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This one is a bit of a long shot guys, but I'm going to ask anyway because I've been thinking about this fic for a while now.

This was a short (?) Gen, pre-series, Dark Angel crossover fic featuring teen Dean. I think it may have been an outsider POV too.

All I remember is one scene where a woman who works for Manticore is mugged in an alleyway and teen Dean comes to her rescue. Dean ends up with a superficial injury, a cut lip or something like that and the woman dabs the wound dry with a hanky.

Dean is modest and kind to her and then goes on his way. When she returns to work the woman remembers how brave Dean was and replaces the DNA Template of one of the proposed X5's with Deans DNA.

I loved they way the author spliced the two fandoms together and would really like to read it again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me an author or story name?

Fingers crossed and many thanks.
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As the subject says, I'm looking for Casefics. Multi-chapter preferred but they don't have to be epic. Post season fics can concentrate on either aspect of the cliffhanger. Also, gen preferred, only canon pairings.

I know I'm not giving many details, but...

The crossovers?

Houdini and Doyle (it can be done somehow)
Super girl
NCIS (original or NOLA)
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
White Color
Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis)
Dark Angel
Harry Potter

Or anything else you think is *really* good
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Hi all looking for one specific fic that I know I read a while ago but can't find it, I've written what I can remember down below.

1 - Sam and John are fighting so much that they forget about Dean, I think they might have left him after a hunt and drove off, I'm 99% it was pre series. Also any fics that are like this one with Dean being forgotten during one Sam and John's fights.

2 - Also any fics with Sam and Dean having a massive fight, extra points if there is lots of Hurt Dean and it takes a long time for them to make up.

3 - Any decent Dean attempted suicide fics, I have been through pretty much all the tags and wondering if anyone has anymore.

4 - Any good crossover fics with any of these fandoms - The walking Dead, Buffy, Vampire Diaries, Originals, NCIS, Dark Angel, CSI

Also I haven't been apart of the Supernatural fandom for about two years lived in an area with really slow internet and couldn't afford the TV Lisence (I'm from the UK). So any older fics I probably haven't read and I'm still catching up with the last couple of seasons of Supernatural but spoilers don't bother me in the slightest will still read the fics.

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Hi everyone,

First time posting here, although I've found some fic for people now and then.
I was looking for a few rereads and was shocked to discover some of my favorite crossovers missing!

Does anyone know what happened to Zanne's Pagan Gods 'Verse? It's an SPN fic that spins out into a verse that crosses over with a bunch of different fandoms. It's always been one of my multifandom happy places, but I can't find it anywhere now.

Same for Kikkimax: her SPN/Criminal Minds crossover series that starts with 'Defect' seems to have completely vanished, plus the website it was posted on.

Does anyone know what happened and - if the authors are okay with it - have a PDF or EPUB copy to share? Maybe via Mediafire so everyone can enjoy?

Thanks so much for your help!

Edit: Pagan Gods was taken down for publication (Zanne is not comfortable with open sharing of the Pagan Gods verse for this reason) and Kikkimax's fic found in a link below. Thanks everyone!

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I’m looking for a Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover fic.

I read this story years ago, so my recollection is pretty vague, but I remember one scene, I hope someone recognises it.

Dean is a teenager at the beginning of the story and one day he rescues a lady who is being mugged, this takes place in an alley, I think. Anyway he is injured, superficially, a cut lip or something like that, and the lady wipes away the blood with a tissue. She calls him brave or a hero and Dean shrugs it off and they go their separate ways.

It later turns out the lady works for Mantacore, which is just starting out the X5 series, and she replaces one of the donor samples with Deans DNA, from the bloody tissue, and thus Alec is born.
The rest of the story goes on to deal with Alec meeting Dean and Sam, I can’t remember any more details.

I’m hoping someone here recognises this story; I’d love to read it again.

Many thanks,

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Hi, hopefully you can help me. I´m looking for 2 older fics, here what I remember.

1. A crossover with DA. Dean and Sam have be frosen in at childs by Manticore. When Max blow everything up they were woken up. Meeting Max and Alec, they help looking for their Dad. Don´t no exactly but think John is with the familar cult.

2. Think is at S6. Sam and Dean hunting together and Sam says Dean he can´t hunting if he dosn´t leave Lisa(?). They split and Sam hunts with the Campbells. Often they come to hunts and it is already taken care of. I mean they get really angry about that. I remember there was one big hunt and more hunter go there. Sam thinks Dean would never go to this ´cause you need to go there by plane, when they come Dean is already leaving.     FOUND!

Here a generell request:
I´m looking power or smart Dean fics.

PLEASE help!
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Hi, I read a multi-chapter story where Alec has nightmares about hell, then Dean arrives in the Dark Angel universe, he gets mistaken by Ames White for Alec & tortured but escapes. He ends up meeting Max then pairs up with Alec to try to save Max and Terminal City from demons. It includes Original Cindy, Joshua and Logan. It also involves the DA people thinking Dean is a serial killer along with Sam.  It was a really great epic story and I've lost my link! Can anyone help?

This is my first request so I hope I've done it right!
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So, I'm looking for a fic that was gen, as far as I can remember. The DA people had heard rumors of a town that would be safe for them, and one of them checks it out. It's protected by a bunch of ghost children. Ben Braeden was like the mayor, I think? And I remember Dean being in a wheelchair. Alec came to hang out in the town later on. Please help?

Found! - Link can be found in the comments.
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1. Does anybody have a copy of Engineered Wings by kitty-alex? Ze's LJ and FF are both deleted, and the link I found in an earlier search (mentioned in the deleted journal post) doesn't work for me.

2. Does anybody have stories where Dean-Sam meet the X5s when they're young and raise them? I've already read The Wellspring by scourgeofeurope and Lacrimosa by lizadork. I'd prefer completed stories but I'll take what I can get.

3. I'm also specifically looking for one fusion with Dark Angel with a similar premise of those above (the boys end up raising the X5s they come across.) I only remember one scene when they are at Bobby's and Max is disagreeing with their authority. (Note: this may be Engineered Wings by kitty-alex in which case see #1 *g*) It had Ben and Alex and a few others too.

- Found: Ride the Skies by dollarformyname

Thank you!
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Hey you guys, what's up? I'm looking for a specific Dean/Alec fic that is, well, basically PWP, lol. It's NC-17 and I don't remember a lot of specifics about it but I do remember some. I'm pretty sure that Dean thought he was dreaming during all of the sexy time, he was on bottom, Alec I think tied up his wrists and at first Dean was hesitant because he wasn't to keen on bondage because of hell. He warms up to the idea though and they of course make sweet inter dimensional twin love, lol. Dean proceeds to "wake up" and continues to think that it was just a really vivid dream until Alec shows up at the end. I think it ends with Dean shouting "CAS!" or something like that because he thinks that he's behind the whole thing.

You guys have any idea what this fic is? Thanks to everyone in advance! :D I appreciate any help.

Oh, and if you guys wanna rec your favorite Dean/Alec and or Dean/Sam/Alec NC-17 fics I'd love to read them. Nothing to terribly angsty though, I'm in more of a porny mood then an angsty one :P/
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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for any stories with the character Alec (from Dark Angel). I'll take anything that you have but extra points if it has bdsm/D/s or spanking, just cause I love those. Doesn't matter who he is paired with but slash only, so Jensen, Jared, Sam, Dean, JDM, anyone and thank you!
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I'm looking for a Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover. Dean finds out Monticore made a clone of him back when he was a kid and was hurt (I think the guy was a friend of their dad's who took Dean's dna while patching him up) and goes looking for him with Sam. I think they heard of Ben and thought Alec would be crazy too and were planning on killing him?

They take to him pretty quick and see him as a younger brother. Its a gen. story, no pairings and no slash, but they travel with Alec for awhile before he goes back to Max and her group. Dean and Sam follow him back and fight with him I think. Dean is caught once because he looks like Alec but Alec and Sam rescue him. Um,... I remember Dean getting torn up by a hell hound (maybe his deal cames through, but they manage to escape?) and Sam and Alec try to patch him up. I remember them doing lots of stitches in a hotel room. Alec gives some of his blood which helps Dean heal faster. Any of this ringing any bells? Might be two stories but I know its by the same author who ever that may be. I've looked through the tags, and on fanfiction.net where I thought I had seen it before, but just can't find it.

I would love to get my hands on this fiction again if anyone else remembers it!
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Alright, so I read this fic awhile ago about how Jensen has escaped Manticore and is in the woods. At the time he is in heat so he's trying to wait it out. Jared stumbles along and Jensen decided to have sex with him. He realizes that Jared has a knot at the end and asks him if he's also from Manticore and Jared admits he is. Any ideas what fic this is? Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you'd like to rec some of your favorite Alec slash fics, that would be great! :D
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I was just wondering if there are any fics out there of soulless Sam pining over or being really possessive of Dean? I'd prefer for it to be consensual but dub-con is al-right to!

I also just recently got into Dark angel and was wondering if anyone could find me some Dean/Alec or Ben crossover fics aswell.
Thank you!
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Hi! I'm desperately trying to find two stories by kitty_alex. She put down her works on fanfiction.net and I don't know what to do.
The first one is called "Redemption". Albeit an angel, Cas grow up with Jimmy as his twin and the Winchester boys after YED killed his parents. He and Dean fell in love almost immediately but John made his son choose betwee the love of his life and family. Jimmy took Cas away, on his red Camaro, to save his brother's feelings from Dean's betrayal.
However true love finds its way
and, during Dean&Cas' wedding, our angel is kidnapped by Alastair.
Jimmy finds Chuck and his Winchester Gospels but their plot is very different because Jimmy is Cas' vessel in them. I think there was even a Cas from the future.
The second story, instead, is "Engineered wings", a crossover with Dark Angel. Dean and Sam find X5-493 and X5-494, Dean's clones, and adopt them. The boys really like Cas, thinking of him as their mother. In the end the other Ben, Lisa's son, comes to live with Dean because his mother is dead and he is truly the hunter's.
Ben, Alec and other Ben are identical.
Can somebody help me?
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Please help, I would love to read it again!!!
I read this fic a while ago probably 2008 early 2009, an SPN crossover with Dark Angel, with Ben & Alec as clones of Dean.
They eat a lot of Funyons & there is such an adorable interaction between both brothers & the twins/clones... Dean tells them a story to get them to sleep... Sam wants them to be "normal". I know I read it both on LJ & ff.net. It is a gen story.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I lost my hardrive & have no access to my favorites.... rebuilding it one by one.

ETA: Found, link in comments - it's the Wellspring Verse!
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Hi guys.

I hope you can help me out here cause my otherwise trusty GoogleFu have proven useless. I'm looking for a SPN/DA crossover fic I read ages ago. It was quite long and I can't remember if it was finished or where I read it.

Dean and Castiel were together or got together and Alec was with them (i think he was either grown up or a teenager, but I can't remember if he had been with them since childhood) and I think they sort of settled down in Blue Earth, Minnesota where Pastor Jim was as well. I can't remember if Sam was there as well. This fic is bugging me so much and I really want to read it again, so I hope you can help me out, even though my recollection of it is extremely vague.

I would also love other SPN/DA crossover recs with Cas in it or gen stories like the excellent Wellspring series. No wincest, please. The longer, the better.
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All right. So I've got a craving for some specific kinds of crossovers. I'm hoping you guys can help me find some:

SPN/Buffy crossovers that take place pre-series (or early series in the case of Buffy), in high school. Like, Sam and Dean moved around a lot as kids, right? So what if they just happened to move to the same school as Buffy? Maybe at the same time she moves to Sunnydale, or at her old school. I'd like gen fics for this, focusing on the characters' reactions to each other and not so much on the overall mythology of either series. I'll accept in-fandom pairings, but please no cross-fandom pairings (i.e. no Dean/Spike or Dean/Buffy fics).

I'm also looking for SPN/Dark angel crossovers where Sam and Dean meet Alec (or another transgenic) sometime after the start of Supernatural. I'd like the characters from both series to meet as adults, or at least older teens. Time travel fics would be awesome, especially if it's a transgenic thrown into the past. Again, I'd prefer gen fics for this but I'll accept any pairing that's not cross-fandom. Something like this fic, for example.

Self-recs are awesome, as are regular recs. Thanks!
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I am looking for fics where Dean and/or Sam are homeless. Where they're trying to survive on the streets. Like maybe they get lost, maybe get kidnapped and escape but then can't find John. Whatever, doesn't matter how they got there.

For my backup request (in case no one has anything for my first!), anyone know of any really good Dark Angel Crossovers (w/alec and/or Ben)?

Alternate backup requests: The boys dealing with child protective services and I really, really want to read musician!dean fics- where he plays the guitar or he sings or something like that.

Please no slash for any of these requests!

Self recs are great :D
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...Why yes, I am writting an english essay, how can you tell?

Anywho, I'm looking for a specific Dark Angel fic were Alec is caught by Manticore 
Read more... )

I'm also looking for fics were the Impala turns out to be a transformer of some sort.

Lasty, fics with Destiel pairing were Cas's wings are injured or need grooming, and Dean helps him.

(looks back at what I've written) I hate me in this mode. I sound funny. (head-desk)


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