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hello, i'm looking for some general dean fics. :3

1. cuddly dean: this is totally canon for me, with the way dean cuddles his pillow. so i'm looking for fics where someone finds out that dean's a closet cuddler (which he'd probably refuse to admit because he's supposed to be all macho). i don't mind gen or slash.

2. reluctant bottom dean: where dean is convinced he's a top but he's actually a bottom. like top this by leonidaslion.

3. angels/dean: dean's soul is apparently the brightest. so naturally, the angels are kind of a little awestruck and maybe in love with his soul/dean.

4. cherished dean: destiel; cas knew everything about dean but still thinks he's worth saving (and rebelling, and falling). and when he gets to know dean and all the little quirks like the way he loves his pie and dr. sexy and cas just thinks he's really precious and adorable.

5. clueless vanilla dean: in the show dean's sex scenes showed him to be pretty gentle and vanilla while sammy was all - toppy. i'd love some fics where for all dean's manwhorish ways he's actually pretty vanilla and clueless about most kinks, especially regarding gay sex. any slash fic is fine, but for wincest i'd like for sam to find this hot, maybe, or dean being all shocked how his supposed prude little brother is like that in bed.

thanks in advance! :D
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I'm looking for an old destiel fic where angels were known but like a higher, revered class with humans below them.

Dean somehow catches Cas' eye or is in an arranged marriage but because of the human and angel hierarchy he doesn't have much choice about how the situation starts and comes together. Once they are together it slowly starts to work out but not without several mishaps along the way and misunderstandings as neither group knows all that much about the other. Or at least Dean doesn't know much about angels as he was never really interested.

I believe Mary and John were still alive and Dean was living at home with them before this happened. Dean, if not a virgin entirely, hadn't been with a guy before.

Anything similar would also be appreciated as long as there is no Sam/angel pairing unless it's with Lucifer.
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Hello, All!!
I'm looking for any fic where Dean is an angel and Sam is a demon, but they're still brothers that so close to the borderline of incest (though maybe not incest) like in canon. And plus, if there's reason on their species differences (like maybe Sam used to be an angel too but he got involved when Lucifer rebeled). Double plus, if Dean took advantage of the angels' plan about the Cage and Lucifer to free/meet Sam again. Triple plus if the fic can make me moved to tears. I prefer Gen, but if the story's slash I want it wincest or destiel with bottom!Dean only.
Thanks in advance~!
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Hey guys :)
Are there any fics where Dean is a total sub, not just in bed, but in everyday life? I don't necessarily mean in the bdsm sense, but just any fics with a subby, bottom Dean, who defers to Sam (no non-con/dub-con please; although the 'deferring' part isn't necessary and I'll even take bdsm fics if there aren't any fics in the genre I want) . I'll take any fic, even if it's totally ooc (and I realise any fics like that would have to a slight ooc element to them anyway).

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Hi, everyone!
I'm looking for any fic with Sam become the Boy King or getting possessed by Lucifer, and make Dean his consort. One plus, if Dean's unwilling but he couldn't say "no" to Sam. Double plus, if Sam's so possessive on Dean. Triple plus, for BAMF!Dean (like maybe the demons afraid of Dean because he was the most favorite pupil of Alastair, or maybe Dean's adored by the demons because he's the only one who doesn't afraid to reprimand the BoyKing!Sam/Lucifer!Sam if he's gone too far). I accept any genre, but I only want bottom!Dean if the fic's an explicit one.
Thanks in advance~!!
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1 ) Because there is coming Fifity Shade of Darker movie, I was wondering is there J2 version this movie? Or Sam/Dean. I didin´t like the the first movie but J2 version it could work ;D I like long fic but you can one shot, too! Only TopSam, please ;p

2) Anything dark Sam/Dean fic. ? Give me your favorites!
3) Also PrgenantDean are ok, too! Only TopSam again.

4) some history fanfiction with J2 or Sam/Dean

Thank you!
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I'm looking for any fic where Sam time travelling because of Dean (like maybe Dean's dead in his time so Sam goes back to the past to save him or because he's missing him, or maybe Sam time travelling because Dean went to the dark side and he wants to change it). And I want Sam and Dean have very close relationship (as brothers or lovers). Gen or slash is okay, but if slash and there's sex scene I only accept bottom!Dean.

And I also looking for this particular fic. In that fic, Sam went to dark side (as the Boy King, Lucifer, or whoever he is I don't remember) but he's still love Dean (and obsessed). Then Dean got killed (or maybe destroyed because I remember Sam couldn't get Dean back alive) and Sam went to the past because he wanted his Dean. I remember Sam arrived at Stanford-era and using all the means to make Dean in that timeline his.

Please help me, and thanks in advance!
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Hi! I'm afraid I'm a little fuzzy on the details as I read this a long time ago, but I'm itching to find it again. The few details I definitely remember are

  • Sam and Dean are both werewolves;

  • Sam claims Dean against a tree;

  • Heavy mentions on the incest bit, how having offspring between two siblings somehow made the child stronger because of werewolf biology (or something like that), with Sam insisting on knocking Dean up;

  • Dub-connish

If anyone has any ideas on what this story might be, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance!

P.S. I'm new to this community, so if I make any mistakes please tell me and I'll fix them right away. Thank you!

Found it, thanks to alexxkah! : 25th Summer, by sdwbf
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I've never been able to find one that interested me (even checked the tags here) so I'm going to say what I would like to find that I haven't yet. A stalker fic with a male only stalker, no women or any het scenes please! Sam can be in the fic, also wincest is cool too but I don't really want him as the stalker. Also would like a fic where the stalker actually succeeds in kidnapping Dean, that would be exciting to read. No gen fics please, I would like it if the stalker is sexually attracted to Dean. I'm evil okay? Thanks guys!
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So I read this story a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure it was on the SPN Kink Meme. Sam is turned into a werewolf and decides Dean is his mate. From then on he is training Dean to be more submissive and accomodating to him. He times it so that when they stop to eat Dean has to go to the bathroom so Sam orders his good, so eventually even when he doesn't go to the bathroom he still expects Sam to pick what he eats. Then Sam starts dropping his stuff so Dean will pick it up for him. I think towards the end he drugs Dean while they drive to this cabin and he feeds Dean his cum.
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I'm looking for this fic but I don't remember the title or the author are, I hope you can help me find it. And oh, it's bottom!Dean.

In the fic, Sam and Dean (though brothers) become lovers recently, but something happen and Sam woke up with amnesia, didn't remember anything at all, even his own name. When he saw Dean, he instantly got weird and horrible feelings and it hurt him. Because these feelings, he thinks he actually hate Dean, and didn't believe at all when someone (I think it's the doctor) introduce Dean as his brother. And so begin their new life that full of hurting and sadness (on Dean's part). Dean didn't tell Sam that they're also lovers, and no one knows that they're lovers. But someday, he got revelation from someone (I think it's Catiel) and he recognize that the feelings he have around Dean is love, but not love for a brother but for a lover. He got confused and insecure, because he know that Dean loves Sam (as brother) but he didn't know if Dean love him now. He then talk to Dean about his amnesia and if Dean want Sam's memories back. After pressured, Dean admitted that he wanted Sam's memories to come back, and Sam got jelaous of the old Sam and felt hurt because he think that Dean wanted them become just brothers and Sam didn't want Deam become his brother but his lover. And cue the love confession with bitterment and possessiveness and obsessiveness, followed by Sam raped Dean. After that Dean said that Sam didn't have to do that, that they're already lovers. Because his shock, Sam got his memories back and blamed himself and fell into despair (I don't remember the continuation, though I think the fic got happy ending).
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Hello Everyone,

Im looking for a lost Destiel fic/verse. It was on Ao3 this is all the person can remember:

It starts with Dean being in heat, and Cas (the Alpha of Jessica's pack) breaks into Dean's house where he lives with Sam and Bobby. They have sex and later on Cas brings Dean onto his pack lands to stay with him. Jessica works for Cas and is dating Sam. Dean and Cas mate and in a later segment, Dean gets pregnant. Cas is an Alpha, Jimmy is a Beta, and Emmanuel is an Omega. Missouri also is the housekeeper.

Hope someone knows this fic.

Thank you!

Found! Howl At the Moon Series By Lynx22281
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Does anybody have any fics where dean or jensen are alphas but instead they want another alpha or beta whatever or any where they get turned to an omega?
Basically bottom!alpha!jensen or dean

Fic search

Aug. 10th, 2016 08:03 pm
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Hei!  I'm looking for some fics

1.Jensen/Dean or Jared/Sam is relationship with someone else than Jared/Sam or Jensen/Dean. Married, engaged etc. But at the end falls for Jared.
2.Secret-relationship, Jared/Jensen in the closet or are famous etc.
3.Nurse!Jensen fics
4.Jealous/possessive Jared/Sam

Ps preferably bottom!Jensen/Dean.

Thank you!
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Hi, I've just rewatched S7'S Time After Time, and wondered if there are any Dean/Eliot Ness fics out there?
I don't mind if it's gen or m/m, I just like them together, but bottom!dean would be awesome!

Lost fic

Mar. 22nd, 2016 08:00 pm
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I'm looking for an old dean/tentacle creature fic.

in this one dean gets taken while on a hunt by the creature but ends up liking it. and when he realizes that its driven by a breeding urge but can't acturally reproduce he goes back every year at the right time.

there was something about him having missed a season due to going to hell??
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Someone posted for 'Sam as Boy King w/Dean as Consort' type deal. Several of the recs involved Dark!Sam manipulating and forcing Dean into his role as consort [specific e.g., "Where You Belong (Always by my Side) by majestic_duck].

"Where You Belong" was a great read and in it Sam is manipulative from the get-go and Dean is enveloped by Sam's darkness.

Are there fics where: Sam is Boy King or just plain dark, thinks he's manipulating Dean, thinks he has the upper hand, but it's actually Dean who's got the control?
Like, Sam wants to make Dean his consort but Dean wants to save Sam, so Dean allows Sam to think Sam's tainting Dean/dragging Dean down/making Dean submit, but Dean is actually binding their souls and bringing Sam up with him?
Or, Dean is happy to be corrupted (is already corrupt?) and becomes something much worse/scarier than Sam but Sam doesn't understand that Dean is the more powerful one (who might be goading Sam into darker/scarier things)?

Anything like that?

I'd also prefer bottom!Dean, I feel it adds to the false-perception power dynamic and I just like it.

Several of the tags imply dark or evil Dean, but that's because there aren't tags for good or light Dean. Just mentioning it because I'm more looking for fic in which Dean is bringing Sam into his "light" to bring Sam back type of thing. But demon!Dean who's worse than BoyKing!Sam is all good too.

link to "Where You Belong" should anyone be interested: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469457
Also kind of along the lines of "Let Your Sins Be Strong" by xzombiexkittenx http://archiveofourown.org/works/392953


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