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Looking for the "Whipping Boy" by Vambrace. It was a SPN BB submission for 2012 and when I click on the link it says access denied. The last post on the journal was 2014. I checked on the deleted journals just in case and the author is not there.

Does anyone know if it's posted somewhere else or if someone might have a copy?
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Hi! :) I'm looking for the stories that may be described as "cute" or I "schmoop". Stuff like:
1. secret Santa
2. secret admirers
3. anniversaries, surprise birthday parties, valentine's Day
4. meeting the parents
5. blind dates
6. love from first sight
7. humor
8. domestic fics
9. schmoopy h/c
10. roommates stories
11. Mpreg
12. COFFEE SHOP AU (although I'm pretty sure I've read every single one there is :( but if you know some less known one let me know)
13. shy boys
14. waiters/customers

Only J2 unless there's some awesome Wincest fic that falls into one of the categories :)
I'd prefer it if they wouldn't be longer than 20k but it's not a deal breaker, au or non au, rating doesn't matter, but the quality does (I don't want them to be ridiculous). Self-recs totally and completely YES :)

Thank you!
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Greetings and salutations! I'm looking for any and all stories about Dean getting re-souled and still with the Mark of Cain and going after Cole for beating up on Sam. There was one story in particular that I cannot remember all the specifics of but in it a fellow hunter was congratulating Dean on letting go of his super protective streak when it came to Sam, that now all the other hunters knew Dean wasn't going to hurt them for hurting Sam. And Dean is like, really? Well, let's fix that shall we. And I think he went after Cole as a result. That's all I can remember. Gen or wincest, but no dean/castiel please. Any help and all stories will be greatly appreciated! Mods, i would have put a Cole tag, but there doesn't appear to be one. Sorry if I missed it.
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So, a LONG time ago, I read a wincest fic. It was very, very popular; to the point I consider it a classic wincest fic. Dean is tired of everyone thinking he and Sam are gay together, so he starts going super "no-homo." Sam notices, asks why his name suddenly became "my brother, Sam." He asks why they get separate motel rooms. Dean lies and says Sam talks in his sleep. Sam freaks out and starts assuring Dean he knows it's messed up, but he's not going to like, molest him in his sleep. Deans like, "wtf? I was kidding." Sam freaks out and locks himself in his motel room. Dean does some thinking and ends up realizing he's into it. So he picks the lock and goes and talks to Sam about how now "might be a good time for a gay incestuous relationship." They end up having sex. Later at a diner, Dean suddenly decides it was Sam's attraction to him that made everyone think they were gay.
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Hello all new to the fandom and I have a couple of requests.

1.) Any stories where people comment on how Dean looks like Mary, and what not doesn't have to play a huge part just has to be there. Any pairing or nonpairing is fine.

2.) Fics that have Sam realizing just how much Dean took care of him, like he'd willingly let himself starve just so Sam had enough to eat and other stuff like that.

3.) Any fics that have people commenting on Dean being pretty and or having cocksucking lips. ;)

4.) Dean being drugged/drunk or whatver and flirted with someone and Castiel or Sam or whoever get's jealous or protective.

5.) Cutesy fake dating stories

Last one, John and or Mary meeting Castiel and being overprotective of Dean.

Please and thank you.
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OK, so I saw this picture and title and now I would really like to read stories where Sam acknowledges Dean as his father figure. Perhaps WeeChesters where Sam makes Dean a Father's Day card or gives him a coffee mug with #1 Dad on it. Or could be TeenChesters where Sam has to have a parent show up for something and Dean is the one that shows up and Sam says that Dean is the one that raised him. Would like stories where Sam doesn't just realize the sacrifices that Dean has made for him over the years but that he actually acknowledges it to Dean and to others. That he considers Dean to be more of a father figure than John ever was. Can be AU where Dean literally does raise Sam and Sam accidentally calls Dean "dad" when he's sick or tells Dean he couldn't have had a better dad. Anything along these lines would be great. Please no WIPs and self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance.
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Hello Everybody:

I wanted to ask for your help, because I can't find a story about Dean, Sam and Cas living together. I don't remember that much, but these are my clues (or semi-clues) :

1) Sam and Dean were soulmates, I don't remember if it started whith their relationship being established and then Cas joined them, or if it was first Destiel and then become wincestiel. But I do remember Sam trying to woo Cas, taking him out on dates and Dean making fun of Sam because He dressed more stylish while Cas truly really appreciated the visual of Sam in tigh jeans and shirt XDD

2) They settle down in a big house.

3) I think Castiel gave up his grace to help the boys.

4)Sam had powers, some of them were of the healing kind, so He used them to help hunters at the house.

5) At some point of the story, they gave housing to a witch who tried to kill them. The girl was not very accepting of their relationship, specially because of the incest part of it.

6) Crowley was infatued with Castiel and tried to kidnap him a few times.

7) It was really long and well written story.

I hope you can help me.

Take care!!


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Looking for a specific fic. Jared is definitely the pursuer whilst Jensen required some convincing. I'm pretty sure it's 'real life'. All I remember is that Jared seems to be quite clumsy and accidently injures Jensen accidently. One incident I remember is that he accidently pokes Jensen's eye with his cock!
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(This is a general search, not looking for a specific fic)

Basically I'm looking for fics with the angels acting like a family (I tagged my preferred angels, but I'll accept any angels, honestly). Specifically, I'm looking for non-tragic angel family feels. As in the angels hanging around with each other before things go all to shit, or realzing they've been shits to each other and working on becoming a family again. AU's are fine. Stories don't have to be strictly about angel family feels, as long as it's in there. Any pairings or gen is fine.

Thanks in advance =).
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Hello, are there any pre-series fanfics of little Dean and loving father John? I really want to read a happy Winchesters story where John either becomes a father to newborn Dean or is a father to kid!Dean while Mary is pregnant with Sam. I'd love a story that focuses mainly on John and kid!Dean's father-son relationship / bonding.

No Angst, Dark Theme, bad father John, and Major Character Deaths.

Thank you for your help! :D
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1. I’m looking for some wee!chester/teen!chester fics. I know there are tons of fics with Sam & Dean as children or teenagers, but I specifically looking for some with John and Bobby involved. Nothing where John is the bad one, abusive or something like that, I like John as the good one, caring about his sons, but maybe disagreeing with Bobby? I only found storys with only John and the boys or Bobby taking care of them, but never one where both are involved.

2. I re-watched season 10 and now I just have to ask if there are fics to 10x14 ('The Executioner's Song') where Sam is taking care of Dean? Mostly I’m reading hurt!Sam fics, but I would like if you can give me some good hurt/Dean fics, specially referring to this episode.

3. Ok. like I said, I’m a hurt!Sam-Girl, so I’m always searching for extremely hurt!Sam fics. I haven’t seen any episodes of season 11 now, so I would prefer fics for S09 or S10.
And I was just wondering if there are any fics dealing with Dean drinking habits? Maybe he was hurting Sam accidentally and after realizing endlessly sorry about his handlings?
But I’m good with any well written hurt!Sam fics for S09 or S10 (more S10).
I prefer gen, but I’m ok with Wincest as long it fits into the story.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

And sorry for crappy  english, I’m sick and my brain is no longer functional.
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Hi! I'm looking for a fic with Jensen in abusive relationship with someone (not sexual abuse). Then he meets Jared and they fall in love etc etc. It's not a specific fic btw :) just something I would like to read. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Hey People!

I'm looking for a one-shot I read one or two years ago that I can't seem to find.

Jensen and Jared are college students; Jared is a student employee at the library and Jensen keeps checking out books in order to build up the currage to ask Jared out on a date. Jared, thinking that Jensen is being rude, yells at him at the library; causing Jensen to run out all embarassed and hurt. I think either Gen or Danneel confront Jared about it, making him feel guilty enough to find Jensen's dorm room to appologize. Jensen and Jared get together in the end.

I don't know if I'm missing any details, but that's all I can remember.

Please help me find this fic, and thank's in advance!
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Hello! A few requests because I definitely don't have finals to be studying for.

1) Specific fic – Fairly certain I read this on ao3 but tag searching is failing me. Wincest, set far enough in the seasons to be at the bunker I’m 95% sure. One of the brothers got back from a solo hunt and had been back for a week or so, but Sam didn’t really react. Dean was pissed because he felt ignored. Sam takes him to Vegas for vacation to make up for it? They had a dom/sub relationship and I think Dean’s leg was permanently injured. There was a scene where Sam takes Dean to a club to show him off and pulls a knife on a guy who gets too close.

2) Specific fic - This one is… kinda graphic. Age reversal where Dean’s the baby brother and Sam is the angry dark overprotective brother. Dean was taken and strung up in a sewer by a monster and he was hanging there with at least one other victim, who ends up getting her abdomen shredded. There’re pretty intense descriptions of that. Dean had this thing that never got explained about how he would always see these eyes, like tons of pairs of eyes and there was some kind of significance about the color of them.

3) General – Rec me all the at-least-mostly-happy bunker fics. Gen or wincest, don’t care, but no other overt pairings otherwise preferably... because BROTHERS. I just get warm happy feelings about the brothers being all domestic in the bunker and Dean cooking or Sam being in love with all the books in the library. I will read pretty much anything that has the word "nesting" in the description honestly.

Thank you. ☺
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I'm in a weird mood where I want to read but can't seem to find/settle on anything. Can you rec me some of your favorite fics? My requirements are fairly simple, J2 or related Sam/Dean pairings; bottom!Jensen/Dean, no deathfics or explicit non-con, no PWPs (those are easy to find if I want them). Fics of a fairly decent length, well written with good plot/characters.

I'm partial to hurt/comfort that feature Hurt!Jensen. AUs, High school or college, schmoop, age difference with Jared being older.

Thank ya much.

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Okay, so this may be an odd request, but I'm so in love with Hozier's song, "Work Song" right now and the music video is even more impressive. His entire album is just so filled with love in many different forms and approaches. So impressed and emotional over it right now.

Therefore, that leads me to really wanting to read some slow-burn, epic Sam/Dean fics. I'd love for the focus to be on their relationship as lovers rather than brothers. I want sensual, loving, romantic, etc. Slow-burn means I want it to be a long fic obviously, but also it be realistic. I can't stand fics where one of them wakes up one day (or Heaven forbid in the middle of a sentence...) and just "realizes" they love the other. Ugh. Slow-burning fics show work being put into the relationship, to make it work out. I guess, hence, "Work Song."

AU is fine but I always prefer the series fics. Sam/Dean only please. I'm not picky about anything else. I'd really like to stay away from dark fics for this request. I'm not looking for the trope of them growing closer through a horrific tragedy or rape/murder/kidnapping, etc. I just want that focus to really be on the romantic/sensual side of their relationship.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey folks,

as the subject says, I'm looking for stories where Jensen and/or Jared show self-sacrificing love, basically going off the principle of "your happiness is more important than mine," whether that may be by choosing not to confess in order to keep their friendship, leaving or putting themselves in danger to protect the other, putting up with cheating or bullying, or something else entirely. Top!Jared preferred, but honestly it doesn't really matter to me! Dean/Sam is fine as well.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
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I read this fic a while ago which I'm trying to find again. It was from Sam's POV, and it described several moments where Sam suspected that Dean was actually taking him out on dates. I can't remember a lot of specifics, but there was definitely a baseball game in there somewhere.
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Looking for some schmoopy, feel good wincest, because I've had a bad week and I need some cheering up. No top/bottom preferences, so long as the boys are nice and happy and are totally in love :3

So please?


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