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hello, does anyone have a copy of this fic? :) i would really appreciate one. my email is mirukeu@gmail.com.

thanks in advance! ^^
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I'm looking a fic where Dean wakes up and phones Bobby to find out where Sam is, Bobby says to look in his wallet - it's Sam suicide note.

I think Sam went back in time and killed himself
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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for any time travel fics, Sam and Dean and or just Sam. I want Sam to go back in time and see their younger selves of see john.
Thanks in advance.
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Hey guys,

I've been trying super hard to find an old fic I loved. It was gen (maybe?), set early on int the series. Sam and Dean went up against yellow- eyes (possibly) and Same ends dup flinging- or creating a new reality- Dean back into childhood.

But didn't go with him. Sam got adopted, and Dean grew up with a sister. They have all their memories and Deans spends a lot of time looking for sam (and a lot of time talking about him during his childhood).

Any help you guys can give me would be super appreciated.
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I swear I had this bookmarked but I can't find it and my searches are useless, please help. It starts with Dean kneeling beaten right after Sam and Adam fell, a shadow falls over him and it's Raphael who beats him more, Cas comes back, Raphael leaves, Cas starts to heal Dean and then he's(Dean) in white room with Chuck behind a desk with an old typewriter. He sends Dean and Cas back to 2003 so they can stop the apocalypse, they have to merge with their past selves.
They go see pastor Jim and put wards up to protect him, then they meet up with John who is his usual charming self. They go Stanford and Dean and Cas are able to exercise Brady who is Sam's roommate.When they go see Bobby they tell him Cas is an angel but not about the time travel, just that they're trying to stop the apocalypse.They also contact Gabriel and tell him the whole story, he agrees to keep and ear out for Azazel.John and Meg are in a confrontation in a warehouse when Dean and Cas show up. Dean is able to get Meg to tell them where Azazel is. John is freaked out, Gabriel shows up to help.At some point John says yes to Michael. Michael takes Dean to the beautiful room to torture. John manages to take control long enough to stab himself.

You'd think with this much information I would be able to find it but nope, hopefully someone knows.
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I'm looking for any fic where Sam time travelling because of Dean (like maybe Dean's dead in his time so Sam goes back to the past to save him or because he's missing him, or maybe Sam time travelling because Dean went to the dark side and he wants to change it). And I want Sam and Dean have very close relationship (as brothers or lovers). Gen or slash is okay, but if slash and there's sex scene I only accept bottom!Dean.

And I also looking for this particular fic. In that fic, Sam went to dark side (as the Boy King, Lucifer, or whoever he is I don't remember) but he's still love Dean (and obsessed). Then Dean got killed (or maybe destroyed because I remember Sam couldn't get Dean back alive) and Sam went to the past because he wanted his Dean. I remember Sam arrived at Stanford-era and using all the means to make Dean in that timeline his.

Please help me, and thanks in advance!
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I've searched for this fic once before but didn't get any results a few years ago, and it's sprung to my mind again and is now driving me crazy trying to find it so I figured I'd try again. This is definitely an older fic (I'm thinking probably around 2007/8) and is longer one...

I'm not 100% sure if it's a curse or a spell but Sam gets either sent back in time or to an alternate universe where there is another Dean and Sam - the two Sams swap consciousness but still retain their own appearances. In the past/alternate universe, Dean thinks Sam is insane as he is speaking of a different Dean and the future and possibly demons so he sends him to an asylum where he is very much mistreated. He's kept in isolation and chains practically 24/7.

I remember two specific scenes where he is being bathed/tortured, and another where Dean goes to visit him and he is very withdrawn and gaunt, and his hands are covered with a shawl to hide the chains/bruising. He begs Dean to take him home and Dean sees the chains, but he is convinced that his brother is violent which is why he needs the chains... Sam ends up escaping or being rescued by Bobby, and cared for by Jess who is Bobbys daughter... In the present time Dean and Sam from the past try to work out what happened and break the spell/curse to return them to their own timelines...

If anyone knows this specific fic it would be very much appreciated! I'd also like some recommendations along these types of stories & themes.

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I am looking for a fic where sam travels back to the past to kill his younger self or try and get john to do it.

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Originally a one shot and then a sequel. I can't remember what the first fic was and what the second was but I'm looking for two specific fics where S/D are already in an established relationship. They fall asleep at a motel but when Dean wakes up he finds that he traveled back in time to a younger Sam. It's before Sam ever told Dean he liked him but he talks to older/current Dean about it. It's younger Sam's first time with Dean.

In the other fic younger Dean (17?) is swapped to the current time. Sam finds him at a bar and brings him back to the motel (I think it's a little BDSM, some spanking). This fic is younger Dean's first time with Sam.

So, overall, one fic tells current Dean's experience of the time swap and the other fic is about older Sam's experience with younger Dean.

I think it's on someone's tumblr and I don't know if it was ever posted anywhere else. It's driving me crazy. I tried searching the tags and googling and nothing comes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FOUND!: After hours of searching my friend found it

Dean's POV

Sam's POV
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Hey, I'm looking for 1 specific fic plus a general rec.

1. It's a longer story, set after they've got the bunker. The bit I remember is Sam & Dean, or just Dean, go back in time & manage to save Samuel & Deanna Campbell from Azazel. They go back to their own time & find some things have changed & they get the updated memories along side the old ones. Deanna is still alive & they go & visit. I think this scene if further along in the story.

2. Any good sized mute!Dean stories. I've search the tag over at AO3, but there are more fics than just at AO3 :)


mods: I'd add more tags but there is none for just mute!dean or for Deanna C; not that I could find anyway.
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For some reason, I'm dying for fics where Dean is sent to a universe where the canon events haven't happened, or time-travels back to when he was younger, yet he still has all his memories. Also, does anyone know of some fics where Mary finds out what the boys have been through and doesn't react well to it? Basically any fics where alternate universe or pre-series Mary/John/Sam meet canon!Dean.

(In case you want examples, some really good ones that I've read so far are:)

If I Knew Then What I Know Now:
Given an opportunity to change his family's destiny, Dean Winchester finds himself back in 1983 as his four year old self, yet with his adult memories still intact. But can he alter the events of that tragic night? And if so, will young Dean, his family, and Castiel be ready to survive all the evil that destiny has in store for them?

The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass:
Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old.
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Howdy y'all!

I'm looking for a story I read many years ago on the Internet. It must be ten years already (I'm getting old).

I remember the story vividly, but there are gaps in my memory.

Sam was deeply in love with Dean. Dean died tragically in some kind of incident with something or someone that wanted him dead, but not before giving birth to a baby boy that was his and Sam's son. Sam wasn't around to witness what or who killed him. They were so close to being a happy family, but that dream was cut short by Dean's death. Sam was heartbroken by his passing and, as the years went by, and he lived in only sorrow, despair and constant distress, became bitter and angry. He never let his son have any fun, not if he could help it at least, and was just in general a very strict person. They lived in somewhat of a manor. In my mind, I recall it being something of a mix between the mansion from Beauty and the Beast and the mansion from the Adam's Family. It was kind of spooky with a gothic architecture style type-thing to it and such. Anyway, his son grew only to know his father as a mean person. He never knew what happened to his "birth-father" because Sam refused to talk about it, so he couldn't exactly understand why his father was the way he was. One day, his son found a picture of Dean and, when Sam found out about it, he was furious to say the least. ❥

On another note, Sam had some stupid little bitch on the side getting his rocks off whenever he needed it. I think this individual might have been to blame for Dean's death, like it was all part of his grand plan to weasle himself into Sam's bed.

I'm pretty sure the son was gay, had a boyfriend, was a girly boy and found a way to time-travel back to when Dean died to try and save the day. Sam followed him.

I don't remember the end of the story.


Peace and love to you all!

* FOUND! It's [livejournal.com profile] sammyndeansgrl1's simply amazing Back To The Beginning (which you just have to read if you haven't already)

ETA: I was wondering if anyone here knows the J² story that goes as follows.

It's a story where Jensen lives very deep in the forest in a cabin, is recluse and is secretly a werewolf who chains himself up every full moon because he believes himself to be a monster, i.e. a danger to the public. Jared is a werewolf who just happens to meet Jensen somehow and falls "in like" with him. Jensen doesn't quite appreciate the company because he's afraid of what he is and what could happen if he lets himself get out of hand.

This story was a "work-in-progress" last I checked, quite a few years ago. I lost track of it because it was taking so long for it to update, but I miss it deeply given that it was a real chocker. Thanks in advance! Here's two cookies for your troubles: Open Road and The Jelly Green Giant (rawr).

* FOUND! It's [livejournal.com profile] surevesta's fantastic When We Wake Up (when reading this story, don't make the mistake of getting too attached because the story has no end)totally tragic
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Do you know any time travel fics with Destiel, where Dean and Sam's younger selves (like maybe from season 1) travel to the future and meet their future selves and Castiel, or where Cas, Dean (and maybe Sam too) travel back in time and meet younger!Dean? Preferably to a time before Cas has arrived.
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1. Time travel that includes going to a previous season. (Would really like to see someone like Demon!Dean or Leviathan to go back)(Would like to include Lucifer if possible)(No Wincest)

2. Mpreg that doesn't include a/b/o (Would like paring to be Destiel or Sambriel but any paring apart from Wincest is acceptable)

3. A good long Chuck as God (Complete if possible)

4. The dead family, friends and enemies find out what's been going on in the land of the living and react to it.

5. If can be found, all the archangels help with the darkness.
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I've read a number of fics where characters travel back in time, but I was wondering if you knew any where any of the characters travel to the future? Thanks!
[identity profile] theothergal.livejournal.com

I'm not sure what category this would be under but I'd love to read a story where Dean gets a look at what kind of person he'd be without Sam in his life. Without the responsibility, source of hero-worship/love, source of frustration and brother/son/friend that shaped him growing up.

This can be either genie-style look at another life, a wish-type story or even an AU with or without hunting. Does this sound like anything that exists? If you don't know of one already, what sort of category do you think I'd find it in?

Thank you!

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Alright, so I've just updated my movie remake comm [livejournal.com profile] spnremakes and it made me want to start another project.  So, i'm putting together a master list of all the amazing science fiction stories that our fandom has created. Apocalypse, Alternatre Histories, Zombies, Superheros/Powered up boys, time travel, Aliens... whatever fits in the sci-fi realm.   I've gone through every list, comm, and author that I know writes sci-fi but I don't want to miss anything!  So, please rec me any and all sci fi!!  Any pairing, SPN or RPF, any rating!  If you have a great rec list, or know an author who writes a lot of sci-fi, lead me their way!!   There can be crossovers, but the story needs to have one of the SPN/RP characters as a main character.

And yes, I have checked the tags here already :P

Thank you !!


Feb. 22nd, 2016 05:09 pm
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A dream I had last night refreshed my craving for more Supernatural fics with dinosaurs. I think I've already read everything under various dinosaur-related-tags on ao3 (my favorite is When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth), but I'm not as familiar with fics on other sites.

I'm open to any genres with dinosaurs - time travel, dinos as part of a case, characters born as dinos, characters turning into dinos, canon verse, au verse, crossovers, etc. I adore Team Free Will, Destiel is dearly loved, but gen recs are welcome too. No wincest or Major Character Death or sad endings.
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Alright so I am heading home soon and I am not sure if I will have internet so I a stocking up on downloaded fics such as pdfs and ao3 would be awesome,

I am looking for decent fics of many genres but some I would love to have is
In the holiday spirit, some holiday fics wouldn't be amiss if you have some you would like to share.
AUs or Canon divergence fics always a good choice, I like it when the boys have a happy ending then they probably will.
Time Travel that actually changes something to happier ending please, even it the time line doesn't change from that back jump but from returning to the future would work.
OH! if any of you have any Lucifer is actually sam and Dean is actually Micheal fics or vice versa, throw to me because I may have missed it. Actually any fic where the boys(including cas) are an amnesic super-powerful supernatual being such as but not limited to an archangel, pagan god, or a horseman.
No, I don't care weither the main character is Dean, Sam or Cas or RPF nor what weither they are a demon, soul-less or whatever. Nor the Pairing. Fics guys, fics. I would prefer completed fics but if the WIP is longish I wouldn't mind.
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Hello! So, I'm looking for any fics that include the characters time traveling and meeting their younger/older selves. It could be S10 Sam and Dean time travelling and meeting S1 Sam and Dean, or S9 Cas travelling back and meeting his S4 self, or maybe even S9 Cas meeting Claire, Jimmy, and Amelia from S4. Also young Mary going forward in time and meeting Sam and Dean from the future, or perhaps S1 John meeting S10 Sam and Dean. All those are just examples, but it'd be cool if I could find something like that

I prefer no slash ( but if it's a good fic then by all means recommend it!)



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