Jan. 11th, 2011

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Hey all! Last one for a while, I swear.

I just want to thank everyone who volunteered to be a mod, we got a wonderful response and were able to make a selection from there! We will save everyone's names, just in case they're needed in the future!

The new mods are [livejournal.com profile] destial, [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel, and [livejournal.com profile] silverblaze85. They're super awesome and will be helping with post approval, hopefully the wait times you've experienced when posting in the past will be all put gone!

Also you might notice a chance in the LJ layout and the Profile layout, [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel did an awesome job with the new style! Never hesitate to ask if you have any questions or share any concerns!

- The Mods
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So I'm madly in love with all of you. I requested a fic the other day and got an overwhelming number of replies so here I am requesting another:

Basically, what I'm looking for is two kinds of (gen) fics that deals with Sam finding out some truths that about Dean that he didn't know before.

1) If you've got any that deals with him finding out that Dean used to hustle himself for money when they were kids, or what (physical abuse) really happened after Flagstaff, or (ESPECIALLY) how many nights Dean went hungry when they were kids, or so on. I'm madly in love with all those fics where Sam is absolutely shamed by the love and loyalty and lengths that Dean is always willing to share and go for his family. So obviously this is whump!Dean heavy, but that makes me happy for whatever reason. OH. Also any fics where Dean takes a super hard beating during a case and Sam is completely oblivious (ie. Dean hides it from him until it's impossible to ignore any longer).

2) Another type of fic I'm looking for that deals with Sam finding secrets involves him discovering that Dean did well in high school. Any fics where he finds out that Dean got high SAT scores, applied to University, got into University...so on so forth. I especially love when Sam realizes why Dean stayed. Again, love, loyalty, lengths...yada yada. Double kudos if Sam confronts Dean with what he finds, and Dean gets pissed at Sam for not understanding why he stayed behind.

I really want a brother-centric story, but if there's some wincest in there, I don't mind. So long as the main focus is on Sam discovering, and coming to terms, with these things he never knew about Dean's past.

Thanks ahead of time!
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I am looking for a fic where Jensen owns a cattle ranch. Jared is sort of a drifter/farmhand who comes to work for him for a summer and brings his dogs Harley and Sadie with him. I think there is a big angst factor at the end where Jensen is scared Jared won't stay with him after the summer end. I may be mixing two stories up but hopefully someone recognizes it/them. Thanks
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Hello Everyone,

I remember once having read an AU, has consumed too many drugs in the Gabriel and his motor skills were limited and his brain has been damaged also. But with John's help he became a Police Officer.

Does anybody know, which story I'm talking about?

And now a general request;

I am a big fan of Mentally Challenged or autism have stories. And my favorite character is Gabriel.

Now to my question, Are there stories in which Gabriel is mentally challendeg or autism or something else that distinguishes it strongly from the other? Something
you do not know look at him, but knows when you talk to him?  It can be anything; Mentally Challenged, Autism, abused and not able to distinguish friend from foe, abused and thinks everything is his fault or he thinks, one of the Winchester wants him to be a sextoy and he doesn't mind, 'cause he doesn't think that high of himself, Personal Disorder, At the mentally level of 5... really, anything! Or just somethign that hurt him really bad. It can even be something different; He's mute or deaf and is ashamed of himself or something

I don't care, if it's Gen or Slash, I even take Het.

Thanks to Everyone

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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where it turned out that Ruby's Knife - the demon-killing one - was actually the blade of the Spear of Destiny. It traced the history of the Knife down through and into what would eventually become the Winchester Bloodline; had Ruby as the boy's great-great-etc grandmother.
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 So, I've read a lot of Dean/Cas fics where Sam was all totally on board with his brother dating/sexing/whatever else with a guy/angel and even more where he's just relieved they finally stopped being idiots/got their act together/what have you.

And this is all fine and dandy, but we all know that Sam can be an utter bitch at times. So I'm looking for those fics. The ones where Sam reacts negatively to the Dean/Cas when he finds out - whether it's because Cas is a guy (or wearing one, semantics *handwaves*) or an angel or just because Dean's caring about someone else and Sam's used to having all that attention to himself  (preferably not in a Wincest-y manner, though I'll take that to). Just fics where he's a jerk when he finds out - whether it gets resolved or remains an issue I don't mind.

Robo!Sam will get you extra cookies.

AUs are my crack, but this time around I'm more than happy to take canon!verse to.
Any rating (though actual slash, please, no pre-slash)
Any kinks, etc. apart f rom Genderswap.
Please no Sam/Cas. Dean/Sam/Cas only if it's a brilliant, must-rec piece.
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I swear I've read this fic, a long time ago, in which Ash pisses off his mullet and it grows on the Impala. I remember also that Dean freaks out because of what Ash has to do to get his mullet back. Obviously this is a crack!Fic. Anyone remember it?
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I'm new to the fandom, and I was wondering if there were any supernatural classics? You know, stories that you recommend to every new person that comes along? If not, I do have another request:

I'm also looking for some Dean/Castiel fics where the romance is taken slowly and there is a plot outside their budding romance (ex. hunting, etc). If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to read it!

Thank you!
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Hi All! I just finished reading "Imprint" by Mass_Hipgnosis and am now craving fics where the boys fall in love at first sight. I'll also accept fics where they've known each other for a while and just all of a sudden it hits one of them, but I REALLY want to see them completely gobsmacked by each other at their first meeting. :)

AUs are welcome, though not preferred. Jensen and Jared only please, no Sam and Dean.

Oh, and here's the link to Imprint. Great read. :)

ext_393041: perfect Spock (spn)
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I'm looking for any SPN fics in which there are allusions to, crossovers with, or any mention of the movie Dogma. Thanks! (Bonus points for any fics mentioning Bartleby and Loki.)
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Okay y'all, this is a weird one, but bear with me. Are there any good fics where the boys deal with a mermaid? That's pretty much my only specification. Thanks in advance!
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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for fiction about Chuck . Spoilers for Season 5 )

Thanks for your help.

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A few days ago I stumbled across a pretty awesome were!fic that I started reading, but I stopped half way through and didn't save anything.

Specific fic:
It was au with dean/cas. Dean and Sam are werewolves and castiel some sort of werecat (jaguar?). Dean and Sam get caught on the werecats' land. Then Castiel, their alpha, takes a big interest in Dean, who is actually the alpha of the werewolves, but does kind of submit to Castiel. Anyone know it?!

General search:
this fic makes me want to read more were!fic, so do you have any suggestions? I don't care whether it is J2 or spn characters, but no wincest please.

I have already read a few of the more commonly known J2 fics. But there're probably a lot more that I've completely missed. A list of the ones I've found is under the cut )
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Hi, was wondering if any one could help me.  Looking for the fic where Sam is turned into a baby and Dean has to raise him.  The pairing was Dean and Cas and there was a goddess (ATI?) who moved in next door and was trying to get Dean and Cas together.

Thank you very much

Found, link in comments. Thank you. 

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hey everyone! :)

just wondering if there're any memes or challenges dedicated to Dean's birthday held the previous years? 'cause all i managed to find are wendy's list (wendy.livejournal.com/1300112.html) and several random fics :(
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I was just reviewing some of my delicious bookmarks and wanted to re-read one that I apparently liked a lot from a year ago -

Nothing But Black, by telete
sex-club-worker!Jared gives nervous-customer!Jensen what he needs.

I'm getting a "Page not found" error. Anyone know a good address for this?

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The story I'm looking for has Methos with the SPN cast.. The story wasn't lengthy nor was it too short but average..The thing about this story that STANDS out most is that Methos was able to TALK/COMMUNICATE with GOD and got Castiel and that one angel that was stuck/trapped in circle of FIRE by Castiel, to also TALK to god. It was DUE to him that the other Angels near the end actually was able to talk to God..I believe he was Death or something along those lines and the demons wanted him and TRIED to trap or hurt him but he TALKED/PRAYED to GOD to save him and GOD did etc..

I know I saved/favorite the thing and I'm sure I have it somewhere but I can't seem to find it..I'll try looking harded and if not, then my next step is asking you  guys if you've come across this story..

Near the end, I think they won the war?!

Much Appreciated in Adv!

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Hey all, I have a rare few days off from work and am looking for some J2 fics. I prefer long with lots of plot and some porn, lol. Also, big plus if they have a fair amount of angst. I am really looking for a fic in which one of the J's is the only gay guy around, and is REALLY, REALLY lonely, heart breakingly so. BUT, basically any first time J2 angst will do. Also, AU and mpreg is fine! Thanks!
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I recently read [livejournal.com profile] blynnk 's Whipporwhoorl and let me tell you, it is amazing.  I was just wondering if any one had any rec's like that?  It doesn't even really have to be the double twin, but I like the Jensen/Dean Sam/Jared aspect of it (twincest, I know, I'm a total perve).  If it had both Jensen/Dean Jared/Sam in it, thats a total bonus, and also hot .


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