Feb. 3rd, 2011

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I've been craving stories that have a side of bromance to them ever since I read one that had it in another fandom. My preference is for a set-up similar to that story - Man A & B are having trouble getting together for some reason (UST, misunderstandings, not willing to admit he's gay, etc), and Man C is best friend to either A or B. If the story has elements of h/c to it, then that would be even better. The friendship should be no more than that. No matter how close they are, I don't want there to be an unrequited love feel to it. On the other hand, it should be more than just a regular friendship - I know there are many of those out there. I'm talking about a man who, for example, is completely secure in his sexuality, who can offer a comfort cuddle or soothing kisses without freaking out or thinking it makes him gay.

My preference for the romantic couple is Dean/Sam or J2, but I don't have a preference for the friend, although I'd prefer the friend to be in the same generation and male.  
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I'm looking for some Bobby stories.

1 Any stories that have Bobby finding out that John or other adult[s] is abusing Dean [or both boys] and he steps in to help. The abuse can be sexual or physical or even just neglect.
2 Any stories where Bobby saves Dean and tends to the wounds/ helps aftermath [especially rape/attempted rape].
3 Any stories where Bobby ends up adopting Dean [or both boys] or turns out to be Deans real father. [ I've only ever read one story where Bobby was Deans real dad- and I stupidly misplaced the bookmark for it. Dean was deathly ill and needed a transplant and Bobby was compatibly because he's his real father.]
4 Any stories where Bobby finds Dean hustling [especially to feed Sammy] and helps/stops it.
5 Any stores that you guys think are especially good examples of Bobby and Dean interacting - can include them together sexually if really good.

Thanks for your help with these!
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Hey guys I'm looking for any and all fics that depict either Sam in hell or in the cage with Michael and Lucifer. The darker the better. I prefer Gen but slash will do. Bonus points if Dean finds out and it's not just Sam's memory of it (AKA: In his head) Thanks
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Hello guys!

A couple of days ago I posted a request, but I didn't get lucky  :(

It was this: http://community.livejournal.com/spnstoryfinders/5889690.html

Maybe I was too specific, especially requesting sad  ending, so I'll try a different, more general approach.

I'm still looking for a male/male forbidden love story in an unaccepting society where they have to do some serious sneaking around. I'll take historical or a different, completely made up world, or hell, whatever setting you have :)
They can be marrried to women or not.
Difficulties, fighting to keep what they have, serious angst, but happy endings are A OK too :)
Jared/jensen or Sam/Dean related or not.

NC17 preferred, self recs are welcome!

Thanks again
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We now have a 'boys as children' tag. We already have the 'wee!chesters' tag, but that doesn't cover Castiel, Jared, Jensen or Misha as kids. I guess this tag is pretty universal in who it refers to, but it's pretty much for any request for the boys as kids.

Added a 'crossover: doctor who' tag.

There is now a 'character: dean and castiel' tag for your gen and/or episode related Dean and Cas searches.

Also fixed the tag that was 'ep:fairy tales' to just 'fairy tales' for all those searches looking for that genre.

Edit: Added: bottom!dean, bottom!sam, bottom!castiel, bottom!jensen, bottom!jared, and bottom!misha tags were added.

As said before in the other new tag post, if you're willing to go back and tag any of previous searches that apply to any of these tags that would be awesome! An easy way to do that is to type in the url bar: http://community.livejournal.com/spnstoryfinders/?poster=yourusername, and it pulls up your searches, click the one you want and click the tag icon and add the appropriate tags.

On another note, there is now a Sticky Post Here. It's now set the comm's website (cause you can't backdate in communities), so it's up there beneath the header with the 'recent entries, archive and user info' links and it won't get lost.
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I've been searching everywhere for a fic I read in which Gabriel kind of forgot about leaving Sam in the time loop. When he comes back Sam is completely out of his mind, so Gabriel messes with time so Sam has only spent a little while caught in the time loop.

If anyone can help me find this story, I will give you a million virtual hugs.

FOUND! In the comments.
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Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago on ff.net (I think) in which Dean leaves to go to school or something, leaving Sam alone with John, years later dean comes home and finds Sam, and finds out that he has been mistreated and has a injured/deformed hand due to the mistreatment, and then has to protect Sam from John. Any ideas anyone???

Also looking for any fic in which Dean leaves instead of Sam to go to school or join the military, like in "The Long Way Home" by 1Pagan3, and Sam is left alone with John, who mistreats him badly in anyway. Then Dean comes home and finds out about the way Sam was/is treated. Would love lots of hurt abused Sam and worried caring Dean. Bobby helping them out is always a bonus! 

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So i have been reading fatebegin's anything!verse and i absolutely love it! Anybody that hasn't read it, i really recommend it.

Anyways, i am looking for stories like it. Ones where Jensen is a business man, finds Jared and sweeps him off his feet and they start a family together. Ones that really emphasis the getting together bit would be awesome, showing the back story of them getting together, even better if Jared didn't originally want anything to do with Jensen.


Smile =)
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I'm looking for a fic that was posted around the beginning of season 6 sometime.  It was from Dean's perspective, though not 1st person POV.  Dean didn't start hunting again but stayed with Lisa and Sam lived with Bobby when he wasn't off hunting. There was a scene where Sam and Dean were drinking on the hood of the Impala when Dean came for a visit (I think it was someone's birthday maybe?) and I think one of them asked the other about rejoining them or something (not sure on that but there was some sort of important conversation). Then it ended several years in the future when Dean got word that Sam had drowned while on a hunt alone, and Dean wondered what Sam's last thoughts were, if they were about him, or if he was still focused on the hunt, or what.   Thanks for any help.  :-)

Big Bangs

Feb. 3rd, 2011 08:52 pm
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I have noticed that the Big Bangs of various communities have started. I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a masterlist of the communities holding SPN Big Bangs.  I know where the Dean/Cas and Crowley ones are but I have seen icons for a Gabriel one and a general Big Bang I assume.  I was hoping to bookmark all of the sites so that I could follow the progress and eventually read the stories.

So an pairings/characters/RPF are welcome! If it something I don't like, I won't bookmark :P  And it would probably help anyone else interested in them in finding them.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi everyone... i've lost another story! :-( And i know how awesome you guys are, so here it is.

This one was a Dean/Cas, but had awesome!Sam in it too. The three went different places around the world (via Castiel zapping them). I remember them going to Italy, and some cool zen place somewhere in Asia (can't remember exactly which country). They wind up at a beach house of some sort, and Dean and Cas were talking on a beach or something and feelings emerge.

I'm pretty sure it's a multi-chapter story, but i just can't find it anywhere. Help please!

*FOUND!!! In comments*
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Hey guys! Just wanted to say I LOVE this community and everyone has been so helpful at finding fics.  I'm wondering if there are any fics where Sam goes missing while at Stanford and both Dean AND John have to go look for him. I think I've read a couple where Dean goes looking for him, but I can't bring the titles to mind. But I'm wanting something where John is there too.

I'd like stories where Sam goes missing at Stanford, but if there are some good ones that are set before or after Stanford those are good, too, as long as John is somehow involved in helping to find his son.

Do we not have a tag for Missing!Sam? We should. He does it often enough. ;)


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