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I'm looking for a J2 fic I read a while ago and now can't find, where Jensen bonds with a female wolf pup when he's young, and grows up with others who likewise bonded with a wolf pup. Jensen being bonded to a female wolf means his mate will be male, because the mate is determined by the wolf's sex. Jensen is picked on for this, by one boy in particular, and is definitely an outcast. He's also amazing with a bow and arrow.

Jared shows up later on in the story, and is to be the new chief of the village (which I believe is in a cave system in a mountain? maybe?). It's clear from the first second Jared and Jensen meet that they're mates. Jensen doesn't react well - he runs off - and he's extremely against the mating, and Jared has to work to bring Jensen around.

If anyone can help me find this fic I'd really appreciate it! I've tried Googling different phrases/terms and can't find it myself.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: FOUND thanks to a kind anon! Fic is HERE in case anyone else is interested!
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Hey y'all,
I'm looking for a specific fic in which Jensen wakes up as Dean and immediately Sam is aware. It's set in a more grounded world, where any magical rituals take a long time to draw out the circles and Sam mentions it took like two weeks to draw out the one for opening Hell (or something like it). Basically Jensen is freaked out by how severe Sam is and can't imagine how bad Dean is. Eventually they're able to switch them back, and Jensen asks Jared what Dean was like, and Dean liked to look at the pictures of Danneel and JJ on Jensen's phone.
Thanks in advance!
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This one is a bit of a long shot guys, but I'm going to ask anyway because I've been thinking about this fic for a while now.

This was a short (?) Gen, pre-series, Dark Angel crossover fic featuring teen Dean. I think it may have been an outsider POV too.

All I remember is one scene where a woman who works for Manticore is mugged in an alleyway and teen Dean comes to her rescue. Dean ends up with a superficial injury, a cut lip or something like that and the woman dabs the wound dry with a hanky.

Dean is modest and kind to her and then goes on his way. When she returns to work the woman remembers how brave Dean was and replaces the DNA Template of one of the proposed X5's with Deans DNA.

I loved they way the author spliced the two fandoms together and would really like to read it again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me an author or story name?

Fingers crossed and many thanks.
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I'm looking for the name of a fic I read awhile back.

It was a historical fic. Jared was an adventurer and he met Jensen who was fleeing from JDM. Jared and Jensen start adventuring together. They kill a mean dragon and a village gives them gifts in thanks. And one scene has Adrianne as a tentacled water monster that almost kills Jared. Eventaully Jared and Jensen meet JDM again and it turns out that Jensen is a theif and JDM was his parter.

Anyone know this fic?
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It was non-au, Jensen was helping Jared renovate his house, he was painting a wall and slipped and fell down the stairs. After Jensen was signed off from hospital, Jared took him to his house and took care of him. I remember that Jared furnished a room for Jensen specifically, so he could have his own room. I'm pretty sure Jensen was pining.

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I went to re-read Quite So New A Thing by radiophile (which was actually posted on their fic journal [livejournal.com profile] lockthecolt) and realized that both journals have been locked down and their fics made inaccessible. I'm REALLY bummed because I loved this story, and it was one of the few that I'd not gotten around to saving a copy of.

So would anyone happen to have a copy of Quite So New A Thing that they maybe saved? All I can find that still exists is a podfic version here, but I really want a print version if one is still around.

Thanks in advance if you can help! :)

EDIT: To save everyone from commenting "me too" I'm just going to drop a download link for this story into a comment for this post. If I hear that the link needs to be deleted I will do that ASAP.
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There was a short fanfiction i ran across once, and it was about Sam being a dying incubus. He was a virgin who was coming of age for an incubus, and it was getting to the point where he would die without sex, but he was with Gabriel, who was human, having just told Sam he thought he was possibly asexual, though he ends up finding out he was wrong.
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I'm looking for a specific J2 story. I remember the story started with young Jensen trying to teach Jared how to read during wartime. Somehow or another, Jensen signs up to be a soldier. Jensen ends up having his memory wiped and becomes a super soldier who is partnered with Christian Kane. Jared ends up joining the military to find Jensen.

I hope this rings some bells for someone!

EDIT:  Found in comments
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. I believe that the Js were either in high school or college. The part I remember the most is that Jared and his friends liked to play street hockey and at one point Jared got hurt and had to go to the hospital and Jensen took him. I believe Jensen was popular and hung out in a different crowd then Jared did. If I remembered correctly sandy or maybe Sophia had a crush on Jensen and they started dating. However Jared secretly liked Jensen too. I vaguely remember Jared and his friends hanging out at a local diner in many parts of the story. Jensen eventually starting hanging out with them there too. By the end of the fic Jensen and Jared got together.

Sorry for the lack of details.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello, I can't seem to find a story. It's where Jared and Jensen are going to get engaged or mated but Jared (at leas I think it's Jared) gets raped on or in a police cruiser by Morgan. He then becomes Morgan's mate, verifyied by a social worker. Jensen, after a while, challenges Morgan for Jared to be his mate. The story is Alpha/beta/omega. Please let me know if anything similar. Thanks.
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I'm looking for the following Dean/Castiel stories that have beed deleted by the authors:

Exonerated by thecouchcarrot (original url: http://archiveofourown.org/works/827927)
Forgive Me, Father, I’m About to Sin by blacknblu (original url: http://archiveofourown.org/works/790010)
Exquisite Agony CynicalModerate (original url: http://archiveofourown.org/works/207375)

Hope you'll be able to help out!
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Hi guys!
I am looking for specific wincest fic, i kinda don't remember a lot from the actual plot (cause that thing might have been a pwp) where sam and dean were pretty young, pre stanford era, and Sam was highly fascinated with Dean, i do remember clearly there was a scene of Dean, erm, trimming his pubic hair and Sam wanted to watch? Or he thought about that? Or something like that. Long story short Sam was pining for Dean and i think there was some sexy times in the end. Help? Thanks!
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I'm looking for a deleted fic that was oposted on AO3. It had Sam, Dean, Cas and Gabriel in it. The pairings were either Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel or Dean/Gabriel and Sam/Cas, so since I'm not sure, I didn't put any pairings in the tags. In the fic, Sam and Dean were alphas and Cas and Gabriel were omegas. In the AU, omegas were basically treated like slaves and Cas and Gabriel get bought by Sam and Dean, but Sam and Dean are nice to them and all. In the beginning though, Cas and Gabe are scared of and mistrust the Winchesters, but they eventually warm up to them. Thanks a bunch.
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I had just started reading the story Not Merely A Likeness by atimeforpeace on AO3 when my browser froze and I had to open it again. And the story was gone! Apparently the author deleted their AO3 and LJ accounts and I can't find it anywhere else. Would love to have the pdf to finish reading the story if it's okay for the author. Summary for the story if someone needs it:

Summary: In the quiet town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, disenchanted artist Dean Winchester creates. Between shifts at the local diner and art classes at the community center, Dean finds time to paint family portraits and works of children, pieces locally celebrated for their portrayal of happy familial life. Despite his joyful art and relative success at making ends meet as a working artist, Dean’s personal life is a wreck. Haunted by the violent death of his younger brother during childhood, Dean struggles with depression and recurring nightmares, the shadow of his brother in every work he makes. Coupled with the lack of progress on his newest foray into sculpture, a life-sized clay model of his brother, Dean finds himself in a downward spiral until, on the night of St. John’s Eve, his life reaches a tipping point. On a night of cleansing and rebirth, where the ritual fires burn the old for the new and what was past becomes present, Dean Winchester unknowingly sets in motion a spell that will alter the course of his life irrevocably.
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I saw a post for Sparing you by JasonMorganfan87 while looking through the searches. A PDF was sent around via email a while ago and I was wondering if anyone still has a copy :).
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Looking for a fic that has a scene of Jared and Jensen playing basketbAll with some guys and Jared calls Jensen out after the game for rubbing against one of his friends on purpose. I don't think Jared had realized his feelings for Jensen at that point.
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Hi All,
okay I am going to try again: I am looking to you guys for help- I really hope someone can help me?

I am looking for a copy of a SPN Spanking fic:
Title: New Rule
Author: Atalantaj
Prompt summary: "You steal my baby, you get spanked"

from season 7 Ep.3 the girl next door

Does anyone have a copy of this or know the author and asked her if she does not mind sharing?? I've tried to contact her and send the author an Email in LiveJournal,since her account is locked?

It looks like her accounts been silent since 2011?

Thank you guys for all your help,
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Looking for two fics; both are gen.

1. Dean sees Sam on a hunt when he's supposed to be at Stanford. Sam runs away and Dean chases him. One time Dean catches up with him, but Sam uses mind-control powers to make Dean go away. It turns out that Sam left school to kill the demon (he had visions, future-knowledge, or something similar that made him leave), and he stayed away from Dean and John because he was using his powers abd he thought they might think he was a monster and try to kill him, so he only allows Dean to catch up with him once he's killed the YED (I think). I remember the summary had a phrase similar to "Sam's supposed to be at school, so why is he on a hunt in [place]?" I'm also pretty sure it was on ao3, and that it was ~10k words, but I might be wrong about that.

Iirc, it was a bit similar to Look Back in Anger by vailkagami, but that's not the one I'm looking for.

2. Pre-series: Sam wants to do a school or sports thing, but John comes in and tells him they have a hunt/they're moving and he can't go. Sam argues trying to get John to let him go, but John refuses.Sam threatens to call cps if he can't go. John yells/they argue some more and John storms out (I don't remember if Sam "wins" or not). After John leaves, Dean gets really angry and yells at Sam, and then Dean punches Sam. Sam starts crying and then Dean immediately starts comforting him. The juxtaposition of Dean punching Sam, then comforting him really stood out in my mind (and also came across as creepy in the fic).

This one was a one-shot on lj or somewhere similar. There also might have been an author's note about the complexity of the family dynamics in their childhood?

Any help is much appreciated!
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I'm looking for an old crossover I've read years ago.
Sam and Dean are after a werewolf and somehow they are transported to Harry Potter universe to 1979 or 1980 (before Voldemort kills Lily&James Potter) but they don't realise. They hear howls and break in to Sirius and Remus' flat to kills Remus and Sirius stops them, then Dean realises something is wrong. I'm pretty sure he says something like "We almost wasted Professor Lupin" (because of course he is a secret HP fan)
Then they proceed to tell Sirius that they are in books and what happens with Pettigrew etc.
I don't think it was crack but it was pretty lighthearted and it should be an oldish fic.
Hope you can help me.
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Hi all,

like the title says, Im looking for a misplaced J2 fic in which Jensen is a sex addict.

Things I remember:

-Jensens family/friend stage an intervention
-Jared overhears it but thinks its only a joke
-Jared corners Jensen several times
-they are neighbors or something alike

Anyone recognize this fic?


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