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Hey y'all,
I'm looking for a specific fic in which Jensen wakes up as Dean and immediately Sam is aware. It's set in a more grounded world, where any magical rituals take a long time to draw out the circles and Sam mentions it took like two weeks to draw out the one for opening Hell (or something like it). Basically Jensen is freaked out by how severe Sam is and can't imagine how bad Dean is. Eventually they're able to switch them back, and Jensen asks Jared what Dean was like, and Dean liked to look at the pictures of Danneel and JJ on Jensen's phone.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for specific vessel sharing fic. Cas takes Dean as a vessel for some reason, and Dean/Cas get together. Jimmy is also in it, alive and well, and I think there's Sam/Jimmy. Cas switches vessels between Jimmy and Dean a couple times. And most of it takes place in a cabin in the woods. Does anyone know what fic this is?
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I recently read a short series of body swap fics. I'm like, 96.4% positive it was on fanfiction.net, but it may have been on AO3. It had a few onsets in the series, I think, and Bobby was in it to help out the boys. Dean and Sam were the ones that had switched, by the way. One of the fics in the series had Dean starting to get Sam's visions, and it hurt him a lot. This may not have been in the same series, but Dean, in Sam's body, had to do this fight-to-the-death thing with other "special powers" kids. They also got Dean out of the deal. I might be mixing up a couple of fics, but I'd really appreciate reading them again! Thanks in advance ☺

EDIT: FOUND!! Mileage series by Jennytork http://jennytork.livejournal.com/685519.html
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I've recently fallen in love with historical aus like compo67's The Shortest Distance and tabaqui's South China Sea. If anyone has favorite historical fics to share, or knows of rec lists I could peruse, I'd be more than grateful.

Also, there've been a couple genderswap requests lately, but with specific caveats I don't share. Are there any more faves lurking out there? Or bodyswap, for that matter? I've never paid much attention to these before, but for whatever reason I'm finding them very fun now.

Gen, J2, Sam/Dean, or any Sam- or Jared-centric pairing are welcome, and I've got no real triggers or squicks except mpreg.

Thank you all!
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1. Your favorite J2 non-au fics with bottom!Jared or switching?

2. Any wincest fics where one or both of the boys get hit with a truth spell, or something of the sort where they get bewitched and end up telling the other their real feelings for each other? Please specify if it's not bottom!Sam.

3. Your favorite wincest bodyswap fics?

4. Your favorite wincest fics set before or during season 3?

5. Fics, AU or otherwise, where Dean is a bit of a punk, and Sam is a nerd- I haven't been able to find any, and I've just been wanting to find a good punk!Dean or bad boy, and Sam can be a little nerd.
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This is my first time posting here, so I'm sorry if i make any mistakes. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows about any cross-fandom bodyswaps? For example a fic where Sam switches bodies with Sherlock. I read one fic like that a while ago and it made me wanna read more c: I prefer non-wincest, but I'll be willing to read it if i like the plot. Thanks in advance for any help!
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So I'm pretty sure I originally found the fic I'm looking for on this community, but I can't find it again :(

I don't remember if it was platonic or not, but I think the boys were soulmates, and they switched bodies.

Sam was having back problems that he didn't tell Dean about, and Dean was worried about it.

Another element of the story that I remember is that the boys' bodies just reacted to each other, regardless of who was occupying them. Like, Sam's body started feeling calm when it was around Dean's body. I think Dean was realizing how much Sam is affected by him.

Sorry if the descriptions kind of confusing!! Thank you for any help!!
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Just read this fic http://zubeneschamali.livejournal.com/102048.html and loved it. I find the idea of the brothers swapping bodies or just POV in general in order to learn a lesson, to learn more about each other, or just to have a brotherly bonding moment really intriguing. Are there any other stories like that out there? Ones that are maybe more than just surface humor? Where there's a deeper meaning and connection to the swap other than the usual trope?
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It can be with Dean, a complete stranger, anyone, I just need fics where Sam switches bodies with someone. Please warn if they have triggers please!!
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I'm not exactly sure how to tag this because it could fall under a million different tags, so I'll just beg: please give me all your Sam or Jared getting skinny. It could be either an eating disorder, illness, curse, addiction, whatever. I just love him all long and lanky, the more narrow the better. Gen, het, slash, it's all fair game.

Also, if you've got any good ones where characters swap bodies with each other, that'd be great too. My preference is for J2 or Sam 'n Dean, but all are welcomed.

Thanks in advance!
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There was a pair of stories where somehow Jared & Sam unknowingly switched places with each other, I think Dean calls Bobby for help but I'm not sure.  Established couples for both, but Sam's wall is still broken from Cas.  I think Jared & Jensen are at Jensen's house while Sam & Dear are in a hotel.  While Jared likes to be manhandled, Jensen realizes Sam needs to be treated with kid gloves.  Dean has sex with Jared & Jensen makes love with Sam before the guys are switched back.

Also there was another fic where Sam went to prison & Jensen was the 'fresh meat' that came along.  Sam takes Jensen to his bunk after Jensen gets roughed up and I know they get out of prison after a while, but I can't remember too much about it.  I think the author ended it that Dean wasn't with Sam in prison because he was the one who would get Sam out.

Sorry for the spotty information, I still hope someone can help. Thanks!
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I'm looking for fics where either Jared and Sam somehow switch places or one is possessed by the other.
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I'm looking for a non-wincest bodyswap fic set mid S5 or earlier (that's how far I am in the series... I just watched Swap Meet and can't believe they didn't switch Sam and Dean!) - anyone have any recs? There have to be some out there!

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I've been looking everywhere for this but no avail. Are there any bodyswap stories out there involving Sam and Dean? A+++ if it's a long fic, and it's Sam/Dean. If it's Dean or Sam with other characters that's cool too but mostly the brothers would be appreciated.
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I'm looking for a specific wincest body!swap fic.

The only particular thing I remember is that Sam is the first one to initiate sex after the switch.
Sex details. )

Now, I think this was in the same fic, but I read a lot of body!swap in one sitting so I may be confused. I think after they have sex, they switch back and they call Bobby and tell them they fixed it.

The exchange is something like "How? The only way to fix it is to do the ritual or-" "Thanks, Booby, you've been a great help, bye!"

I think that was the same fic, but it might not have been.
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Somewhat recently I read a fic where Sam and Dean swap bodies, and at one point Sam is really bothered by Dean's body, which is craving alcohol and making him irritable and uncomfortable, etc.

What is this story?  I know I commented on it but where'd it gooooooo?
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Hi, I'm looking for a specific Gabriel/Sam fic I can't seem to find - it had Gabriel and Sam at a carnival/theme park, and at one point they got on a ferris wheel/roller coaster and while on it Gabriel...I'm not sure. Swapped their bodies/sensations? Either way, Sam wound up feeling everything at archangel-levels and - this I remember specifically - wound up holding onto the bracer bar hard enough to leave a handprint.

It had sex, it involved Sam not liking how the air smelled with superhuman senses, and I can't find it. Help?
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I have a couple requests guys. Anyone think they can help?

Okay so my first request is a story I read pretty recently. In it, Jared gets kidnapped, I'm not sure who does it, but he's taken to a house and tied to a chair half naked in one scene and is left alone in the room overnight with the window open. He winds up getting hypothermia I think, and the next day he's found by his kidnapper and the are very worried. It might be Jensen that kidnaps him but I can't say for sure.

My next request is for anything that has Sam?Jared with tourettes. It'd also be okay for anything with OCD or things along those lines but I'm really looking for tourettes. (I know it sounds weird)

Anyone know of any stories where Sam is deaged to a teenager but doesn't have his adult memories? Can be anything. I'd like to see Dean trying to convince a teenaged, very capable of fighting Sam what's going on. I'd really love this.

And last, I'm looking for a story where the boys switch places and they are both hurt and didn't tell each other about it. While in each others bodies they find out about it. Sam had a knee injury, I remember him massaging it for Dean while he's in his body. Anyone know what story I'm talking about?

Anyone who can help, that would be great! Thanks guys.
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Hey guys! 
There's a fic that I'm sure almost everyone has read by lazy-daze http://lazy-daze.livejournal.com/468887.html and I was wondering if anyone had stuff similar to it that they could recommend, i.e. mild spells dropping their inhibitions, mind-reading fics, body-switching fics. Also any fic that forces them to have some kind of vacation together, kind of making them appreciate the each other, probably a little bittersweet. NC-17. Either one can top. I also like it when the writing discusses the psychology of their relationship and how it has grown, talking about their codependency, the uniqueness of their relationship. 
Kind of specific, but if any of that brings anything at all to mind, lemme know. 
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Where any of Jensen/Jared/Misha/Richard get taken from the TV show universe and dumped into the Supernatural universe - bonus points if their Supernatural counterpart is still there and hilarity ensues.

Please no Wincest (either J2 or Winchesters or any mix of them), any other pairing is kosher :D. Dean/Cas and/or Sam/Gabriel are huge bonuses.



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