Jan. 30th, 2011

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Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me since I've had no luck on my own. I'm looking for 3 kinds of fics

1) Micheal/Sam. I've read Smitten. So now I'm looking for any other Micheal/Sam fictions you might know of.

2) Adam/Sam. Specifically I'm looking for fictions where Adam is harboring feelings for Sam, Sam can return them or not.

3) AUs where Mary lives.

I'm a Sam/Dean OTP fan at heart, so undertones/overtones/implied of Sam/Dean is a big plus!
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Hi! This is my first time posting here..

I've been looking for this one fic for lord knows how long...I'm hoping someone here can help :)

It's a slash and Jensen, Jared, Joe, and Nick Jonas are all at a football (possibly baseball?..) game and wind up having to share a box seat together. I can't remember which one, but either Jared or Jensen are kind of upset about it...

Some POSSIBLE Story Spoilers )

If I remember correctly, it was just a pretty light-hearted (not to mention hot lol) RPF oneshot. I hope someone can find it for me! Thanks in advance for your help!

Oh and if there's any other good J2 (or SPN)/Jonas Brothers stories you could rec, I'd be forever grateful for links :D

Okay, I'm done now haha.
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hi! I'm looking for the fics with:

1) Jensen with protective Jared or Misha.Could be also Sam,Dean and Castiel  :)

2) Dean/Castiel/Alastair - anything ^^

3) Something with hospitalized Dean/Jensen

I was also looking for the fic called Sick Verse but I couldn't find it anywhere :( Anyone know maybe where I can find it?

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1) So a few months ago I read this awesome Dean/Cas fic, and for the life of me, can't find it anymore.

From what I remember, I think it was set post-apocalypse(but not canon to season 6 or 5.22), and around the beginning it had Dean showing Cas porn on the internet to try and find out what kind of girls he liked, but he didn't like any of them, so Sam made him try looking at guys instead and it worked.

After that Cas kind of turned into a skank and started sleeping around a lot, while Dean started to get really pissed off and jealous. Before Cas went off with the first guy, Dean told him not to fall in love with any of them because it was just sex or something. At one point Gabriel shows up and makes a wall invisible so Dean can see Cas actually wants him.

Any of this sound familiar?

2) I do love me some Evil!Sam/Dean, but sometimes I find myself wishing someone would go and save Dean from all the angst and torture you find there. So my other question is are there any Dean/Cas fics out there that involve Castiel rescuing Dean from Evil!Sam? Or any other pairing like that? 

Thank you so much, I'd really appreciate any help offered.
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I'm looking for any fic in which at least one of them is married (to a woman), has some kids probably, and it's a J2 story. Mainly I just wanna see how they deal with guilt and responsibilities.
It's even better if they are just normal guys live in real lives, not some stars, CEOs, prostitutes ... and I'll take anything I can get.
love you, and thank you for your help.
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I need help finding this fic, it's like [livejournal.com profile] leonidasden  Love Advise for the Romanically Impaired verse, but instead of a hundred little one shots and prompt words, there are chapters that are labeled with the episode titles. I think there's only 9 or 10 chapters so far and i'm almost positive it's posted on [livejournal.com profile] dean_sam and has a graphic of a motel sign at the top. The chapters followed the plot of each episode, but with wincest incorporated into it. There hasn't been an update in a couple of months so when i couldn't find it when i tried looking at the comm for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated : ) 

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I read a fic a few weeks ago but forgot to save it and now, after searching through [livejournal.com profile] spnkink_meme & [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn, I still can't find it.

Read more... )

ETA: Found - Stuck @ [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn
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I've been looking for a fic that I read some time ago.
It was mpreg, so all details I remember behind the cut.

Details )
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Alright, since it looks like I might be snowed in for the next couple of days, I'm looking for some good fics to read.

#1 I'm looking for any fics where Dean is the more health conscious of the two instead of Sam, or he just eats healthy too. Strange rec, I know, but still wanted to see if it's out there. :)

#2 Any fic that has Dean working out/exercising in some way shape or form. Can be running, lifting weights, training, etc.

#3 Fics that deal with either John or Sam accidently hurting Dean(as in he tried to break up a fight of theirs and pays the price for it), or because they were careless durning a hunt, OR vice versa, where John or Sam gets hurt and Dean thinks it's his fault and feels really, really, angsty guilty.

Oh and Slash or gen in fine. Don't have a preference.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Ok...I've exhausted all of the resources I can think of and I barely found anything.

Now it's up to all of you.

I watched the Gilmore Girls episode where Dean marries Lindsay, and it made me think about the boys' marriages.

Can you all hit me with all the fics you can find where one of the boys is about to get married, and at the last minute, doesn't?

It doesn't even have to be to Genevieve or Danneel.

I just want to see the boys choosing each other instead of someone else.

Much love to all that help.
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I am looking for RPS Jared/Jensen fics. No Alternate Universe, there is way too much of that in the fandom for my taste. I am not picky regarding plot, really, as long as the guys are actors as they are in real life. 

I have other small requests though or preferences if you will. Bottom!Jared and NC-17 rating. PWP or long plotty fics? Romance or smut? All is good.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hello lovely storyfinder people, I'm back again!

I've read a lot of AU J2 fics lately, and there seems to be a lot of fics where Jensen is a complete dickhead. He's either really obnoxious, homophobic or generally just an arsehole! Jensen always ends up a good guy in the end, but I'm kinda sick of it, so I'm needing you guys to give me recs for fics where it's Jared that's the tool! Pleeease?

Yes to:
  • Long fics are ideally suited to a turnabout in character... doesn't have to be very long, but maybe 5,000+ is a good guide. I'll take shorter ones, but I've found the longer ones are more enjoyable!
  • First time fics are my favourite, so bonus points for that! :D
  • Self recs
  • Plotty fics as opposed to PWP, but if there's a really good PWP you'd like to rec, please go ahead!
  • Any rating, though R/NC-17 are preferred
  • I'm more than happy to read Wincest where Sam's being a dick, but I'd like it to be as close to canon as possible please :)

No to:
  • Non AU J2, and way OoC Wincest
  • Mpreg
  • Non-con/rape
  • Hooker or dancer/stripper fics
Many thanks in advance! :D

Edit: Thank you for the recs rec'd - marking this as status: found because I have plenty to be going on with!
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Ok so this a really random fic request.

I'm looking for a specific story I read a long time ago, and this is what I remember of it. I'm pretty sure it was before we knew that the Trickster was Gabriel, and for some reason having to do with Sam, (to prove a point or something?) he made Dean fall in love with the Impala, like to a level way more intense that he is already in love with the Impala currently. So basically Dean was massively in love with the Impala and turned on by it and it got to the point where Sam glimpsed Dean uh.....doing things with the gear stick. ;)

I assume it was a cracky story, and I remembered it the other day, and now I can't stop thinking about it, and trying to remember what it was about! I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out !!!! :)
Thanks guys!
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I have a few general fic searches. They can either be Supernatural (any pairing or Gen) or RPS.
1. Child Character. This can include de-aged characters.
2. Fairy Tale
3. 1st Person POV
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Hi, me again!

So here are my requests!  I've had great success here so far, so I'm going to try again!  :)

1. Anything dealing with Sam's height. Maybe Dean realizes exactly how big his brother is, maybe Sam is really sore because of the strain being so tall causes (this is true, I had an uncle that could barely walk because of his height alone – I don't want something that bad for Sam, but maybe he's sore or something and Dean helps make it better, I don't really want any like permanent horrible injuries or anything). Maybe Sam uses his height as an intimidating factor to protect Dean?

2. Any stories where Dean is changed into an animal (cat, dog, whatever) and Sam gets injured while Dean's still an animal and Dean is kinda freaking because he can't help his baby brother?

3. Fics where Sam and Dean's positions were switched in Faith and/or the Asylum one.


Read more... )

5. Any where Sam is really, really, really, really, really angry, preferably in defense of Dean (NOT at him please), and Dean is all freaked and surprised and impressed by how angry Sam is? Or by how freaked the victim of Sam's anger is? Something like “Funny” by clair beaubien on FF.net would be perfect (Love this story by the way, I recommend it for sure! Here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5488442/1/ ) 

Please no slash, wincest, or death fics!  Thanks so much!  :)
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Um... so this is my first time posting on this and well, I've been feeling pretty crappy recently, and normally with me it ends up with me in hospital, bored out of my skull. So I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for fics that are chaptered or semi-long... Don't really have many things I won't read, though if they're Sammy Centric, that would be awesome (because he's awesome and Sammy-Sam makes everyone feel better, right?), though not the biggest fan of wincest or mpreg (if it's good and you think I'd be insane not to read it, then by all means please leave a link! Lol.) but um... no non-con/rape or het.

I love Sam/Gabe, but I think I've read pretty much what is out there on that pairing, and I think maaaybe I should branch out a little. So seriously, what would you recommend? Just, yeah, kinda longish so that I can just lie in my isolated room and forget about everything else for a little while. Thank you!! And I'm sorry if this is too general. I tried to um... narrow it down a little.
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I've read Reanimated by [livejournal.com profile] tigbit and it was awesome and also I really liked the portrayal of Jensen, how he was really badass imo and seemed so sure of himself.

For those who read "Reanimated" can you recommend stories where Jensen acts/is portrayed in a similar manner? It will be greatly appreciated. Only J2 paring, AU stories please, first time would be love and also NC-17 rating.

And a tiny second request: forced marriage, marriage of convenience, waking up married, pretend couple fics that you cant suggest? Same criteria as above: AU stories etc.

Thank you.
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Hello everybody,

I'm looking for some fics:

001. It has a mixed POV. Sometimes Jared's, sometimes Jensen's. I remember, in the begining Jared thought Jensen was and asshole, but in the end, he has Asperger.

002. Any fic in which Jensen cheats on Jared and regrets it when they break up?
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 Yup, I'm back, and still in the mood (when am I not?) for some slashy Dean fic.  I'll keep it short and sweet.

1) Some Dean/future!Cas.  You know, the druggie, scruffy, adorably angsty human type.  Both future!Dean and the Dean-we-know-and-love Dean are great.

2) Some... erm... Dean/Dean.  Uh, yeah.  So much pretty.

3) Dean/Gabriel.  I've never seen any, though I must admit I've never looked very hard, and I don't even know if I'll like it xD  

4) A repeated, unresolved request for Dean/any Horsemen.  

5) And another repeated and unresolved request for Dean/Male Demon of any sort.  No Crowley, please.  More of an OMC type of deal here.  Wtf?!Sam is a bonus.  Dub-con, non-con, yesfuckmenow-con are all great.

Any UST!Wincest in any of these requests = love.  A side dose of Sam/Dean is awesome as well.  Alright, that's it for now!  Thanks everyone, you're amazing.  

Just fics

Jan. 30th, 2011 10:59 pm
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Hello there. I've been through the tag but I was wondering if there are any other fics out there where sam is kidnapped or captured by someone, something, hunters, or even dean and is tied up for a bit?? Feel like reading some samsel in distress stuff. No wincest, No Evil!sam. Evil!dean is ok though. so...go forth and search my lovlies. Please and Thankyou :D X
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Hallo everyone!! I'm here for my first ever spnstoryfinders post so bear with me please ;] I've been craving these fics for forever and been searching them for nearly just as long >-< I'm praying that someone recognizes these! :]

  1) I read this fic way back when I was a newbie in the fandom so what I remember is a bit sketchy (that follows where this was posted but I'm pretty sure it was lj) but I've been craving it like crazy >.< But anyways the fic was wincest and Sam and Dean were on a plane, I don't remember why -I think it was for a case (not Phantom Travelers)- and so of course Dean is having mini panic attacks and the boys end up sitting next to this little girl and her dad who I think is asleep for most of the ride(?). This little girl babbles on to them and keeps telling Sam and Dean (I think when they're separate because ones asleep or in the bathroom etc.) that the other one loves them very much and she's very persistent in telling them that they belong with each other and she was very very adorable :D

I think there was a scene where the dad wakes up while she's trying to convince them that they're in love and apologizes and when she falls asleep tells them about her mom who I think either left them or died and they're headed over to see her/her grave? In the end -after they get together :D- they see her again, I think it was on the plane again but I have the distinct feeling that it was in a house and they were posing as FBI Agents and what-not and they told her she was right about them and she smiled. I don't know if it's just my over imaginative brain but I think Scooby- Doo was mentioned.... I don't know why I think that but I hope it means something o.o

2) This one I'm positively sure was posted on lj and I don't know why but when I try and think of this fic, Christmas pops up in my brain?? I dont know if that's relevant of not but I hope it might help?
Anyways this one was also wincest and it was about Chuck having his Prophet-vision thing and seeing Sam and Dean doing the mattress dance. He wakes up and freaks out (I remember that the Chuck in here was so very Chuck that it was amazing) and he ends up writing them extremley drunk because he thinks they wouldn't do it otherwise and so of course there's the whole scene and afterwards he ends up calling them (I think Sam was the one who answered the phone) and he starts asking if they're alright or something and when they hang up Sam tells Dean and they realize that he saw this happen in his vision and more than likely wrote it ;P They end up going to his house and playing a prank on him, pretending to be all angry about how he didn't warn them or how he actually wrote it and such and Chuck is all resigned/freaked and I think they make him delete the document(s)? Of course he eventually realizes they're screwing with him XP

ETA FOUND: The Gospel Truth  found by the amazing februaryfinds

General search: 3) I'm looking for anything with Sam and Dean getting caught by the cops/FBI and being interrogated/profiled/blamed for the things happening in the town. Crossovers with Criminal minds is much appreciated but I'm not picky at all since I've been craving this for so long so I don't mind any sort of crossovers, really, as long as the boys are being profiled/interrogated and they linger on their 'unhealthy and dangerously co- dependent' relationship. Just a heads up I've already read Defect and the sequel Hell and Back and also the fic that started this obsession: All That I'm Living (Dying) For over on the SamDean Archive :D

EXTRA EXTRA points if the fic is either established wincest or in the early stages and such, though gen is alright too... I can also live with het as long as the fic doesn't linger on that for too long.

I hope y'all can help me with this because I think I've been going crazy with the need to read these fics for weeks and if you wouldn't mind, for the general search-- could you write, like, at least just a sentence or so for a quick summary of the fic? I'd like to know what I'm getting into, thanks! :]

P.S Self- Recs are welcomed!! :DD
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ok. This is a little wierd but hey. Weird is good.

Are there any supernatural/glee crossover fics?

What i would kinda like to see is the boys at McKinley high for what ever reason and meet new directions. I kinda wanna see Dean seeing the bullying that is happening to Kurt and steps in to stop it either by scaring Karofsky silly or/and teaching Kurt how to fight back/protect himself.

Thanks so muchly.

Shy jensen

Jan. 30th, 2011 11:26 pm
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are there any stories where Jensen was really introverted when he and Jared started working together on Supernatural and Jared had to work on getting him to open up to him, can be Gen or Slash
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I read this fic a few months ago, but I cannot for the life of me remember how I found it or who it was by. It is a specific fic, and it really stood out for me.

It was J2, obviously, and an AU story, wherein both Jensen and Jared were teachers at a high school. Jensen had worked there for a while (I think he was the math teacher? Not sure on that), whereas Jared had just transferred, after what I believe was an unfortunate incident at his previous school.

I'm a little sketchy on the details, but I do remember that at one point, later in the story, Jared went home to visit his family, who thought his homosexuality was just a phase. Or something. I can't remember much of it, sorry.

I'd be happy for any help I can get to find this amazing story.

If it helps, I remember that there were cute images of...something separating the sections of the story?

ETA: Found! Thank you, kruel_angel! <3


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