Jan. 9th, 2011

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 So I'm trying to find one where Jensen is famous and stuck at the airport. Jared is also at the airport but he's not famous. Jared is their with his nephew and I believe a niece also. He's trying to leave because his sister's husband(boyfriend?) is abusive and he wants to get the kids safely away. Megan is pregnant (or just had a baby) and is staying at a shelter. Chris is also in this and he helps and ends up with Megan in the end.
I thought I bookmarked it but I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advanced!


Jan. 9th, 2011 12:44 am
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This is the first time I'm doing this so excuse if I'm doing it wrong ;) I just re-watched the pilot episode and I was wondering if there are any stories where John dies in the fire as well and Dean and Sam end up being adopted. They live a normal life and then Azazel tracks them down, basically everything happening but them not knowing how to deal with all the demon stuff but managing to wing their way through it. Maybe they meet Bobby or another hunter? Please no wincest though. Thanks in advance!

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I'm looking for fics where Sam and Dean together have to look after a kid. Whether it's for a little while, like they need to protect one during a hunt, or they end up taking him/her in as family, or it actually is one of thier kids. But I don't want the mother or anyone involved in that case. Gen or wincest, please. Long is great, but oneshots are okay, too. Thank you!!

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I just looked through all the posts here with the tag "ep:the monster at the end of this book" and didn't find this, so hopefully someone out there will recognize it. I had started reading it but my Kindle crashed and I couldn't find the link again...

I can't recall if it was Sam/Dean or J2 but after the episode, they started reading fanfic. At first it was the really out-there stuff - mpreg, bizarre AUs - for the lulz, but one of them started finding good relationship porn which made him start to see the other differently. And that was where it dropped me. I checked all the stories linked in previous posts and it's not any of them...does this ring any bells?

ETA: Found it! Let's Get Wrecked on Poptarts and Sex by [livejournal.com profile] queenklu - it was read aloud as part of the Help Haiti auction, and was posted yesterday, and the description rang MY BELLS!!!! Just in case anyone else is interested, it's a hoot and it is J2, Jared's POV as he finds he really does want from Jensen what he sees in the fanfic.
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FOUND 1. Does anyone have any information about [livejournal.com profile] freakn_out ? I wanted to read one of her fics, but it looks like her journal has been deleted and the links that I have for the fic keeps going to a "Go Daddy.com site".

FOUND 2. I'm looking for a specific non-AU J2 fic. Spoilers behind the cut:

Click for More )

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Hello y'all! So, I am a Seahawks fan and I just watched Friday Night Lights (Movie) and I am so into my American Football right now and I need some football fic to feed the obsession! Any rating or pairing or length is fine, just as long as football is at least more than a small mention. I am currently reading Pianoforeplay's "Hail Mary" and I love it to pieces.

Secondly, I have a football related prompt stuck in my head and it won't get out, and I can't write because my writing is atrocious so instead of daydreaming about the prompt I'd love to post it to a prompting comm or something. I'm basically a lurker on lj so hopefully someone can help me there! Here's the prompt in case someone's already written something similar:

prompt ahoy )prompt )

Any help would be appreciated, anywhere I can post my prompt and any football Sam/Dean, J2, or gen fics would be great! Thank you!!!

J2 Lost Fic

Jan. 9th, 2011 03:34 pm
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 I really need to learn how to use delicious or something...lol

I'm looking for a j2 fic that was something like Jensen and Jared were in a fight but then there was an accident on set and Jensen needed stitches, then they made up and had sex.

It wasn't a very long fic, only about one or two chapters.



Jan. 9th, 2011 05:46 pm
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Hi, i'm looking for any crossovers with Doctor Who, preferably tenth Doctor.  Gen, J2 or vincest. Thanks.
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I'm in a mood. The crappy weather is making my hands hurt... So I could use something to match my mood.

I'm way behind on my reading, so I am looking for suggestions. I'd like something newer... say in the last 6 to 9 months. Angsty... I mean I wanna cry my eyes out, but be happy in the end. J2, bottom Jensen is a plus but not necessary. The longer the better. Chris and Steve playing big rolls in the story would make things even better. My heart belongs to AU's but I don't mind non-AU. Please no death fics! Rape or non con only if it's not graphic.

Thanks in advance!
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Looking for some gen Sam and Dean cuddling. Any season, pre-series okay as well.

Can be for comfort, because they have to share a bed, because one of them is sick--any reason. Other pairings are okay, just no Wincest.

Thanks in advance!
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so...I was wondering if there were any fics out there where Jared is bad and hurtful to Jensen...bad in physical or emotional way and Jensen just takes it because he loves Jared...I want Jared to realise later that he was very wrong and try his best to get Jensen to forgive him....if it was about them being actors in the show itself that would be great but if it wasn't that is ok....I want alot of people to be protictive of Jensen and keep Jared away...are there any fics like this?

also...are there any fics where Jensen has a dark past?...like he is an ex-spy or still is...or he was trained from a tender age on martial arts and he was undercover or he was at the military...while he was shooting supernatural....and Jared finds out by accidant....I want super cool Jensen and if posible top Jensen for this ...thanx.
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 I've been having a major craving for Gabriel-fic lately. What I'm really looking for are fics that have awesome characterization; so which are your favorites? (Having Castiel present is an added bonus!)

I'd really prefer that Gabriel wasn't paired with anyone, or if he is, that it is real light. Any rating is fine. Most any other pairings are fine.

Thanks everyone!
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Looking for a story where Dean is parenting Ben who needs a book or book report for school. Dean helps him out with (I think On the Road). The teacher turns out to be Sam. I would love it if some one knows this story.

Found: Thank you
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1. Basically what the title says. xD I'd love to read some long GEN fics where the boys were not raised as hunters(the boys are not actors - if RPF). If the focus of the story is the boys brotherhood(friendship - if RPF), I'll be one happy girl. :D Angst and teen!chesters/wee!chesters are a plus!

2. Any Castiel-centric GEN fics out there? :D Like, about what Cas was doing before he met the Winchesters.

Thanks in advance! :D

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I know this might be a long shot, but are there any wee!Chesters fics that take place during the Blizzard of 1993? (If anyone remembers that).

Otherwise any blizzard fics, or stranded boys (from snow/ice) fics?

No Wincest please.

Thanks in advance!


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