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After a long hiatus away from supernatural fanfiction, I have again ran out things to read (That is my curse okay)

  1. Long/Epic Length fics would be awesome. SO if you have any send them my way.

  2. Fix it fics would be golden. Just the boys solving problems and taking names before they pop up.

  3. BAMF, I need BAMF to live okay and I feel like I have read ever BAMF in SPN so like if you have one send it my way and if Gabriel is willing, it will be on I haven't read.

  4. Sam being a parent (like to any of the kids they met in series or not) is adorable so like feed me the feels.

  5. Also some angst/hurt comfort, (omg the writer is horrible to the character) to balance out the fluff and bamfery would be awesome.

Any pairing.
Completed would be nice.
Crossovers are also good.
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Hi, hoping you can help me find some fics i read a while ago on ao3 and cant seem to find again

The first one is a one shot. An angel tries to kill Dean but Castiel steps in front of him. Sam and Dean think that Castiel isn't really dead as there are no wing impressions on the ground. When dean takes a shower he finds the wings on his skin as Castiel had his wings wrapped around him when he died.

The second is an alpha/beta/omega au.
Castiel is an omega and recently found out he's pregnant. He's scared Alpha Dean wont want the pup so Benny offers to look after him and the pup if Dean doesn't want to be involved. Benny had previously lost a mate and pup.
Dean finds out about pregnancy and assumes Cas is leaving him as he thinks he wont be a good father. Cas and Dean talk it out and decide to raise the pup together.

There is also a scene where Lisa who is Deans ex sends them baby clothes and it upsets Cas as it has her scent on them. Dean realizes and gets rid of them.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
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Hi everyone,

As the title states I am looking for a specific J2 kid fic. I read this fic a long time ago and I am kind of foggy on the details. The part I remember the most is that Jared had a child, a son, and the mother had passed away leaving Jared to raise the child on his own. I distinctly remember that Jared was very depressed throughout a lot of the fic because of the lose of his wife/ the mother of his child, I can't remember if they were married or not. I also remember that Jared was living with his parents and that his mother took responsibility of raising the baby. She encouraged Jared to hold or feed the baby in the beginning but he straight up refused. I don't believe that Jared and Jensen were together or ever got together I think they were just really good friends. I have a vague memory of Jared naming the baby after Jensen and calling him "JJ" short for Jensen Junior. I know I have come to the right place.

Thanks in advance

Found and Written by annie46!!!
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Hey guys!

I'm on vacation and I was exploring the One Secretly Has The Other's Child theme at [livejournal.com profile] j2_recs. I've read all of them and I was wondering if any of you could suggest more stories with the same description. I'm not picky but I'd rather read finished stories.
Thanks in advance!
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Anyone know of any good j2 fics where they have a teen son or something that shows them raising a son? Angst is fine but i would like them to have a really close relationship with him. Mpreg is fine as long as its jensen.
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I am looking for a specific story that's plot revolved around Dean and Castiel's children (1 girl and 2 boys??) , who are unaware of the supernatural, coming home from school to find Dean and Castiel missing and the house looked like there had been a struggle. I believe Sam and maybe Bobby show up to help them and eventually in the end Dean and Castiel are find and reunite with their kids. Any help finding this fic would be great!
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The story I'm looking for is many years old.  It is AU and I'm nearly certain it was Sam and Dean instead for Jared and Jensen.  Sam and Dean are a family with a small child and Sam is pregnant with second child.  They are being chased by a bad man (maybe a shapshifter?).  Dean stays behind to stop the bad guy while Sam and little boy hide out in a cave.  And Sam goes into labor.  It is a great story and I'd love to read it again, if anyone can help me here.

Thanks so much to Onehotmama199 for the link.
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Hey there I'm looking for a fic where one of the Js has children (can't remember which), one is an actor the other isn't. They are accidentally outed by the daughter telling a school friend, who told their mother who told the press. The actor J was on a Disney show and got let go.

One of them wrote a book, and it referenced Sesame Street.

It's not Cradle verse by quasianpride.

Hoping someone can help, and that it still exists.

thanks in advance

The Natalie Verse

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] chellexxx
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Hiya guys,

I need your help again in search of two J2 fics again.

1. I don't remember much but as far as I could recall, Jensen and Jared are two agents. Jensen dies but Jared later finds out that Jensen is alive but with loss of memory.

2. Jensen was married and has a baby in some town. He founds out about some dark secret of his wife's family, and because of that, he flees the town with the baby. On the way, Jensen meets Jared, who has no memory of who and what he does. Jensen to protect himself, says that Jared is his husband. That's all i remember, folks.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Found in the comments.
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1) I’m looking for a fic where I believe Dean or both of the brothers retires from hunting and are in a relationship with an angel, eventually they adopt a child/children. I believe Sam still hunts or just hunts every once in a while and eventually starts a relationship with an angel too. Sam and his angel eventually find a kid who is actually a creature (I want to say werewolf) and adopt it more or less, but when Dean sees the kid playing with his kid(s) he kind of flips out, in a “keep that monster away from my kid(s)” way. That’s what I remember. It was either Dean/Gabriel or Dean/Cas, with Sam with the other angel I believe (or possibly Lucifer).

I'm pretty sure the fic is not morganoconner's Peppermint Wind series, but was similar.

Edit: Found it, it was Grimm/Supernatural kid!fic series by nileflood and I think all of them are archived via wayback machine.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

2) Does anyone have copies of dreamweaver37's fics? Wayback machine doesn't seem to have many of their fics archived and their LJ has been deleted. I liked the fic "Brandy" quite a bit and would love a copy of it if anyone has it, but will take anything anyone has. Thanks.

Edit: So apparently dreamweaver37 plagarized their fics, so if anyone could help me find the real stories and authors for their fics that would be super.

Summary for "Brandy": Gabriel was a rarity for his time; an independent bearer who lived by his own rules, and didn't bow to anyone's expectations. When he meets the sailor of his dreams, Sam sweeps him off his feet, and teaches him how deeply love can run, and how wrenching loss can be.
For a brief time, Gabriel had everything. How does he live without it when it's snatched away?
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Hello! I remember very little about this fic, but I really hope someone can help me, I really want to re-read this story. So all I remember is Jared was in an abusive relationship and they had a child, when Jared starts dating Jensen, Jensen tells Jareds daughter that if someone bullies her she should fight back, and I remember Jared got mad, because he didn't want her to think violence was okay like her other father did. That is all I remember for sure.
I also may remember that the daughter wasn't really Jareds biological daughter but was the abusive mans daughter, I may be mixing that up from another story though! So I'm looking for anything that even vaguely sounds like this.
Please please please and thank you for any help!
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This is an old fic, I'm guessing pre-S5. I've searched but I don't remember either title nor author, and of course I didn't bookmark it. J2 are married and Jared wants to adopt. Jensen is reluctant, but agrees. In order to prove they'll be good parents, they take a class which requires them to take care of a baby mannequin for a period of several weeks. SPN is over, and Jensen isn't working. Jared has just landed a big movie with Vin Diesel, and they talk and Jared goes off to location shoot for weeks, leaving Jensen "holding the baby" mannequin. He manages on his own, discovering he would like being responsible for a kid, but resenting Jared for defaulting on their plan to adopt.

I'd be grateful for any help, and thanks.

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Hello all!

I am looking for a fic that I thought I had bookmarked but cannot find. In it Jared and Jensen were married with kids. It was after Supernatural ended. Jensen was home with the kids while Jared was still acting. There was some sort of misunderstanding between the two J's and Jensen thought Jared was cheating on him. I can't remember if he actually was or just misunderstood the situation. I believe one of the kids were sick and Jared realized things were slipping away.

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The fic I am looking for is an old one and I'm not even sure if it is available anymore but just knowing what it was called would help me from going nuts. :) Okay so this is what I remember of it. Jensen is a teenage dad and only trusts a few people with his child. Jared is a new student at the school. One afternoon they go to Jensen's and watch a scary movie where Jared has to leave the room and Jensen finds him laying in his sons room watching the light show.

Any help would be very grateful. Thanks
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hii! so, i read a destiel-centric fic years ago (on either ff.net or ao3, i am not sure, its been so long.) and i honestly don't remember much, if i knew the title i probably wouldn't need to submit a request on here so yeah.... but i will try my best to make this search for you all as painless as possible and give as much detail of the fic that i remember so you can have better chances of finding it! This summary is super long, i am so sorry!
____________________ fic summary starts now:

It may or may not have had some Sabriel but i'm not positive on that. i just remember that Gabriel was there. i also remember it had a lot of chapters soooo yeah. this was not a short story, not by a long shot. and i don't know whether or not it is a completed work or not. though by now i am sure it is completed.

So what i remember it being an AU fic where Dean and Sam retire from hunting (possibly temporarily, i think Dean and Cas might have still been hunting together and the others were just doing research in the beginning?) and stay with Bobby and Kevin at the bunker (or maybe not?? i dunno, i just remember it being Bobby Kevin Sam Cas and Dean in some sort of homey place). Dean has started to come to terms with the fact that he has feelings for Cas. some things happened after that, but i dont remember what it was and then there angels appear. Fate specifically, and she comes to Dean and says that he is going to be the mother of a new race of humans, one that will be able to bear children despite their sex ////or something like that. Fate tells him that he'll be the one carry and birth the children, but he can't keep them all. Sam offers to take deans place because he feels that Dean has suffered enough in his life and deserves to be cared for but Fate says no because it has to be Dean who brings the new race of human into the world and fate personally thought that Sam wasn't strong enough for the burden/ or wasn't worthy. i think the latter, but i dunno.

Anyway, so the first few births at are quick and painless, but eventually progress and become painful and long. Dean gets to keep at least 3 or 4(?) of the children and has to go and give the others to childless people who really really want kids. he gets attached to one of the kids, because when Dean had given birth, it wasn't the right time for the couple that were destined to get the kid, so Dean had to keep it until fate said they were ready. he left a note when he eventually did drop off the baby at the couple's doorstep. at one point there is a particularly difficult birth that Dean goes through that requires the help of various angel because the angel of fertility/childbirth was unavailable or unwilling to help Dean and Gabriel was there to help as well. On one of the last kids Dean was having, he went alone off to do something or other and stumbled upon a mother with her young son who were being harassed by a mugger or someone with a gun/knife and came to their rescue, killing the guy hat tried to hurt the woman. i think he went with them to the hospital because he goes into labor due to the whole excitement of the situation. i don't remember what happens next but the woman and Dean become friends and they become a part of deans big family.

On the last pregnancy, Dean gives birth but instead of giving it to a stranger, Fate tells Dean to give the baby boy to Sam because he is stronger than she originally thought and throughout this whole journey Sam was envious and had internal turmoil because of the fact he couldn't have a kid or didn't have a kid.

Then i think a while or so later, one of the children Dean had been able to keep was supposed to become deaf at age five, and so he made a deal with Fate so that he'd take the kid's place and be deaf instead??? two years or so in, he has become completely miserable because of not being able to hear and being a part of everyone's life and at some point everyone doesn't even bother to sign for him when they are all talking fast and whatnot with him present. he gets severely depressed, i think maybe unintentionally isolates himself from everyone and eventually commits suicide. his eldest daughter finds him dead in his and Cas' room. they give him a hunter's funeral but a few years or months after he is resurrected and turned into an angel because of all the stuff he's done for heaven and didn't really complain much about his burdens, and that the angels were very grateful so he was granted a second chance at life but as an angel. (i think this paragraph may or may not be from another fic that has similar plot. there was another future!kid!fic where dean gets pregnant as well. but i dunno anymore. im prettyyyyy sure its part of this fic, so yeah..).
ANNND thats all i remember of that amazing fic.
I hope this helps in your search, thank you!
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1  We all know John wasn't perfect no matter which end you're on.  Are there any stories where John is watching his grandkid, and does something Dean or Sam doesn't approve of.  Like he spanks one of them when Dean or Sam doesn't use corporal punishment or even just says something stupid.
I just want a scene where Dean or Sam (or both)  chew John out and explain that they are definitely not raising their kids the way John raised them.
2.  Anything with Bobby or Ellen being like a grandparent to Sam and Dean's kids

Any help would be appreciated.  
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Hi guys, I'm looking for two none specific stories.

1. Sam as a father and/or raising a child. No mpreg please.

2. Sam with a permanent injury and/or disability.

Apologies if the tags are slightly sparse, I'm on mobile.


Dec. 31st, 2015 10:57 am
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I am looking for a fic where I believe Jensen moves in next to Jared with his new baby. Jensen had recently left an abusive boyfriend, a terrible family, and the night the story starts he was fired from his waiter job. Jared is a cop and his grandmother owns the building and rented the room next to his to the father and daughter. I think Jared finds both father and daughter crying on the doorsteps when he first meets Jensen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] luvinmike

link to the story here
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'Hey everyone! I'm looking for a specific fic this time.

What I remember about this fic is that Jared has a young son and is possibly pregnant somewhere in the fic... They move in next door to Jensen. I think Jared may have been on the run from an abusive ex or something (the father of his kid). I remember the kid running into Jensen's yard or garage on moving day...

I think throughout the fic, Jensen is enamored and intrigued by his elusive new neighbors. Jared is very protective and secretive about his past. Eventually they get together of course. I also think there may have been a confrontation between J2 and the abusive ex.

Anyone remember this one?

// 02/25/16
Edit: Found in comments! Thanks for the help guys! (http://storyspinner70.livejournal.com/9450.html)
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Hi! I'm looking for stories where Jensen is amazing with kids, whether they are his own or he works with them in some capacity or is just really great with them every time he comes across them. He has endless patience with them, or he has a way of calming them when they're upset or kids are just attracted to him because he has a gentle, caring manner. This factor can play into Jared's attraction to Jensen or it can be a gen story where it's just noticed and appreciated that he's good with kids.

Please, no WIPS and please have the focus be on Jensen and his interactions with kids. Even if the kids are older (early teens). Self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you very much in advance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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