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I am looking for 2 general types of fics

1. Fics where Sam really needs or wants Dean. For example, Sam is in trouble and he knows Dean can make it all better because he's Dean. Either Dean actually is there and Sam is glad he is or Sam wishes his brother were there.

2. Fics that show Sam prioritizing Dean as most important over other people (like John). For example, I read this one where Dean and John split up in the woods to go look for a monster while Sam stayed behind. Dean gets caught in some kind of barbed wire trap. Sam heard something (or something like that) and thought one of them was in trouble, but he didn't know which one and he decides to go after Dean instead of John. If anyone knows that fic or any fics like that one, that would be great.

Basically, I'm looking for fics where Sam is shown to really appreciate/love his brother. Thank you!
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I'm looking for a story/series that has Dean and Sam in a relationship, but Dean is going away to college and he takes Sam's virginity during a road trip they are on with their parents. In the same series Sam dresses up in drag and visits Dean at school.
That's all I remember.
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hi! i am looking for fics similar to vigilance or the messenger where john meets cas and gets protective of dean/the boys, because he doesn't trust the supernatural, or maybe cas just seems creepy like in the messenger.

i would prefer pre-series but canon era is nice too. gen, pre-slash or slash welcome. :D

thanks in advance!
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Hello! I'm looking for some fanfictions where Sam and/or John hurts Dean. This can be physically or emotionally. Nothing really specific, just the youngest Winchester and oldest winchester causing Dean some pain. :) I know, I'm a horrible person, but it's pretty interesting to read.

Please no wincest or any romantic pairing, not against it, just not my thing.

Some examples? Maybe Sam uses his physic powers on Dean, leaving him pretty badly injured. Ooh, or maybe something based on season 9, where Sam says something else really hurtful and makes Dean feel really sad. Another? Maybe John and Sam are fighting and bring Dean into the conflict, injuring him or being just upright assholes to him.

Anything's fine, as long as it is based off Sam and/or John hurting Dean, and no romance. Can be a oneshot, long fic, self rec, preseries, I really don't mind!

Thanks in advance!
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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for any time travel fics, Sam and Dean and or just Sam. I want Sam to go back in time and see their younger selves of see john.
Thanks in advance.
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This is hard to describe but i'm looking for stories where Sam is treated younger than what he is. I don't mean infantilism or with needs or de-aged. Like Dean or John baby him and Sam doesn't care. It could be,for example,Dean/John wipes his face after eating or they help him get dressed. They choose what he eats or what time he goes to bed.
I hope i'm getting it across what im looking for.

I'd also like any stories that have Sam/Jared being the emotional one of a relationship,cries,wants hugs,likes romance,likes being cared for.

Im up for any pairings and Gen fics.

Thank you.

This poor mummy whose child has gone on holiday needs something to keep her occupied for a week.
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looking for any pre series story were Dean and john have to look after sam.
This could be anything. autistic sam, depressed, ocd, diabetic, epileptic...
I will take anything I can get
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I can't really remember much because it has been at least 4 years since I read it but, Dean is on a show like The Bachelor because John makes him, they were important Sam had a drug problem and ruined their name so Dean has to repair what Sam ruined. Gabriel is the host of the show and Castiel is a camera guy but Gabriel makes him fill in for a contestant who dropped out and the only other contestants I can remember is Bela and an OC who I think ends up liking Sam.

Castiel stays on the show, even though Gabriel said he would be gone that day but Dean likes him so Castiel stays. John gets mad about Castiel still being on the show and because Dean and Castiel are getting close
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Is their any series were sam has asthma epilepsy or something alonf those lines. So john and dean has to baby him and look after him.

Also is there any stories were sam is tramatized and has night terrors and need consoling.
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I really want some pre series stories were John and Dean have to look after and worry about Sam.

This could be because of a disoder, depression, abused, disabled, sam having night terrors or anything!
Any help would bw really appreciated!
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Hey guys,

I've been trying super hard to find an old fic I loved. It was gen (maybe?), set early on int the series. Sam and Dean went up against yellow- eyes (possibly) and Same ends dup flinging- or creating a new reality- Dean back into childhood.

But didn't go with him. Sam got adopted, and Dean grew up with a sister. They have all their memories and Deans spends a lot of time looking for sam (and a lot of time talking about him during his childhood).

Any help you guys can give me would be super appreciated.
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I don't remember much about it other than John kills the YED early, I believe with Bobby and Jim. Castiel is sent by Zachariah to stop him but is detained by Meg. Gabriel shows up out of curiosity I think and ends up killing Zach. When John gets back to the hotel Dean keeps thinking he's possessed because he's being too nice but it was because Jim and Bobby had given him a talk about how he'd been treating the boys.They end up heading to Bobby's and John discovers that Dean has been going hungry sometimes to make sure Sam has enough to eat. Bobby gives John holy water with a lot of salt just to make Dean feel better. I think Dean is 12 or under but I'm not sure.
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1. I'm looking for any established Destiel fics where Dean's family doesn't approve of their relationship for some reason... Mostly along the lines because Cas is an angel but it could be because he is a guy (canon or au) I have read a lot of the ones where John comes back to life and doesn't approve of Dean and Cas together so I'm hoping for other family members such as Mary or her side of the family.

2. Established Destiel where Dean left the family behind (it can be canon or alternate universe) and maybe he reconnects with them later and introduces Cas or they try to find him and realize he is in a relationship with a guy and are shocked or worse.

3. Any really good established relationships Destiel fics really

I would appreciate any help guys, thanks so much!
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Hi, guys!
I am looking for a specific wincest fic, where Sam forces (kind of) Dean to have sex with him, then they have a fight and and Sam goes to Stanford without telling him. After that Dean stays at Bobby's and stop eating and talking at some point. Then he has some relationship with a hunter that visits Bobby and then I don't actually remember how, but he gets a little better. John comes to take Dean on the hunt. And they continue hinting.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for any Bobby centric fics or any fics with Bobby helping out the boys or acting as a father, Hurt!Sam would be an added bonus but i want all the Bobby fic's you can get your hands on.

I'm also looking for any resurrected John, preferably after season 5, and maybe even mention Lucifers hallucinations. But i'd love some resurrected John

Just for the sake of it if there is any out there Resurrected Bobby?

Thank you in advance.
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Hi everyone!!
i am looking for a specific story that i read at FF.NET
what i remember from the story are:
1.Sam and Dean where kidnaped by a human and he totrured them
2.The psycho rapes Dean and Sam wakes up just in time to watch it happens
3.John comes to the rescue
4.they go to Missouri to help Dean heal

The story is GEN.
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I'm looking for a specific fic: Sam went to school after a hunt. I think he was sick, or maybe he had just gotten hurt, but he passed out while running a mile, and Dean was called. I'm a bit spotty on the details, but I think he had bruises, and his friends were a bit suspicious about it.

I'm also looking for some general fics:
1. Sam hides an injury
2. School/outsiders believes that Sam is being abused.
3. Dean and John leave for a hunt, and Sam gets hurt, or he was already sick, and his condition worsens
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Okay, so, this is a fic where Dean (and Sam?) were abducted very young. John has been looking for them ever since, while I'm pretty sure Mary is still alive but has given up the search and gone back into hunting. John is in contact with Bobby, doing odd jobs for him. Not hunting, I don't think.

He's running an errand in some city when he somehow runs into Sam or Dean, but loses them. I think. Something to do with him showing people a photo. When he finally finds them again, it's in some kind of abandoned warehouse where they're playing.

When Dean spots him he kicks him and calls him a perv and tries to escape on their bike. I think they split up? One of them gets hit by a car, and John takes him to the hospital.

That's all I can remember. I was pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net but the search is not helping much.
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I'm looking for this fic where a fire breaks out in the home that John and the boys are living in, or maybe they were on a hunt. Dean gets trapped under like a cabinet that fell or something while trying to help his father out of the house. And he get's really badly injured (maybe paralyzed, I can't exactly remember) because John pulls him out from under the cabinet even though Dean probably shouldn't have moved, but there was a fire so he didn't have a choice. John has to accept that Dean probably won't be able to hunt anymore. The boys are teenagers at this point.

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Hey guys! So, about a year or two ago I read this fanfic on FF.net and I’ve been looking for it for a few months now to read again but I can’t find it. Here’s what I remember:

Teen Sam and Dean.

Dean was hurt on a previous hunt, something is wrong with his leg (I don’t remember if is a broken ankle or something like that), he has a few broken ribs among other things and John needs to hunt again, so instead of waiting for Dean to get better, he decides to leave Dean alone in this house that it’s falling apart (it’s what he could afford for) to heal and takes Sam to hunt with him. Sam gets angry at his dad for leaving Dean alone in such a state, but goes with his father anyway.
After they leave, even being injured Dean does what he can to leave the house in a better state, cleaning it up and fixing a few things – even though in a lot of pain. After that, he feels even worse and tries to rest. No long after, a couple of thug teenagers enter the house and beat Dean up, leaving him in a really bad state and with even more broken bones. I’m not sure how he managed to ask for help, but bottom line Bobby and Caleb are made aware he’s hurt and Caleb run to help his friend.
Caleb is horrified to find Dean in the trepid house bleeding out and with the teenagers still beating him. He makes sure the teenagers won’t hit his friend anymore and then I don’t remember if he calls an ambulance or if he takes Dean himself to the hospital, but when he gets there Pastor Jim calls to say that he found John and Sam hurt and that a helicopter it’s taking them to the same hospital Caleb just got in with Dean.
Things go down hill for Dean from there, because although John and Sam aren’t that bad and are expected to make a full recovery, Dean is really bad off, and when he finds out, John feels guilty for what he put his two sons through.
There is a point when the adults have to send Sam home to rest properly after being discharged, and even with him refusing to leave his brother, they still manage to take him.
Sam has a nightmare, and so does Dean. While John consoles Dean in his arms on the hospital bed, Bobby decides to take Sam to the hospital to give both kids some peace of mind. But when he gets there, the night guard on Dean’s hospital door refuses to let Sam in while Sam cries out for Dean, and hearing his brother’s distress, Dean takes off his ventilator before John can stop him, and throws up blood – leaving the men in the hospital room livid.
Dean’s doctor helps him, and says that he hurt his throat, so they can’t put the ventilator back, but the teen seems to be doing well enough to go on without the equipment.
After that, they don’t try to separate the boys anymore, and even in ICU Sam in allowed to visit his brother. From there, they get progressively better with the help of Bobby, Caleb and Pastor Jim.
I think I found this story in a community of fanfiction.net, but I’m not sure. I looked on a few and did research on google but couldn’t find it again.


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