Feb. 4th, 2011

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Hello all!
Does anyone know any fics where Cas faints because he is either wounded or feeling weak and either Dean or Sam or both! look after him?

- Slash would be nice between Dean/Cas or Sam/Cas
- Please no! wincest
- BottomCas! is also preferred :)
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i tried to post this a few days ago but it didn't take.
looking for stories where a main character (sam, dean, john, bobby, etc.) send their memories back in time to their younger selves to change the future, like " sam winchesters helpful hints for stopping the apocalypse" or "regrets"

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My husband and I are renewing our vows and I want some schoompy (sp).  

I read a story where Dean and Cas get married after Dean gets pregnant.  Sam gets upset and begins negotiating...I forgot to bookmark.................Can anyone help me with this story.

Also I would love any marriage recommendation.    Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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I found it out at spn_het_love. It was Dean/OFC.

Dirty Details )

I have been searching on and off for DAYS.


Feb. 4th, 2011 12:44 pm
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I am looking for a fic where Dean got turned into the impala by a witch and he couldn't let Sam drive him cause it felt wrong and then he was getting turned on by Cas driving him. And he was 'thinking' a monologue about it and everything else that both Sam and Cas were hearing because the radio was turned on and that was how he talked...

halp meh?


specific j2

Feb. 4th, 2011 01:36 pm
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 Hi, this is very vague and so far this story has eluded all of my searches.  The problem is that I only remember a little bit and it's not a helpful bit.  Anyhoo here goes.  In the story I think that the Js are about to get together when Jared hears on the radio that Jensen and Daneel are going to get married so he goes and arranges to marry Genevieve.  And....that's all I got folks – sorry.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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Hi all

I have done various searches but am out of luck and I hope you can help. I would like unrequited love stories where Castiel loves Dean but Dean doesn't love Castiel. I have read a few with oblivious!Dean but they are usually short and not much happens. Here are my preferences:

- 5,000+ words (the longer the better) but not WIPs (unless it is very likely they will be finished).
- Slight AU is fine, but preferably not too much, as close to canon as possible
- Dean outright rejecting Castiel

I don't care how dark or angsty the story is, it can have dub-con, non-con, hurt/comfort, humor...pretty much anything. I just want to see a miserable Castiel. It can have a sad-ending, happy-ending, or be bitter-sweet.

My secondary request is probably easier... (UPDATE: I've made comments below, thanks everyone) 

I have never been into Wincest but I saw a fan-vid recently that made me think 'yum' and am now willing to try it. Any suggestions for a newbie that is still a bit icked out by the 'brother' hurdle? I have managed threesomes but want to progress to just Sam and Dean now. No 'sex or die', 'sex-pollen' type stories, as in character as possible, and maybe some angst. No RPF please.

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Hello. I think this was requested already, and I wanted to make sure, but I've been going through the tags and I can't find it. I was wondering if there are any mpreg fics where the boys are a couple and Jensen/Dean wants more kids, but Jared/Sam doesn't want to get pregnant again because he had a bad experience with their first baby that he doesn't want to do it again, but he ends up pregnant anyway.

Thank you in advance.
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for anything to do with either one of the boys keeping something from the other, maybe from when they were younger, or when Sam was off at Stanford and Dean was hunting alone, whatever.  I'm all about the drama and angst but please nothing super dark.  Thank you so much for any suggestions!
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I'm looking for a story to show a friend a certain comment on it, but I am having NO Luck!!

Sam doesn't speak because his powers are too strong. In one of the early scenes in the story he does something completely inappropriate with a block of pool chalk. The comment raged that never before had the commenter wanted to be a piece of chalk! The story was serious, but the comment had me laughing for hours and still makes me laugh out loud when I think of it.

FOUND! Link in comments! THANK YOU!!!
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I have been trying to find this for the past couple hours and so far nothing. The fic that I am looking for is Sam/Dean AU fic.  I think it was on FF.net, but who knows.

The story goes that Dean never went to pick up Sammy from Standford. Instead him and John keeping hunting until they hear about all the random fires at Standford.  I guess everytime he moved in with a friend a fire would start and everyone thought it was him .I think that's when they learn about Jessica's death and how Sammy has been kept at the hospital because he is like in a comatose state.  I know that Dean is the one to break him out and he learns how the hospital kept on trying to find his family, but no one ever came and he feels really guilty. Dean ends up taking Sam to a motel to help get off the medication, he was being put on because everyone thought he was schizophrenic. I don't believe Sam talks alot in the fic, but  really likes to draw. I think these drawings end up coming true because Sam is drawing out visions? I think John wants to put him in a home, but Dean ends up taking him away. I know at one point they end up at Missouri's house and she tells him that Sam's powers have unleased and this is the only way for him to deal. A lot of fic deals with Sam and Dean's growing feelings with one another, but it never gets physical only them kissing, because Dean doesn't want to hurt Sam?  At one point Sam shows Dean what is going through his head and shows him all these different colors.  FOUND in comments

Hope this doesn't confuse anyone and thanks in advance.
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I read it a LOOOOOONNNNNG time ago. Dean is uncomfortable about everyone suspecting that he and Sam are gay. The fic itself has something to do with them always ordering a room with two queen size beds? Um...any clue?

Mt tagging probably sucks too :(
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Hello Everyone!
I'm looking for a fic where Lucifer is in control of Sam's body and masturbates. I think I read it on a comment!fic or something. But I'm sure it's not the one where Lucifer masturbates in front of a mirror with Sam on the other side.

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hello lovely community members! I've been reading a lot of fic lately, and I seemed to have come across a lot of Jensen as the one pining after Jared, and/or Jared is an incredibly nice, wide-eyed innocent, happy go lucky guy. I have absolutely nothing against either of these, because I love everything J2, but it's left me looking for something else to change it up.

Any fics where Jared and Jensen have a complicated relationship, without Jensen flat out pining for Jared? And anything where Jared seems to have a deeper, complicated layer? I've read a lot of prominent fics, but rec away anything that fits :). Only requirements are no dub-con or non-con, please, and the longer the better! Thanks!
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 Hi, I'm looking for any stories that address Sam's... animalistic prowess in bed (and Dean's soft passion in bed) - as we've seen on the show? And how the first time Sam and Dean get together, Dean is a bit flustered at how not-vanilla Sam is in bed? Bonus points if Sam is shy and completely Sam-like OUT of bed/in public and Dean is the opposite!

- ONLY wincest please.
- Would love if the fic is first time, but doesn't have to be.
- Kinks are fine as long as there is no heavy/serious D/s themes.
- Anything else goes - long, short, case-fic, big bang, self recs - I'll take anything.

(Sorry Mods for messing up the post so many times!)
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I am looking for a specific fiction with a Dominant Dean and a S&M Sam.
Sam is depressed, not sleeping and Dean is worried about Sam, so Dean drugs him and ties him to the mattress. He then tells Sam not to worry he won't be hurt which lasts for about 5 minutes as Dean works out Sam needs pain to get off, so Dean give Sam what he needs. I think the fiction was a series of one-shots and it is an older fic. Set in season one and turns into wincest. Any help would do as I don't know the name or the author of the fiction.

FOUND: link in comments
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behind the cut for season six stuffs )

thanks so much in advance! and to the mods: i tried to tick off as many tags as needed, feel free to let me know if i missed any!


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