with no previous relationship or wincest beforehand. Basically looking for more fic like FayJay's "Not Time's Fool", where Sam falls for Dean when he's a girl. Happy endings (such as them staying together after Dean turns back into a guy) are a-ok with me! I don't have any triggers, and self-recs are definitely okay.

Also, still looking for a specific fic, for those who don't mind explicit descriptions. )

Thanks for your help!
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(1)  I was wondering if there were any stories where Jensen is a cat person and Jared is a dog person and somehow this is a complication in their relationship?

(2)  I read Doors of Time recently, and I'm SOOOO in the mood for other 'magic' stories.  Whether the story takes place in a land of magic, in a D&D realm, or in our world with 'extras' (like DoT), I just want to be enchanted.  Stories where the boys have superpowers may also be considered in this category (call it 2.1 vs. 2.0).

(3)  Seeking Regency or Victorian time period fics, or other really good pieces set in the past - particularly fond of French and English court romances, but if it's your favorite story and it's set in Ancient Greece or Colonial America or even during the reign of the Visogoths, I'd love to take a look at those too!

Please no WIP - only complete fics.


Lost fic.

Feb. 5th, 2011 04:49 pm
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 Looking for a specific fic. It's gen, Dean comes back from Hell and can't seem to feel any pain, but it turns out that the Trickster is involved somehow. They must perform some sort of spell to fix Dean.

Any help is appreciated!


Feb. 5th, 2011 05:10 pm
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Watching rugby right now and its got me in the mood for either of the boys playing sports and getting injured and the other runs onto the pitch to their aid.
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I would like to find some stories set while Sam's at Stanford, either gen or Sam/Jess. Possibly even AU's, where Jess and/or other fellow students find out at least parts of Sam's childhood. And how they react to it.

Preferably without even a hint at wincest
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Hi to everyone!

I'm looking for a fic and I can't find it!!! I think that Jared was a dragon or something like that and Jensen was his rider. I don't remember the author or anithing more. I think that Jared was like a shape shifter or something like that. Sorry that I don't have anymore information. If someone can help me to find it I'll be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
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Hi there.

To all who have watched the recent ep Like A Virgin, I'm begging for your help!

This part is cut 'cuz of slight spoilers )

Also, anyone know some hypothermia fics? With Cas who's the one freezing and others take care of him? I'd like that too. I've already read  [info]strangeandcharm and [info]izazov's fics, which are both amazing, and lately I've been craving for some more.

Thanks in advance! May bunnies pop out of the ground you walked on! :D
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I can remember very little about this fic but dean/sam or jensen/jared were very strictly religious and i remember they walked an awful lot on doors recruiting people to their church. They shared a room and i think Tom and Chris lived in the house with them (might be wrong on this). They become attracted to each other have all the associated difficulty with their beliefs. Sorry for the vagueness
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I've really been wanting to read some Gabriel angst/non-con/Hurt!Gabriel. Does anyone know where I can find any? My google-fu keeps giving me all sorts lol, can be with any other Angel/Archangel or Sam/Dean/Cas?

Any help would be good! Thanks!!!

Mods - sorry if the tags aren't right
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Hi guys! I've got the urge to read some fics that deal with Dean's low self esteem, esp in the later seasons. I've tried to find some on Delicious, but it's hard to find some on there because I can't think of all the ways people tag these kinds of fics. So can you help me out please? Pretty much everything is ok: as long as there is Dean dealing (or not) with his low self esteem. Thank you!


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