Feb. 2nd, 2011

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I'm pretty sure it was a comment fic. People were allowed to have more than one husband/partner and Jensen was married to Jeff when Jeff meets Jared. Jensen is very insecure in the relationship and thinks that he isn't good enough especially after Jeff brings Jared home. He thinks that Jeff will get rid of him as soon as they get married. They try to convince Jensen to come with them on their honeymoon but Jensen decides to stay home instead. Jensen hasn't had sex with Jeff since he brought Jared home so he thinks that Jeff doens't want him anymore. Jensen is pregnant but he doesn't want to tell Jeff because Jeff never wanted kids. Jeff's mom is also really mean to Jensen calling him a failure.

Thanks so much,
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I'm looking for a fic that I read ages ago, like maybe '07 or thereabouts.

story spoilers )

That's all I remember of it, but I think that's pretty good, considering how many fics I've read since then. *is proud*

Oh, and it's gen.

Thanks a bunch!
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Hey, headline says it all; I'm looking for gen fics where the boys are stuck in a storm (perhaps trying to be heroes?) and get hurt.... Sam gets hurt, preferably. I am pretty sure there;s a few out there, so send 'em all! Self-recs are just fine by me.
Hurt!Sam, Worried!Dean, Hero!Boys, Gen only, Tornado
C: Thanks guys

P.S. Please present-timing or series timing only, and if possible 3rd POV preferred..


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Feb. 2nd, 2011 02:04 am
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Last one from me for a while, I swear. =) We've added a few new tags, we have character tags for the boys, but we don't have any for their real life personas. These are for searches that have no pairing, for a story/stories that focus on one or more of the boys. Same rules apply to these as the 'character' tag mentioned here. There's no need for them if your already using one of the 'pairing' tags that has them in it.

person: jared padalecki

person: jeffrey dean morgan

person: jensen ackles

person: misha collins

Also there is now a 'pairing: jared/jeffrey/jensen' for your J3 searches.

And this isn't a new tag, but we do have a 'status: found' tag for specific searches that are found, I know most of you edit your post (which you should) to let people know, but this is helpful too.

It would be nice, if you know you have previous searches that fit these new tags, if you could go back and tag them. It's not required or anything, it'll just make it easier for everyone.


Feb. 2nd, 2011 02:30 am
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Hello, I am looking for a few stories:

Read more... )Thank you in advance for all of your help.Read more... )
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I've started reading a fic a while ago, sadly I've forgotten to bookmark it and now I can't find it anymore.
what I know:
it was on fanfiction.net
Dean left for the military, Sam stayed behind with John,
Sam got abused, he had scars covering his body (John told everyone that Sam was self-harming when it was him scaring Sam) and I think he also had AIDS,
Dean found Sam and decided to bring him with him, they lived together in a house with Dean's army-buddies who all developed a sibling bond with Sam
Sam was also blind in one eye I think, something happened when Dean first tried to rescue him (Sam didn't recognize him)

also I'm searching for all Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen as angels/demons fics.

any help is appreciated!
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Okay, so I caved and reread Memphis86's Seahorse series, and have once again gotten bitten. What lingers the absolute longest with me is Jared's petname of Seahorse.

So now I'm on the prowl for other Sam and Dean or J2 fics, wherein the boys have that sweet, sappy, omg-did-he-REALLY-just-call-him-that pet names.

Hit me with your best shot guys. I'll take any rating, and genre (except horror and death-fics... these have to have a happy ending), any season, any time frame, self-recs, whathaveyou.
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Hi! I'm looking for a specific hurt!boys fic that I read on FanFiction. Read more... ) I hope this helps! Thanks in advance!
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are there any J2 stories that involes their families being approving of their relationship, and both families getting along really well.
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I've just read "Don't Say a Word" (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4304684/1/Dont_Say_a_Word) and I want more fics were Sam was/is abused, and Dean finds out. Protective!Dean please. I'll read wincest, gen, or other pairings. I prefer slash, and no John/anyone please.

Thanks in advance!


Feb. 2nd, 2011 06:26 pm
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Do you guys remember the vampire called Luther from that one episode in the first season, Dead Man's Blood? Well, do you guys know of any Sam/Luther fic? My roommate's got a craving, but we can't seem to find any.

Thanks. You ladies/gentlemen are lovely.
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 I checked the tags, but I didn't see anything for this. 

I am looking for some cybersex/sexting fics.  In any capacity, really. 

-hell, it could be written on paper. 

AU's welcome. I'm open to most pairings. No het though, please. But like, J2, Wincest, CasxDean, SamxGabriel ect. 

Any rating, though considering what I want, I doubt there will be many G-rated fics. 

Help a girl out?
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I just had my heart broken and I really need some happy fics, preferably sam/dean but at this point I'll take anything happy or silly. Any rating is fine but please, please, nothing with loads of angst or any deathfics.

Help a girl out and she;ll love you forever.
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So I'm sitting on my computer listening to my ipod and Like You by  Evanescence comes on. www.youtube.com/watch
I never noticed how amazing this song is for describing what Sam was like when Dean was in hell!
So what I am looking for are fics based or having to do with the lyrics of this song.
If the link doesn't work for you, I want extreme grieving Sam.
Anything will be welcome gen or wincest, happy or sad, etc.
Thank you in advance! :)
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I'm in desperate need for certain types of fics! Please help!

1. The boys reconnected prior to 4x20. I'm really looking for something on the long side, something that shows how that reconnection changes the season, but I'll take shorter ones, too. (As long as in the end it strongly implies things will be different from then on.) It doesn't matter if it prevents Lucifer's rise or not, but that would be loved

2. "If I didn't know you, I would want to hunt you." I'm looking for fics that explore that quote. I'm specifically looking for fics where Dean hunts Sam because of Sam's powers. I'm not really into creature!Sam without creature!Dean, but I will settle for that.

            2b. It can also be how Dean saying that to Sam effects Sam.

3. Sam/Dean with jealous!Dean or possessive!Dean.

4. Somewhat going along with number 1, I'm looking for stories that seriously screw with canon. I'm talking about large events: Dean never goes to Hell or Lucifer never rises or Sam never says yes or Dean doesn't make the deal or Sam never lies to Dean about Ruby or his powers...you get it, right? The only thing is it has to be an event that happens in the series (so, NOT Mary surviving that night or something like that)

I like Gen or Sam/Dean...I also like all of Sam's canon pairings. Please no angel pairings. And, most importantly, please no evil!Sam!
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 I'm looking for any stories, pre-series, where John isn't written as a jack@$$. Not necessarily ones where he's the best father in the world, but not ones where he's a jerk about something.

I'd love to see any werewolf!Dean fics, if they exist (I've only ever seen them with John as a bit of a jerk or completely trying to kill Dean), with John as a decent person ( if he starts against and ends up either neutral or totally with Dean, that works, too.)

Also, Dean/Cas fics that are kind of sci-fi AUs. Where Cas is an alien or they both are on a space ship. I read a really good Serenity/Firefly fusion that was really good. Dean = Mal.

Despite my squick toward Sam/Dean wincest, I'm curious about Adam/Dean. Can I get a couple recs, please?

Last, any crossovers with either Torchwood or Doctor Who.

As far as what I do and don't want. Please, no Sam/Dean, unless it's really minor and easily seen as brotherly love. I prefer Cas/Dean. I'm pretty good with most pairings. Nothing too NC-17 please. R or M is fine, but no PWP.

Thank you and I can't wait to see what you guys have.

*cookies for everyone*

MODS: I couldn't find a crossover: doctor who tag, though I swear I thought there was one.
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Hello all;

I'm looking for anything Dean/Cas written by kitty_alex. Her jounal has been deleted and I was hoping her fic could be found elsewhere. Thanks.
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Hey guys!  I am in need of some help!  So i'm in the mood for amnesia!fic, or maybe just stolen memories or something makes them remember things wrong... but the end result needs to be that one of the guys thinks their in a relationship with the other when they weren't before.  This misunderstanding of course will lead to their eventual (can be angsty as hell along the way) happily ever after.  Amnesia, djinn, faeries, a good old fashioned spell or bump on the back of the head... I don't care how they get confused memories, but I want one of them to know the truth but the other doesn't.

This can be either Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen. 

Now...rec away! 

And thanks in advance!
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I'd really like to read some J2 stories in which either Jared or Jensen has Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities). I have already read: The Stars Are Not Wanted Now by sanann, United States Of Jensen by takobella and Underneath the Weight of It All by mournthewicked (and its sequel). I can't seem to find more stories like these anywhere. I'm hoping you all can help me out. Thanks.
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One was where Dean was about to kill himself after Sam goes to hell and Cas stops him.
Edit: more details - Cas traveled alot with Dean after and at one point Raphael started sending horrifying dreams to Dean in a effort to break Castiel through him.

The other is where Gabriel arranges for Cas to become a pagan god and Dean creates a ritual for him.

#2 is found: its Now and Forever by [livejournal.com profile] amempress!
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Hi, everyone! I'm looking for two specific fics:

1) This one was Adam/Micheal, and it was quite humorous as I remember it. Adam got out of Hell, and Micheal basically assigned himself as his bodyguard?
2) This was a Wee!chester fic. It took place at a boarding school of some sort, where Sam and Dean were reliving the same conversations every day. Sam realizes something is wrong, and wakes up with scratched fingernails? It was extremely creepy and unsettling.
As for my third request, does anyone know where I can have access to Freakn-out's fics? Her LJ was deleted and her website domain is no longer in use. I really liked quite a few oh her fics, and would love to have a copy of them.

Thanks in advance!
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I am looking for a specific that I cannot seem to find, due to my lack of google-fu right now. The fic that I am looking for is a J2 AU fic. I believe the premise is that Jensen used to be on Top Chef and Jared might of been Project Runway (maybe)? I think that they met at a Bravo party and I know they have been living together for awhile. I think Jensen has a regular poker night set with some of his buddies and one of them is Anthony Bourdain, but he comes back early because it has been cancelled. When he comes home he finds Jared in either a dress or a corset and in high heels. That's when he finds out that Jared and his friends, one of which is Mike, have their own night where they watch tv and cross-dress. I know at the end of the fic Jensen goes back to his poker buddies the following week and sees if he could change the time of their poker night and then he asks if he could pul an A-line dress? Hope it is not to obscure to find.  FOUND in comments.

Thanks in advance!


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