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I know I've seen a couple stories that were either rewrites or crossovers with the movie Pacific Rim.  I'm guessing my google-fu is broken, and I can't find any listed on the Movie Remake Masterlist.  Pairings accepted:  Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean or Gen only.  Can someone help point me in the right direction?
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After a long hiatus away from supernatural fanfiction, I have again ran out things to read (That is my curse okay)

  1. Long/Epic Length fics would be awesome. SO if you have any send them my way.

  2. Fix it fics would be golden. Just the boys solving problems and taking names before they pop up.

  3. BAMF, I need BAMF to live okay and I feel like I have read ever BAMF in SPN so like if you have one send it my way and if Gabriel is willing, it will be on I haven't read.

  4. Sam being a parent (like to any of the kids they met in series or not) is adorable so like feed me the feels.

  5. Also some angst/hurt comfort, (omg the writer is horrible to the character) to balance out the fluff and bamfery would be awesome.

Any pairing.
Completed would be nice.
Crossovers are also good.
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Could you recommend some good crossover fics where people find out about angels? I just really like to read about the reactions :) Chaptered fics would be great, but anything is fine. I've already read "The Last Archangel" series.
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I'm sure I read a short little fic once upon a time where the Winchesters take part in the Big Block of Cheese Day with one of the characters from The West Wing (can't remember who for the life of me), and they ask for funding to buy salt... darned if I can find it again though. Anyone else remember this?
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I am looking for 2 types of law enforcement fic.
1) A situation like with Henriksen, where the cop/agent/ect is convinced that the boys are serial killers, but then has an encounter with a supernatural creature and is saved by the boys.
2) The cop/agent/ect does not believe the boys, believes they are delusional or mentally ill, but believes that they are genuinely trying to save people. The cop tries to help them get help. Something along the lines of Defect by Kikkimax.

I hope that made sense. Crossovers or OCs welcome, and any pairing is ok. Thanks.

mods, I couldn't find a law enforcement tag, so I am using case!fic and jailed/incarcerated.

Gen AU

Sep. 29th, 2016 11:20 pm
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Please please please rec me some Long/Epic SPN AU fics... (AU as in completely different kind of world/universe, whether Hunter exist or not is fine)

as long as it's GEN and has Sam&Dean being brothers and all BAMF, I'll take anything
crossover & self-rec are ok
the longer the better ;)

Fairy tales, medieval, sci-fi, military, anything are fine.
(I've found a really nice Kingdom Hearts xover, so game world definitely are ok too)
I've been reading plenty of them, but it's difficult to find anything Gen AND long AND focused on the boys

thankthankthankthankyou before
I'm in the middle of mountains of repetitive-and-boring-yet-has-to-be-finished job and in need of fresh story to escape a bit ;)
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Anybody know of any crossovers between SPN and the series Lucifer? Not sure how it would work, but I would love to read that version of the Devil interacting with the Winchesters or Castiel somehow...
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I read this story years ago on LJ (and vaguely recalled the author claimed she was embarrassed about writing the story. Sam and Dean encountered a Charmander and Slowgro (but not sure I recall accurately). I think there was at least one leveling up that involved a gemstone, some time spent in or near woods and maybe Dean fishing using his Slowbro at the end of the story? It was a fun little story despite the side of wincest (may have only been implied, but not certain). Not sure in which season it might be placed, but season 5 or lower and no other characters were involved. Can you help? Thanks.
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I'm looking for Supernatural/Game of Thrones crossover fics, but not fusion fics. I want fics where the characters from SPN are actually transported to the GoT universe. Does anyone know any fics like this?
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Can anyone recommend some fics, focused on Castiel, where:

1. He's hurt/sick/in trouble, but tries to hide this from Sam and Dean?

2. He goes off on his own for a period of time and makes friends other than Sam and Dean (can be a crossover fic, or can be with OCs)

3. Fics where other characters (OCs, or characters from crossovers) find out that Cas is an angel, and are in shock/awe

Hopefully someone knows some fics like these!
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Are there any good crossover fics that are centered on Gabriel (non-AU ones)? Either fics whre he is reborn (like "The Last Archangel" or "The Accidental Vessel"), or fics where he meets and interacts with characters from another series?
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Hi, so in less than seven days im going on vacation and i will not have wifi or any way to go on the internet so im looking for long (10k plus, but if you think it so good you have to rec then gk right ahead) stories that happen to be well written and in character. I dont care about plot as long as it's not wincest, dean/jo, dean/lisa, dean/carmen. Hint favorite pairing is Destiel but will read other things (no pairing works for me as well). If you have crossovers i will also take them. If you happen to stumble upon a John Winchester/ Hermione Granger i will love you forever even more so if its complete. Oh yeah no Dean bashing at all. I love Dean. I also do not like reading bottom Dean dont care if it is implied though.

No Wincest please. Thanks for your help.
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Do you know any good Avengers or HP crossovers that involve any of the angels (Cas or Gabriel in particular). I don't want any fusion fics - I want fics where characters from the supernatural universe meet characters from either the HP or Avengers universes. And no pairings please. Chaptered fics would be great, but anything is fine. So far I have read "The Last Archangel" series.
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i'm looking for a rebirth/reborn/reincarnation story (dean and sam get to live their life again in whatever AU) where their memories of hunting life is still there.

I've read incredible stories such as :
Secure the Blessing
Puddle Jumping

those two are perfect example since they have ALL that I want (brother bond, outsider pov, bamf boys, etc)

GEN only please (slight wincest or pre-slash is still ok)

spoilers, crossover, any plot are fine as long as they have a happy ending
(mainly I just want to see dean and sam being brothers and happy and powerful, really)

sorry for the tags (please inform me if i'm wrong)
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I'm wondering if anyone knows a fic or two where Gabriel died after being stabbedby Lucifer in ep 5x19 and was reborn into another universe? (Similar to either The Last Archangelby inukagome15or the Vessel Verseby Alatarmaia)

Gen, het, or slash is fine. Self rec is also welcomed.

Thank you in advance!

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I read two fics months ago and can't remember their names.
One is a crossover with the Avengers. Dean takes the place of Thor and Sam takes the place of Loki. It was mentioned that Dean was the God of hunters and of the road, I think. I think that only those who were hunters could know what he was god of. I think the fic was short and in fanfiction net, but don't quote me on that.
In the other fic, it was a crossover with Percy Jackson. Sam was a demigod in Hecate's, the magic goddess, cabin. Dean wasn't a demigod, but stayed in the camp to look out for Sammy. I think he befriended Castiel, a minor god. Dean might have fought with a monster at the end and Chiron might have said something about him. It might have been destiel, but I'm not sure.

In general, I'm looking for good crossovers with SPN or SPN RPF. Crossovers with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avengers, Sherlock, etc. I only ask that it be well-written and with good characterization. It can be gen or with pairings. Please say what the pairings are. Self-recs are accepted.
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Does anyone have a copy of "Life's a Beach by jya_bd_cp_ttgb"? The author took down the story but is fine with others sharing it, if they have it, so long as they credit the author and artist. jya_bd_cp_ttgb posted, before the story was taken down, that the story could be copied and shared. Beach!verse
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I dug around in all the requests for SG-1 crossovers, since I wad hoping someone else had asked about this, but no dice. It was set pre-series for both shows. John Winchester came to Colorado Springs hunting changelings, and after he killed them he tried to return all the children to their homes, using missing persons reports I think, but couldn't find one boys home or family. So he ends up keeping him. It turns out that the boy is Charlie O'Neill. I can't recall anything past that. I don't think it was very long, and it might have been WIP?

Also, can anyone rec me any well written 'John adopts a crossover character' fics? Especially any that go past the first three seasons? (I'm reasonably sure I've read all thr BtVS Xovers, though!)

Good example of what I'm looking for: The Book of Darcy by lforevermore (http://archiveofourown.org/works/4599903)

Any thing but wincest is fine!

Please no AUs where the supernatural doesn't exist.

Thank you!!!
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Okay, I seriously need this to happen in my life. I watched the new episode from this past week, "Baby," and now we're watching "Hocus Pocus." I can't keep myself from thinking how Sam and Dean would handle the Sanderson sisters! Does anyone know of anything like this? It's an older movie so I don't know if it even exists but I'd love something like it if it does.

Also, does anyone know any really good Halloween based fics? I liked what they did for S4 with the tradition of Samhain in the series but I'd like to see more. I'd prefer older boys rather than wee!cheesters/flashbacks.

Any pairing, any rating is good! Thanks in advance!
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So, does anyone know what happened to TamrynEradani's stories? Specificaly the Hunter & Archer series (or whatever it's called)? Does anyone have copies saved?



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