Jan. 1st, 2011

Lost fic

Jan. 1st, 2011 12:19 am
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ok I'm looking for this fic I remember reading. I can't remeber a lot about it. I know it's a j2 fic and it has something to do with jareds grandmother too. She lives in a home and Jared has a hard time paying for it or something. I also remember jensen goes and talks to her about Jared and I think there's a scene where Jared goes out in the rain and talks to jensen. Ringing any bells?
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 Happy 2011, everyone! I'm hoping you can jumpstart my new year with a fic I've been trying to find for about a week now, with no luck.

Cut for NSFW material )
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Title says it all! :D Either of the boys buried alive, trauma and pain for them both!! :D

cheers my dears!
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Does anyone know of some really good Castiel/Lucifer stories? It seems to be a fairly new pairing and i can't seem to a lot of stories on it, and the ones i did find were short, only one page. Big plus for human!Castiel/Lucifer. I remember reading one like that where it was in the future and fallen Castiel bumps into Lucifer after getting separated from Dean. THANKS SO MUCH!!! 
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Hey all, I'm looking for a few requests:

1. A J2 or Wincest fic based on the movie TiMER. I've read [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly  holiday drabble and now that I'm watching the movie, I'm wondering if there are any longer fics based on it.

2. Any Wincest fics that start pre-series with the boys in a relationship and Sam promising Dean he won't leave, but he does to go to Stanford. Preferably they take place while Sam's at Stanford and I'd prefer if Jess is just a good friend of Sam's (hell, I'd love it if she had her own boyfriend so she's happy too).

3. Any fics with J2 in the NCIS or Criminal Minds world. I've love to see one of the Js as Gibbs' character and the other as DiNozzo's character. And say, one as Morgan and the other as Reid.

4. Really long, really schmoop-y J2/Wincest fics. If the boys are with anyone else in the beginning, it's fine as long as it's not too big of a part of the story.

5. S4 Wincest fics where Dean is even angrier about the whole Ruby thing because he and Sam were together (preferably for years) before he went to hell. Would love a fic where he reveals that Ruby tortured him in hell. Feeling some hating-Ruby here.

6. "Dark Side of the Moon" Wincest fic that maybe shows more of their memories. Speaking of, are there any fics where instead of heaven, they wind up reliving their worst memories and one of Dean's is the night that Sam left them for Stanford?

7. Lisa-bashing fics please. Would prefer Wincest, but will take Gen. 

No BDSM please (unless it's a small part of a longer fic that I can skip); just not in the mood for it now. Please let me know if it's a WIP.
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Does anyone know of any J2 RPS based on the TV series The Eleventh Hour? In other words, where one of them is a high profile science individual and the other is his FBI handler? I don't mean handler in the spy sense, but rather in the sense that the handler is there to make sure the other person stays alive because he is so important to the FBI (or whoever).

Thank you!
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I'm looking for two completely seperate things with this post, the first of which I'm not even entirely sure can be asked here.

1) I'd really like to find some RPS wherein it's Jensen/Tom Welling, Jared/Mike Rosenbaum, or vice versa. Fics which include the Smallville boys always end up with a Jensen/Jared plot (which is fine as a background plot point for me), but I'd just like Jensen and Jared to be just friends for once, going after the others. Likewise, character fic in this pairing vein is appreciated, too.

2) I once read a fic that had Dean/Castiel and Sam/Jimmy Novak in the same story, and I really loved that idea. So I'm hoping that someone may be able to direct me to some more of that.

Thanks in advance, guys!
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Wincest or J2.
Migraine, either person.
Doesn't have to be slashy, that's just a perk, gen is totally welcome.
Thank you! <3
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Lurker-turned-poster -- hope I'm doing this right! Looking for a multi-chapter fic I read a while back. Don't remember plot specifics, just remember it was wonderfully written. Dean disappears and is somehow scattered into many intangible parts which Sam wills back into a whole. There's a creepy house involved, which burns down at the end. Help? (So much great fic in this fandom!)

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I'm not looking for anything in particular... I have some extra time on my hands and I was hoping to find some really good, long supernatural fanfiction about Castiel and I could really use your help. Anything that has Castiel hurt, mute or sick, etc... Dean protective and comforting and Sam and Bobby too as long as the main character is Castiel and there's a crap loast of Angst and Hurt/comfort. Even a family theme is good. Doesn't have to have a happy ending and if it can make me cry you get a gold star!!!! Slash only between Castiel and Dean but also friendship.

I was also looking for anything where Dean and Castiel they are like in high school or college together and Slash is great. Or anything with Gabriel being the big brother to Castiel where they're are humans living in the real world or in the Shows world. Anything like that is amazing too.

Here's the random one, anything Jared, Jensen, Misha is good too, but, again Misha as the main character and angst and hurt/comfort.  

I'm not concerned about the ratings, anything is good!!

Sorry if this is really confusing! I'm kind of desperate here... Thanks for the help!!!!


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