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1. Are there any canon universe fics where they go to another planet? Probably set back when Cas had his wings, he flies them there. But anything really.

2.S12 Spoilers )

3.S12 Spoilers )Particularly hoping there's some where he meets up with Cas and they go it alone, start a new life somewhere else, a home together. Hunting or whatever. I don't like curtain fics, but something like a break from hunting is ok, or something I can read that way (no 'and they lived in peace until they died of old age' endings)

4. Hunts/case fic in the snow. Anything set in Alaska?

5. Ben becomes a hunter fics, set in the latest few seasons. Hopefully gets his memory back and meets up with the Winchesters...

6. Fledgling!Cas is taught how to angel by his older siblings, pre-series, pre-human era? Cas being in awe of the splendor of earth.

Destiel or gen fic only. Bottom!Cas only pls. No human!fallen!Cas pls. Thanks
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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a specific fic. If I remember correctly, Sam and Dean were raised separately. Then John dies and Sam goes searching for Dean. He finds him working as a firefighter and raising Ben as a single dad. He doesn't tell Dean who he is at first. There's Wincest at the end. It's got a bunch of other characters in it. Like Benny and Pamela and I think Gordon Walker. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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I'm trying to find a series of stories from when Dean was living with Lisa & Ben. Specifically, they were about him taking care of the neighborhood kids and ultimately becoming the best daycare provider ever because he's ferociously protective of them, and basically a big kid himself. He ended up helping some kids in really bad situations: children missing, dealing with parents divorcing, suffering parental abuse, and even one genuine hunting case. I think it was called the "Adventures in Babysitting" series, but I cannot remember the author.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

EDIT: Found in comments. Thanks, everyone!
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Hi! Two S6-related requests I'd love help with, please:

1. The Soulless!Sam fics I’ve found seem to largely be angst or smut or angsty smut. I was wondering if there were fics where Soulless!Sam does nice things for Dean, or acts protectively of him, for whatever reason. Anything that explores the fact that even without a soul, Sam remembered what it was like being Dean's brother. We see a little of this in canon when soulless!Sam briefly tried to be what he thought Dean would want, but I haven’t found a lot of this in fic. Wincest is totally cool, but I’d rather their bond as brothers be more of a focus than any sexual attraction.

2. Ben or Lisa’s perspective of Sam any time during or after Dean’s stay with them. Particularly anything to do with Sam’s relationship with Dean or the impact (good or bad) they believe Sam had on Dean. Or any significant Lisa-Sam or Ben-Sam interaction set during the S6 period. Real, resouled Sam, please. kelhome’s Family Ties is an awesome example of this.

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The story starts with Lisa calling Dean because a sickness has reach their town, while Dean, Sam and Castiel are searching for the Colt. Sam insists on going for the rumor he heard about the colt, while Dean insists on going to get Lisa and Ben. They separate and I think agree to meet up at Bobby's, if I remember correctly phone systems is breaking down and they can't be sure they will be able to contact each other? When they get to Lisa & Ben, Lisa is dead and Ben is traumatized and they head to Bobby's place. As I remember, they then go through a really hard winter, hardly enough food, hardly able to keep warm, they find a little girl in a car, both her parents dead and take her in... Dean also damages his leg at some point, because he has a limp for the rest of the story. Sam never turns up to Bobby's, but later he does find them, after Dean & Cas have moved to a small town having taken over a farm there? By that point they have at least one more adopted child, maybe two? There are still some supernatural things, but it's not a major part of their lives. Eventually Sam settles into their life and starts dating a local woman who has a son?

It's very long and there are follow up stories. I think I read it on AO3, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Thank you very much for reading this and your help!!
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Hi, I'm looking for a specific story which I read on Fanfiction.net, but I can't remember the title. It's Dean living with Lisa and Ben after Swan Song, and they have a guardian angel assigned to protect them by Castiel. She's a very young angel, so she's not used to living in a human body. And there was a demon or black dog that attacks Ben and there was a scene later in the hospital where Ben calls Dean "Dad" for the first time.

Does anyone know what the story is and where I can find it? I think it was unfinished but a few chapters long.

Thanks a bunch!
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I'm looking to re-read a long series of fic. The main fic was dean/cas in the future after some type of apocalypse type-thing. Dean and Cas had a farm house outside of a small town and were raising Ben Braeden (possibly Dean had tried to save Ben and Lisa, but Lisa died under a collapsed staircase, that might be a different story, though). Gas and medicines are at a premium, so Baby is only brought out for special occasions while Dean does small jobs around town and small hunt jobs in the local area. Dean may have had a leg/knee injury. A couple of kids are taken in by Dean and Cas (one was dropped off by her dad in a station wagon because it was wasteful to feed a girl, he kept his sons and left her behind) and Sam shows up and stays, there are issues between him and Dean and him and Ben. Eventually in the series Sam and Dean make up, Sam dates and marries a local girl and things aren't so bad. Thanks in advance for your help!

Found by Greekgirl1990! It's the "Sun 'Verse" by enigmaticblue on archiveofourown. Thanks!
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Hey everyone!
I'm searching for fics where there's some disappointment aspect!

1)Dean or Sam feel upset because John lets them down or doesn't keep a promise

2)John is disappointed in the boys and they can tell.

3)Jared/Jensen/Dean/Sam's parents are really disappointed in them or ignore them and they acts out or tries really hard to impress them and it doesn't work.

4) one of the boys does something they're proud of and John ignores them and brushes it aside

and also,

Any fics with Adam or Ben living with the Winchesters!!! I really love ones where they're younger but I'm happy with all!

Thanks in advance :)
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I don't think I ever bookmarked this fic and now I'm trying to find it again. It's an AU where Dean has custody of Ben (I think Lisa died but I could be wrong about that), and Ben keeps acting out and getting in trouble with the law. Cas is a cop and he keeps bringing Ben home when he's out getting into shenanigans. Destiel eventually happens. thanks for all your help!

found: Road, You Gotta Take Me Home
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read about three years ago. I *think* it was written before season six started. It was set after season five. Here's what I remember:

1. Sam was the new ruler of Hell. Demons would only posses people who had already died because they knew Sam preffered it that way, something about "recycling" hosts or something.

2. Dean was living with Lisa (or he had gone to live with her and she rejected him), he was definitely a part of Ben's life.

3. Becky was pregnant and was going to go to Planned Parenthood but Gabriel appeared and took the number/address from her that she had written down. Apparently she was pregnant with the future savior of humanity.

4. Castiel was the new ruler of heaven, but he had become angry and strict, not the nicest ruler anymore. To prevent another apocalyptic event he started a buddy system, every angel had to hang out with another angel. Gabriel was assigned to Cupid.

5. At some points Becky was at Lisa's place (for thanksgiving or something) I think, and she may have been knitting, but I might be remembering that part from a different story.

6. Eventual Dean/Castiel

That's as far as I got in the story before my computer crashed and I lost all my links. It was multi chapter, and I would really love to find it back if this sounds familiar to anyone.

Found: Songs of Love and Hate, or: Alas, a Cornucopia of Love by [livejournal.com profile] amor_remanet
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Hi, I've been looking for a story for a while. It's an AU season 6 where Sam somehow comes back from the pit with soul fully intact. I can't remember why. Dean's been living with Lisa and Ben but has been depressed. Lisa and Dean did not have a relationship.

Sam doesn't want to intrude on Dean's life (thinks that he's happy) but stays nearby and works in a coffee shop or bakery that Dean always visits. He disguises himself with fake piercings and dyes/bleaches his hair and uses a magical necklace or something. At one point Sam drops the Samulet he's been keeping in his pocket and Ben shows it to Dean. Dean then tries to hunt down Sam, thinking that he's a monster. They have a scene in a field where Dean finds out that it's actually Sam. It turns to Wincest.

Can anyone help? (I think I posted this right? Can someone tell me if I did something wrong?)
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Hey guys, I have a craving for a specific story. I think it was on AO3, but it may have been on LJ or ff.net. It's a crossover with some sort of cop procedural show (Criminal Minds, I think?). While Dean is living with Lisa in the wake of the graveyard no-pocalypse, someone starts abducting kids from Ben's school. The team from the crossover show arrives to find that the neighborhood is deferring to Dean about keeping their kids safe, including emergency evacuation procedures, pickup and dropoff arrangements, etc. I think Dean is working at a garage, or from home, and keeps an eye on the kids?

It's all from the team's POV, but the subtext implies that the neighborhood knows what really happened with the changelings, and they trust Dean to handle it if the kidnappings turn out to be supernatural in nature. The crossover team doesn't twig to the fact that Dean is on the FBI's Most Wanted, but they think it's weird that he's so trusted in the community and I think they take him on as an advisor after ruling him out as a suspect.

Eventually it turns out that it was a married couple of regular human pedophiles - this is the part I remember clearest, that it was the man who lured kids over because he repaired arcade games at his house, but the woman (I think a member of the PTO?) was the "dominant partner" and basically tried to throw him on the rocks when they were taken into custody. No pairings, I don't remember if Lisa was in the picture in this one or if she was just offscreen a lot. The focus was on Dean being an awesome dad and also competent in a crisis.
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Hi All,

I am hoping someone can help me find a story where a semi-retired Dean, living with Lisa and Ben, goes up against a child predator kidnapping children from schools. I can't remember if it was a supernatural attacker or not. I remember Dean drafted a list of things to do and not do for Ben's school staff to use, and then it got shared out to other schools in the town. The children being taken were, naturally, all Ben's age, and I believe he became a target.

Thanks in advance!


ETA: Found almost immediately by Bard2003: it is Sour Cherry Pie Life, by FaithDaria. Thanks so much!
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So, I'm looking for a fic that was gen, as far as I can remember. The DA people had heard rumors of a town that would be safe for them, and one of them checks it out. It's protected by a bunch of ghost children. Ben Braeden was like the mayor, I think? And I remember Dean being in a wheelchair. Alec came to hang out in the town later on. Please help?

Found! - Link can be found in the comments.
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Hiya :)
Just looking for any fics with Dean living his apple pie life with Lisa and Ben
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I don't remember a whole lot of the story but it has Dean living with Lisa and Ben. They go to a bookstore and Dean finds the Supernatural books. He reads them and thinks all the crap that happened in season 6 is real but it turns out that Chuck is missing and the publisher hired ghost writers to continue the story. Then Becky takes over writing the books and Dean finds Cas (and I'm pretty sure Sam, too.) I'm almost certain that it was Destiel. That's all I remember so I'd really appreciate a link. Thanks!
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I'm looking for a specific fic: Dean is an Alpha and with Lisa. Ben is an Omega and in heat. Dean and Ben have sex.

That's all I know,
Thanks for your time
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Can't for the life of me remember the name of this one. I remember Sam comes back from hell and he doesn't speak normally, only talks of birds. He's staying with Dean, Lisa and Ben and he ends up protecting them from angels(?) with his bird craziness.

Help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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Lots of random stuff:

1. Stories about Mary and John from around the time Dean was born to around the time Sam was born.

2. Pre-series stories from John's POV (or Mary's if it's an AU) about the kids, specifically Dean. I'm looking for fics about more when they were kids than right before the Pilot.

3. I lost the majority of my bookmarks for Sam/Jess/Dean. I've found a lot of them at this point, but I figure this way I'll either find the ones I'm missing or I'll get new ones, so any Sam/Jess/Dean you have. I've gone through the tags here so if you've recced it before I've probably seen it, but feel free to do so again.

4. Any good a/b/o verses? Specifically Cas/Dean but I'm open to any/all pairings. (I've probably come across all the Cas/Dean ones on A03 at this point, but feel free to rec them just in case I missed it.)

5. And I'm looking for any of the following rare!pairs:

Bobby/Rufus/Ellen, Bobby/Rufus, Rufus/Ellen
Sam/Sarah, Sam/Sarah/Jess
Claire/Krissy/Josephine, Krissy/Josephine
Kevin/any of the 2nd generation kids (Lucas, Michael, Ben, Claire, Jesse, Krissy, Josephine, etc), Kevin/Channing
Jo/Anna, Jo/Anna/Ruby
Cas/Ruby - though I'd much rather fics that focus on friendships between them (with, say, Destiel and Sam/Ruby background), I'd be open to ones that are more than friendship

oh and 6. Inception crossovers/fusions?

I'll take any cis-swaps, self-recs, etc.

Thank you so much!!! (And sorry for the long and not really connected list!)
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Hi guys, I've been trying to find this fic where Dean gets his hip crushed in by Lucifer at the end of the apocalypse and has to use a wheelchair for a while, then he finds out that he is Ben's real father and Lisa is dead so he takes Ben in, meanwhile Castiel chooses to be human (with a brief Gabriel appearance) to be with Dean. Sam goes back to college and they live a pretty domestic life. The destiel is very gradual and Dean is in denial for a bit and he's also impotent for most of the fic. I guess that's it.
thanks in advance c:


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