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Hi guys, I've been in such a bad mood lately... Hope you can help me out :)
I'm just looking for some stories that feature either (or all of??)
#1 Sam and Dean having to pretend to be boyfriends/husbands for whatever reason. I probably already read some of them but surely not all.

#2 Sam and Dean being mistaken for a couple? I love this trope as much as the pretend couple one. Just Sam and Dean being mistaken for boyfriends, maybe going along with it or put up a fight at first...? Just about anything.

#3 Sam and Dean in couples' therapy (or any therapy, really) as long as there's Wincest as the endgame. It can be something inspired by the episode 5.11 "Sam, Interrupted" or a case fic... I don't really care. I read Couples' Counseling by [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze a while ago and absolutely loved it. So if you have anything similar to this.

#4 Anything that has at least a bit of a humor and light in it and ends with Wincest? I'm not really a fan of established-relationship but if you think it's good, I'll read it. I don't mind angst but happy ending is a must :)

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Looking for the fic where Dean and Cas sleep together for the first time and Dean thinks it is the start of the relationship he wanted but Cas then acts like it was just a one night stand and proceeds to sleep around like it's going out of fashion with everyone but Dean. Dean is upset and hiding it and definitely goes to cry on Charlie's shoulder at one point. And I think Cas may have been either falling or in some way depowered? It was pretty satisfyingly angsty all around.
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I am looking for a Jensen/Jared Alpha/Omega arranged marriage story. In the story Jared is an omega whose family is horrible to him. They tell Jared how horrible sex is going to be and thats all hes going to be worth a sex toy. They tell him that he's going to be treated badly by his new alpha.Jensen treats Jared like hes a treasure. Jensen who is the alpha that Jared is marrying is also kind,thoughtful and doesn't act like a knotthead. Jared's family hooks him up with Jensen because of the money and just to get rid of Jared. They blame Jared for not getting their money especially Jareds brother.Jensen doesn't give Jareds family anything because of the way they treated Jared.Jensen gives something to Jareds only friend who was always there for Jared. Also Jared is an artist. Jensen gives Jared a surprise birthday party and invites one of Jareds old friends before Jared became an omega. He cant invite more because they havent been checked out for anything unusual or criminal. The story has multiple parts to it. In one of the stories Jareds brother tries to kill him during an omega rights march/protests. Jensen is a prince, his brother will be king someday. In another one of the stories Jensen tries to make Jared angry because Jared never gets angry. For Jareds birthday Jensen gives him a dog. Im not sure if they have sex on their wedding night. Jareds family hates omega s and thinks all there ment to do is have sex,birth pups and take care of the house.Thats all I remember.
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First time posting here, or using Live Journal in fact. Was recommended this community by a friend.

I've tried using the search bar, but whenever I do, I seem to get an error page pop up. :S
I'm trying to find some J2, JDM/Jensen or Dean/Sam or Dean/Castiel fanfiction that deals with someone giving their first handjob and/or blow job.

For the J2 fic I'd ideally be looking for something where either both men or just one of them is questioning their sexuality. How the story progresses I honestly do not mind, as long as it contained someone giving their first hand job and/or blow job to another man. The more unpracticed they are, the better! :)

For JDM and Jensen, I'd love to read something where Jeffrey is the experienced guy showing Jensen what to do.

For the SPN based fic, I don't mind who is the inexperienced one, but again I'm looking for the same, an awkward blow job and/or hand job where the person giving it simply has no idea what they're doing and it's guess work/experimenting. Bonus if the person receiving the hand job or blow job guides the other person with what to do.

I don't mind if pieces are multi-chaptered fiction or single chapter, anything at all would be welcome, so long as it's focusing on it being their first time and that they're very unpracticed as opposed to being a first time pro. I would prefer to stay away from Noncon or dubcon if possible. I don't mind if it's AU or not in regards to J2 and JDM/Jensen.
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Looking for a fic where a teenager (or possibly more than one) has been taken by the Fae, and Dean and Castiel go after them because there is a chance Cas can use being an angel to get the teenager back if they haven't eaten/drunk anything yet. But Dean and Cas have to pretend to be a couple while they are in the faerie kingdom, and there is a bit where they are given outfits with jewels and flower accessories - the first night the colours are just about Cas being an angel, but after that Dean gets outfits that match his colouring. By the end, the pretend relationship is obviously a real one, but I can't remember much else.

Any suggestions?
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Hello ,
  I dont know if this is a certian  story  but i love reading anything where Sam knowns he always love Dean more than he should have but tries to hide it because he dosent think Dean would ever return his feeligns.. so he tries to date other people and makes Dean jealous without realizing it. This happens  until Dean can't take it anymore and finally breaks down and admitts to Sam his feelings.. love lots of fuff and some smutt ...
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I haven't read much fic lately and I was wondering if anyone could rec me some first time Wincest that's set anytime after they've aquired the Men of Letters Bunker, the longer and plottier the better. Any rating is fine, and I'd prefer complete stories but WIPs are great, too if they're not abandoned. Thanks for your time!
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Originally a one shot and then a sequel. I can't remember what the first fic was and what the second was but I'm looking for two specific fics where S/D are already in an established relationship. They fall asleep at a motel but when Dean wakes up he finds that he traveled back in time to a younger Sam. It's before Sam ever told Dean he liked him but he talks to older/current Dean about it. It's younger Sam's first time with Dean.

In the other fic younger Dean (17?) is swapped to the current time. Sam finds him at a bar and brings him back to the motel (I think it's a little BDSM, some spanking). This fic is younger Dean's first time with Sam.

So, overall, one fic tells current Dean's experience of the time swap and the other fic is about older Sam's experience with younger Dean.

I think it's on someone's tumblr and I don't know if it was ever posted anywhere else. It's driving me crazy. I tried searching the tags and googling and nothing comes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FOUND!: After hours of searching my friend found it

Dean's POV

Sam's POV
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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me find the following:

1)pagan!sam- i've read two or three fics where sam is pagan, but do you guys have any recs?

2)preseries!wincest- it's a first time story where sam and dean are camping but discover they're being watched by a supernatural creature that they have to hunt

Thanks for any help!
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Ok so I'm new here and I absolutely love this site. Ya'll are so quick with responses! Ok this time I'm not looking for a specific fic, just a specific type of fic(s). I LOVE "First Time" fics. If you guys could rec a few that would be great! Here are a few things I look for:

1. I like for it to be more Sam pining for Dean and Dean has no idea.

2. I like when Dean is reluctant to proceed with the relationship once he finds out what Sam wants.

3. If its a Dean pining for Sam fic I like it when Sam takes the first move because he kinda already knows Dean wants him.

4. I like a slow build because I like to "feel" the pining before the happy ending lol

I'm listing a few stories as a reference as well. Like I said, I'm new so I have no idea how to tag a link so here are a few of my faves.

1. Last Day on Earth by Candle_Beck (IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE THIS WRITER IS PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE THE WORK IS AMAZING) In this one Sam gets hit with poisonous monster blood and he thinks he has only one day to live. The only thing he wants to do on his last day on Earth is kiss Dean...

2. With Resemblance to Sense by BewaresTheIdes15 - This is one where Dean becomes obsessed with getting Sam's cherry popped once he finds out that he's a virgin. One night Dean brings a girl back to the motel for Sam...and...well...

3. Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe by queenklu - This is one where Dean hasn't seen Sam for a while because he thinks Sam wants nothing to do with him. He decides to visit Sam at Stanford on Christmas and is a little bitter the whole time until he finds out that Sam left him a really embarassing voicemail on one of his phone that he never listened to.

Sorry this is a little long but I appreciate you guys taking time to help!
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Can anyone please help me find the j2 fic "It Was Just a Stupid Dare" by seragabriel? The journal has been deleted and purged. I got recommended the fic by Sumersault1509's delicious: http://del.icio.us/somersault1509/virgin!Jensen?&page=17

According to the summary, Chris dares virgin!Jensen to go to a gay bar where he meets evil!Jared. I'd love to read it.

Thank you!
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It was a short non-au story, when Jensen was being stood up by some crew guy yet again. Js were living together, and Jared didn't want Jensen to be disappointed that he's not going on a date, so instead, Jared took him to one. Does anybody recall it? I read it on A03. Thanks!
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for:

1) Fics where Sam and Dean are captured/kidnapped and forced into having sex with each other.
2) Sex pollen/magic made them do it type fics.

Anything goes as long as its based in the supernatural universe (no high school AUs please!), preferrably NO established relationship, Mpreg, or main character deaths.

Hope you can help :)
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Hello all!

So literally years ago I read a fic wherein Jensen and Jared spend (I think) a summer together at some kind of sport camp? If I remember correctly Jensen played lacrosse and Jared played soccer. They become friends and I think more if I remember correctly.
Also, Jared only wanted to be called JT and no one at the camp knew him as Jared.

At the end of the summer (?) one of them gives the other their number on a piece of paper and they lose it and it's a sad time.
Then they end up at the same college or something and reconnect and then proper relationship.

I'm dying to read this again so if anyone knows wtf I'm talking about please help <3
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Hey y'all!
Looking for a specific fic where Sam is a thief. What I can recall is he left because he was pining after Dean and wanted to get out of the life of hunting. He became a hotshot thief, and somehow gets reunited with Dean. Turns out Dean returns Sam's affections. Smexy times ensue.
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I'm pretty sure I have these buried somewhere in my massive pile of bookmarks but I CAN'T FIND THEM.

1) The boys are investigating what I believe was an Western town (maybe one currently being used as a tourist attraction?) and at some point they are in some old tunnels that collapse on them, I believe.

2) Stanford Sam is housesitting for someone. It could be that the pilot happened but then Sam didn't leave with Dean, I'm not sure. All I definitely know is that Sam is in a house and Dean comes to hide out, because he's wanted by the FBI. There's some interaction with the neighbors as well, I believe.

Thank you so much for the help. I've been looking for WEEKS and I can't find these two. It's driving me crazy.
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Hey guys it's that time of the month! I was hoping y'all knew where to find any of the following:

1) sam+benny - sam makes a deal with benny to save dean from purgatory. in exchange, he lets benny drink his blood. benny gets addicted and starts draining sam too much. dean eventually catches them. [FOUND]

2) suicidal!sam - it's a season 5 fic where sam is trying to kill himself in an attempt to keep lucifer from using him as a vessel. it never works but the damage he causes in his attempts starts to come back with him when he's resurrected.

3) wincest - any first time wincest/weecest that is super fluffy/sweet/romantic. as long as there's no angst, it's good.

Thanks for any help!

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Jared told a funny story about a hotel clerk assuming they were together and trying to put them in a room with one bed, and I would love to read fic riffing off of this scenario! Basically anything where they're not together yet, but wind up a little close for comfort while traveling, at conventions, etc.

'First time' would be precious; pre-slash or 'it's complicated' also would be fun; any rating. Any fic along vaguely similar themes welcome!
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When I first started reading fics about year ago I didn't even thought about bookmarking them and now I'm at complete loss how to find them. So if any fic that is J2 | NON AU | 10k words and more comes to your mind, please leave a link! :) Even the most classic ones, the most popular ones, doesn't matter :) :) I remember that a lot of them had Js living together and pining. Thank you!
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Hi! So I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. They live together, I think it's non au. Jared broke up with Sandy not so long ago and Jensen finds list of kinks or something they like in Jared's drawer that he and Sandy once made. Then he uses it to make Jared fall for him. I think there was something on the list like "I like seeing the person in my clothes" or "I like when the person touches my neck", that kind of things.


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