Jan. 5th, 2011

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Hallo again! I know I'm pushing my luck, what with posting twice in less than a week, but you all were wonderful last time, so... :)

follow the white rabbit... though it was probably a demon anyway )

Thank you again for being awesome :)
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I'm looking for non-au stories where Jared and Jensen meet for the first time after they find out they get the parts for Sam and Dean. Two examples would be The Play Nice Proviso by [info]qblackheart  and Imprint by [info]mass_hipgnosis . They don't have to be exactly like that, but I want it where it describes/shows their first meeting and how they react to one another. 
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Hey all!

I was hoping you could direct me towards some Dean/Cas domestic fics? Fluff and angst and smut are all welcome =3

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Okay, so I just read Ausiello's spoiler and seriously, it sounds like something that has probably been written a hundred times over but I'm not finding anything so....

Here's the spoiler:

Warning!! Spoiler ahead!!!! Beware!!! )
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 I just recently lost my Grandmother.....she was my best friend and the only one in my family who truly understood me. I have spiraled into a depression of sorts and was wondering if you guys (because you all are ridiculously awesome) could find some sweet hurt/comfort fics. Preferably RPF.
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Inspired from re-watching season 1--again.

1) Regarding "Home"--is there a fic where old neighbors or residents of Lawrence recognize the Impala driving around and correctly surmise that the two young men must be the "poor Winchester boys". Outside POV, contact with the boys a plus

2) Regarding "Faith"--Roy tells Dean that God chose him to be saved because he had an important purpose and work that wasn't done. Has anyone tied this into the main arc of seasons 4 & 5?


Jan. 5th, 2011 02:47 pm
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Are there any fics out there containing references to Russia?  Such as Russian mythological monsters (Baba Yaga, Slavic gods/goddesses, etc) or college fics where Sam studies Russian literature like The Master and Margarita or Doctor Zhivago, etc?  Pretty much anything about Russia/Russian culture is what I'm looking for.  I'm most hopeful that there'll be something about Russian/Slavic mythological creatures as their mythology is pretty interesting.

Gen preferred but if the romance is a minor part of the story, I'll take anything.  Thanks in advance!
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I don't know... but I really want some Wincest or some J2 (I think I am going to get more hits with J2 though).

Where they are gay (or bisexual) men in very macho world like sports or ranching, or just live in a place where being gay isn't really looked fondly upon. One of them could be in closet or they could have sex but deny either of them being into men. Anything like that would be love.

Actually, on that same note being ranchers, mechanics, or anything manly (even with out the stigma over homosexuality) as a job type of stories would be love. Like super love.

(Oh, I have read the QB'verse by rhythmsextion just before you guys offer up that story'verse because it is really good)

On a totally different note. Got any awesome Sam/Jared has wing fics? I would prefer Sammich having the wings but I'd settled for Jared having them too.
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Right, so this pairing is a guilty pleasure. Extremely guilty. XD I just cannot get enough of it. But I have been giving myself headaches, not kidding, looking for this pairing. Doesn't matter what the rating is; doesn't even matter if it's dark!fic. It would be totally awesome if someone could me point towards some. ;D


got-fanfiction :3
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It is entirely possible that I totally imagined this. Just so you know.

A random scene from what I hope is a fic (probably J2) popped into my head this morning in which Jared was trying to convince Jensen to eat peanut butter once a day. Possibly because Jensen had been sick and needed to regain weight? I really don't know, but the idea has been driving me batty all day. If it actually is from a fic, any help finding it would be SO greatly appreciated.


ETA: Found! Not J2 at all, but SPN gen. [livejournal.com profile] roque_clasique's Drive 'Verse. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tcs1121 for the quick response.
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I've already read atimi.livejournal.com/84014.html and community.livejournal.com/infatuated_ink/48843.html

and now I'm craving more stories with dinosaurs! Maybe a crossover with Jurassic Park? Anything with dinosaurs and hopefully with our boys not getting eaten?
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I've just finished listening to the podfic of the Break Loose Ranch and discovered I have a kink for Jared calling Jensen baby, anytime.

Can anybody recommend fics where Jared calls Jensen baby. Special bonus points if he uses it in a dom voice.

Thank you
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 I just got into "Southland" and was wondering if anyone ever wrote a Southland/SPN crossover. Maybe Sam and Dean check out a case in Hollywood and end up running into some familiar cops? =P

Slash, gen, Wincest, whatever. I'm just wondering whether my Google search was correct and there actually aren't any out there yet.

Thank you!
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 Hi all. Looking for two separate searches and hope you can help!

1) Fics where Sam and Dean are gay but not for each other and help each other pick up guys or point out hot guys, etc. And I guess they both don't have to be gay - one could be 'helping' the other pick up someone or some such.

2) Fics where (for whatever reason) one needs to sit between the other's legs and rest their head on the other's shoulder. Not necessarily in a sexual way but in a comfort or tired thing.
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Hello all
Hope you are enjoying the new year!

Does anyone know of any good fics that has this sort of description?

they have been put under the cut because they refer to season 6

Read more... )
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Kind of an odd request, but is there anything out there involving the people the Winchesters save, where they end up crushing on them? No mary-sues or anything, just side crushes that contribute to a story (ideally Slash, Cas/Dean, Wincest, I don't care). Example would be like the drunk driver Dean saves in 6.11. Something along those lines.

Also, Christian/Dean: Does it exist? In any form or shape? Ideally if it turned into either Castiel/Dean or Sam/Dean that'd be awesome, but I'll take what I can get.

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There was a particular story I read a while back and now that my "like" like for Chris has become Adoring love for his hot little ass, I'm looking to read it again, here is what I remember Jensen was in a wheelchair and he worked in a tattoo shop? I know it's not a lot to go off of and I wish I had more :(

I'm also looking for any other Jensen/Chris stories that might be similar to this and deal with one of them being "different" in any sort of the word.
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I'm searching for AU Post-Apocalyptic fanfiction after watching (and re-watching) The Walking Dead. I've searched the 'apocafic' link but everyone wants something a little different. What I was after was something a lot like the AU world Dean saw in season 5, 'The End', where people have grouped together in order to survive and Dean takes the lead. 

Anything long, gen and preferably with both our boys.

I don't mind the reason for the apocalypse and of course, crossovers are for the win  
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Cancer, tumors, paralysis, blindness, or major trauma from abuse or an accident... you know what I'm talking about!

Caring/caretaker Jensen/Dean and bonus points if it comes with art or fanmix's! :D

Cheers my dears!!!


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