Jan. 25th, 2011

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1) Dean talking his way around a therapist (maybe making the therapist a little crazy)

2) Anything where the boys have a hell hound as a pet

3)a) Bad-ass and/or assassin Dean
b) Subsequently: other hunters knowing how Dean is a force to be reckoned with (à la beginning of Dark Side of the Moon)

4) This is one of those "out there"... if ANYBODY did anything similar to this, it would be awesome: Dean or Sam in a mental hospital (but don't know it) and the other brother (the one not in the mental hospital) doesn't actually exist anywhere but in the mind of the brother in the insane asylum... So if there are any stories out there with anything similar, my first-born is yours

prefer slash (Dean/Cas or Wincest) or gen... and self-recs are self-love

PS: I think I got all the tags, if I missed any, sorry...
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Hey folks, first post in the comm! I'd be quite joyous for recs from the following 2 subjects:Click for *ahem* details... )

Apologies if I went overboard on tags--I had to restrain myself and not tag on the pairings section ;) I also apologize for the detail I went into on 2 if it offends your eww het sensibilities.

Thank you to anyone who has recs in advance!

(ps, sadly, I have no spn icon, so I offer Manic Street Preachers)

J2 Tragedy

Jan. 25th, 2011 06:26 am
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Okay; I'm looking for some J2 death!fics - the abrupt kind. Like, no one is slowly dying of illness/injury, but instead it happens quickly and without warning.

Accident, murder, or suicide without foreshadowing.

They're in the pit of love, their careers are doing great, everyone is happy, then - BAM. One of them dies, just like that.

Please help me out, guys? I'm really looking for a good cry. Don't break my heart - smash it to bits and pieces. :<
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I have a request from someone on Tumblr for a fic that sounds awesome. Here is the description they gave.

"I read a fic, in which Cas slowly becomes very human, and he and Dean settle down into a cute little domestic life. Near the end (like, a few chapters in) they adopt a little boy, and Cas is almost terrified of the little guy, and worries that he doesn’t like him, keeps getting up through the night to check on him, all that good stuff, and Dean has to coax him into loosening up about their little baby.

Also near the end there is a bit in a supermarket where Castiel runs into Cassie (remember her? Route 666? That Cassie? There we go!) and Dean ends up introducing his old girlfriend Cass to his new husband and father of his child Cas.

And it ends shortly after that."

ETA: Never mind! We found it! You can read it here.
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Hello! I am in the mood for club stories…Basically stories where the boys (Sam & Dean or Jared and Jensen) are in a club and are dancing and grinding on each other. Real simple...Bonus points if sex is included after dancing.


All ratings are welcomed and self recs are loved! Thanks guys!! As always I will send pie to those who reply. *hugs!!*  

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Trying to relocate some SPN AU's.

In one, Sam is being chased through the woods by Dean who has been turned into a werewolf.

In another, Sam is packing up his things in a cheap motel while talking to Dean's dead body.

And lastly, Dean is cursed to compulsively sleep with people and can only break the spell by sleeping with either his true or someone who truly loves him. But even then, there's a catch.
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hey guys, i need your help!

i'm looking for a fic, in which jensen promises jared's dad or grandfather, i don't remember, to take care of him (accidents maybe) and marry him. jensen and the dad/grandfather have known each other for some time, but jared has yet to meet jensen.

after the dad's/grandfather's death, jensen takes jared home but their marriage is anything but going well.

jared decides to get a life and wants to go to a dancing school with jensen knowing. in order to get jared to open up to him emotionally, jensen dresses&nbsp; up as an artist i think, with beard and glasses, calls himself dean and participates in the same dancing school as jared...

jared and dean get to know eacht other and it looks like jared is slowly falling in love with dean, which if course makes jensen very sad, but there is a happy ending for jared and jensen.

please, anyone?

thanks in advance! :)
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I'm looking for stories where either Sam is asthmatic or has trouble breathing maybe a complication with a sickness or a hunt and is forced to use an inhaler or nebulizer. Thanks
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I don't remember the title or description but this story may be post apocalypse but some demons must still be dealt with. Sam and Dean get seperated in different states. Sam ends up with Gabriel, who's grace is really low. Together they have to travel to find Dean and Castiel. Gabriel points out a few places he can recharge, and one of them I believe is a National Park, a place with a lot of water. They eventually find Dean and Castiel while slowly building a relationship. Along the way, Sam and Gabriel pick up a woman and her son I believe and Gabriel eventually reveals to them he is an archangel. Afterwards when they meet up with Dean and Castiel they go and raid a store for supplies.

I can't find this fic, and without certain specifics, I have a hard time finding it. If anyone knows where the fic is and can provide a link that would be great!!


Jan. 25th, 2011 05:52 pm
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Sam is afraid of water after almost drowning, or is scared of fire, storms or a certain type of person after being attacked or kidnapped, or a type of monster after something bad happens... etc, any type of fear that's not clowns or planes I guess.

Wee, teen, adult. Anything!

Thanks guys!
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 Hello everyone...  I really want to read fics... and I'm new to this fandom but I already love it... 

can somebody rec me... Abused!Jensen or Dean, Hurt!Jensen or Dean, Sick!Jensen and Dean, Vulnerable!Jensen and Dean preferably Bottom!Jensen or Dean.  Any male characters as long as it's Bottom!Jensen or Dean.

I love also a protective!Jared or Sam and Maybe Possessive!Jared or Sam :)

Can i also ask for Mpreg!Jensen or Dean?? or maybe some pretty!Jensen and Dean 

Please... I've crave to read some recs that you all recommend... :)

Thanks in advance... 

Slave Fics

Jan. 25th, 2011 06:45 pm
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So, I'm looking for any sort of slave!fic. Most of them in the 'slavery' tag were really specific or having to do with Evil!Sam, I'd rather not have Sam as evil.

I'll go for either pairing, though: Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, Gen, I don't care. Anything involving the guys and having to do with either one of them owning the other, or saving them from a bad situation.

Happy endings and lots of lovin' would be awesome. Sweet, caring, protective boys. Thanks in advance!
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Hi everyone! I was remembering a story I read a while back but forgot to add to my bookmarks and now I can't find it. So I thought I'd ask the lovely people here for help. It was a superhero au that turned into J2.  I've already looked through the relevant tags here and didn't have any luck, so I don't think it's one of the commonly recced ones.

I can only remember the beginning and I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, so I hope someone recognizes the fic and knows what it is. The fic starts with Misha using his powers to run a matchmaking service for superheroes, and suggests someone to Jensen. The someone turns out to be Jared, but he's under a different name that his original superhero title because everyone thought he was dead? They meet up and Jensen is shocked to see him. That's really all I can remember.

Much thanks in advance for the help!

P.S. Mods, if this needs to go under a cut, let me know please. I haven't done a lj cut before, but if someone tells me how to I can.

ETA: Found! Link is in the comments!
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I'm embarrassed I can find this again -- it's a great 'problem' to have, but there's just too much great fic in this fandom! The story went from pre-series through at least S4. Dean and Sam are stranded in a little town, pre-series. Over the years Dean develops a relationship with a older guy living there who gives Dean a job at a garage, and eventually becomes ill with lung cancer. Sam and Dean travel back there toward the end of Season 3, and then again in Season 4. It was WONDERFULLY written and very satisfying. Thanks in advance!

FOUND at light speed.  Thanks!
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There are two Castiel-centric fics that have been bugging me, and if someone knows them I promise I'll bookmark them this time :)

1) Cas has become a human, but keeps having problems. I know he finds out the hard way about a food allergy, and he turns out to be hearing impaired, also. It may or may not have been Dean/Cas, I don't remember. I do know he relies on Dean and Sam to help him adjust.

2) Castiel (or Jimmy?) is a human child, possibly a teen. The only thing I know for sure is that Dean and Sam are kids also, and for some reason they're being raised by Bobby. John might be dead, I dunno. I seem to recall them picking Cas up by the side of the road in the pouring rain. I do know it's not 'Rain Falling Down Around my Ears' by Maychoria.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

BOTH FOUND - thanks to jennytork and arabella_w. Links are in comments.
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 Hey all!  Me again!  :)

So, I'm looking for a couple of things:  

1. Are there any stories about Jared's part in the Flight of the Phoenix?  Like maybe Jensen freaks out at his death, or when the guy is mean to Jared's character?

2. Jensen having a hard time watching Jared get emotional or die in any movie or episode, whether supernatural or not.

3.  Jensen and Jared watching supernatural, commenting, laughing about it, or sad at a scene or something.

4.  Any fics about Dean finding out about Mystery Spot and comforting Sam!

5.  Fics about Sam in Folsom Prison Blues....nothing graphic please!

So, yeah, as always, gen and please no really graphic stuff!  Thanks so much!  :)
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Hi, all you wonderful, helpful people!

I'm looking for Sam/Gabriel centered high school and college AUs. Preferably with the two as the main pairing, but if they're an active side pairing to Destiel, than I'm cool with that too.


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Hello, my fellow Supernatural obsessees!  I desperately need your help.

I have decided to actually get up and get healthy, including going to the gym on a regular basis.  To keep myself going while sweating my ass off, I really want to listen to some great Supernatural audiofics.

My requests:
  - I prefer Wincest, but gen is fine.&nbsp; Please, nothing with Dean/Castiel.&nbsp; I'm not quite ready to accept that pairing yet.
  - I am not a huge fan of non-con or dub-con; I like my brothers consenting.
  - I am not afraid of wee!cest.&nbsp;
  - Pre-series, Seasons 1-3, and AU are my preferred timelines.&nbsp; (I am still working on watching through Seasons 4,5 and 6).
  - Angst is great, but I need a happy ending eventually.

Anything you can point me toward would be amazing.  Thank you very much!
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Okay. I know- I'm working y'all like a dog today!

I think the title is "Falling Through" but I can't remember and cannot think of who wrote it.


Author: Tangles
Title: Falling Through

I'm also looking for two Castiel/Dean AU's.

The other is Castiel's last thoughts during the episode in which Zachariah sends Dean into the future to show him what will happen if he doesn't let Michael use him as a vessel.

One was about Castiel's vessel seeking Dean out after Cas is gone. It was written before the episode where we find out Cas' vessel is Jimmy, so in the story he has a different name.

Author: Miss Lucy Jane
Title: The Book of Daniel
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Hey! I've been trying to find a certain fic for a while now. I can't really remember the premise or much of the plot (I know, I'm stupid) but it was Dean/Cas and either a High School/College AU where Dean was on the Baseball(?) Team and end up going on tour with professionals. One scene I particularly remember was Dean talking to his teammates about his awesome 'other half' who bakes etc and the team misunderstanding and thinking it must be a really hot girl to catch Dean's attention. Cas shows up and the team are surprised but like him a lot.

Any ideas? I've gone through so many AU tags and comms that I'm starting to lose faith in the universe. Thanks to anyone who thinks they know what I'm talking about D:

ETA: Found! In comments.
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I know I'm going to feel like a moron when these are found, because I should remember them. *facepalm*

Anyway. One fic is from Misha's POV. There's a scene at the end where J2 are exhausted and Jim Beaver says something to Misha about not letting the boys know how obvious they are when they're tired.

Second fic, Misha gives Jensen a frog (not a real one) and also quotes "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night at him. (Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine... joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me). It confuses Jensen.

Thanks in advance, everyone!
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Been trying to find a fic everywhere, but not being able to remember the title or the author makes it tricky.

It was a J2 au, where Jared got a summer job in a movie theatre. Jensen was working there was well, and Eric Kripe was the manager. He never pronounced Jared's surname right, instead, coming up with same really hilarious alternatives.

If you know it, please tell me! Thanks.

ETA: Found! Story link is in comments.
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Been searching for this story for days but my Google!fu has failed me.

Jared gets hurt on set, i think hits his head? He thinks he's is Sam. I remember Jensen gets Misha to climb in through a window and pretend to be Castiel.

Any recs of fic along the same lines with either Jared or Jensen thinking they are their characters would be awesomesauce, too.

Thank you muchly, you lovely peeps. :)


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