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Dear friends,

I am asking for your help one more time. I just found out that our beloved minchout has made her journal private or has deleted her stories. I was about to start re-reading her stories.....
The stories i am looking for are:

1. Slip the mask & Sequel: Sweet Like Cinnamon
Jared has more reason than most to dislike vampires, but when he takes Jensen, a vampire fresh from the prison camps, on as a ward, Jared learns that the line between human and vampire is not as stark as it had always seemed.

2. Midnight Radio
Jensen is all alone in a cell, but sometimes he has Jared's voice to keep him company.

3. Fate And Luck Walk Into A Bar
Jensen and Jared grew up in the same neighborhood. Jared’s life went one direction, Jensen’s life another, but the two are still tied up in ways neither can escape.

4. You've Got Me
Con-man Jensen Ackles is released from prison into the custody of FBI Agent Jared Padalecki. The two have a long history of playing cat and mouse, but now that they’re stuck together, things between them change.

5. Five By Five (+ sequel)
In a world where slave trafficking is normal, Jensen is captured and kept in a “dog” shelter. Jeff finds him and takes him home as a gift for Jared.

6. Weightless Summer
Jensen is on his way to the beach one hot summer day, but when he meets shamelessly flirty bus driver!Jared, his plans change.

7. The Evening Routine
Jensen loves his evening routine with Master Jared.

8. Roman Holiday
Jared and Jensen are in Rome for the JIB con. Jared gets a little jealous when he sees Jensen flirting. Things get heated.

EDIT: It's been 10 days since I contacted the author but I haven't heard from her. Therefore I am unscreening the comments. Please don't share ''Midnight Radio'' as the author has told me she wouldn't upload this particular story again for personal reasons.
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Hey Everyone,
So sonful_desire is down and I have lost the fics by SamandDeanFangirl :( Does anyone have them? Any and all will do, especially the Vampire!Dean ones.
I will be really grateful if anyone has them saved, or knows new links; anything at all?


P.S. I apologize if the tags aren't entirely correct.
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Hi! Does anyone have anything form the author nocturnal08 ? Maybe it changed the name or deleted all the work. I really would like to re-read his/her stories if you could help me, please.
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Does anyone know where I can find a link or pdfs for works by shiplessheathen/goingtoqueens? I'm specifically interested in These Pieces They Adjoin and When The Stars Go Blue. The journal is deleted and I've never been able to track them down. Thanks in advance!
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Does anyone have copies of girlfan1979's fics? Looking for any of them but especially I must Tell No Lies(there might have been a sequel to this too I'm not sure), and This is Where I Grew up
Thanks for any help!
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Hello All,

I really hope someone can help me find a specific fic written in 2012? its called
"Back to Old Remedies"

It looks like it was removed- does anyone have a copy or know the author to request if i could please have a copy?

I'm just looking for some Protective Big Brother Dean fics_ its like no one writes these anymore? Anything were Dean Rescues and takes care of his little brother by comforting him or Dean just being a real cool scary bad ass.

or follows through on some of those threats "touch him and I'll hurt you" rule

OR Dean taking care of a sick little brother, even though little brother is Sasquatch size- and tells Sam "doesn't matter how big or how old he is, he'll always be his baby brother to look after"

thank you guys all so much!
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Hey ya'll

Ok, This is not a story request or anything like that. I just wanted to know if anybody in the fandom knows where Candle_Beck...the actual person is? A lot of the sites have been purged and a lot of the podfics deleted. The last actual post from the author I can find anywhere on the internet is from 2011. I'm not only asking because I miss the fics but also because I'm concerned. Usually when an author decides to take a break from the fandom they let everybody know but it's like Candle_Beck just vanished from the face of the Earth. I am really hoping that I am just computer illiterate and just overlooked something. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi, kroki_refur has written loads of fic over the years, some are still available on ff.net (author: refur), some on the ebook library, but not all that many.

Her lj seems to be completely locked, all the fics lead to "access denied".

I checked the deleted authors/stories section, but they're not deleted, just "denied".

Anyone know where the stories can be found?

Found in the comments: This Dropbox link has a good few.
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I noticed today that [livejournal.com profile] sammyndeansgrl1 account has been deleted, I thought her sister was going to keep her lj going so people could have access to her fics. Does anybody have copies of her fics? I loved her fics so I will gladly read any and all you can find, be it J2, Sam/Dean, and the boys with other people.

Email - rebecca.smith22@hotmail.co.uk
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I am looking for the fics by Madhatterai, like 'the littelest archangel', but there is no more AO3 profile to be found. So I was wondering whether anybody had any information about this? I checked the lists of this community on deleted/purged journals and so, but didn't find Madhatterai.

So I guess I am asking whether anyone has copies of Madhatterai's fics, but more especially if anybody knows what happend and maybe whether there is any objections to the sharing of fic copies?

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Does anyone have a copy of any of [livejournal.com profile] dante_s_hell's fics? Their journal's been flocked, and I sent them a message a few weeks back but unfortunately, they haven't replied. (Seems like they've just moved on from fandom/LJ?) I'm specifically interested in their Mine!verse and 'There's Only One Thing You Can Count On', though again I'd be really happy to be able to read any of their work. If they've mentioned anywhere that they'd rather their fics not be shared, do let me know! I'd appreciate any help :)
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Hello All,
I was led to a wonderful link call SPN_Spanking where there are alot of fics.
But there is one that is either been deleted or lock?

Author name is AtlantaJ, does anyone know her or how can i get a message to her to view all her Dean and Sam spanking fics? Does anyone has them downloaded if so hopefully with her permission can share with me?

Thank you for your help!
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To those who do not know this (apparently I'm in the minority), Lylithj2 will soon be closing her journal out and deleting it. Just thought I would give the community a heads up, as some of the links to her stories are still up and working. I'm looking for two of her stories (she doesn't have them saved, I asked her for them). They are "Paint It Black" and "Black Tears". I cannot give you any hint as to what they are about, as I haven't read them...only her synopsis of the stories. Does anyone have them in pdf form?



deleted fic

Jun. 6th, 2016 05:53 pm
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the fic I'm talking about was called "Oh, Green River", it was posted on AO3 (this used to be the link http://archiveofourown.org/works/3577494/chapters/7885800) and this was the summary:
"Dean, still fighting The Mark he turns to desperate measures. With a worn out manila folder in hand, Dean spits himself out in the wrong time."
Last time I had checked it hadn't been updated in a while. Does anyone know what happened to it, or has a copy saved? I don't remember who the author was, so I don't know if they just deleted this story or their entire account...
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Hey guys does anyone of you know what happened to all of Dr Sexy MD from SinfulDesire.org stories. Did they get deleted to moved somewhere else. Thanks.
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1) I’m looking for a fic where I believe Dean or both of the brothers retires from hunting and are in a relationship with an angel, eventually they adopt a child/children. I believe Sam still hunts or just hunts every once in a while and eventually starts a relationship with an angel too. Sam and his angel eventually find a kid who is actually a creature (I want to say werewolf) and adopt it more or less, but when Dean sees the kid playing with his kid(s) he kind of flips out, in a “keep that monster away from my kid(s)” way. That’s what I remember. It was either Dean/Gabriel or Dean/Cas, with Sam with the other angel I believe (or possibly Lucifer).

I'm pretty sure the fic is not morganoconner's Peppermint Wind series, but was similar.

Edit: Found it, it was Grimm/Supernatural kid!fic series by nileflood and I think all of them are archived via wayback machine.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

2) Does anyone have copies of dreamweaver37's fics? Wayback machine doesn't seem to have many of their fics archived and their LJ has been deleted. I liked the fic "Brandy" quite a bit and would love a copy of it if anyone has it, but will take anything anyone has. Thanks.

Edit: So apparently dreamweaver37 plagarized their fics, so if anyone could help me find the real stories and authors for their fics that would be super.

Summary for "Brandy": Gabriel was a rarity for his time; an independent bearer who lived by his own rules, and didn't bow to anyone's expectations. When he meets the sailor of his dreams, Sam sweeps him off his feet, and teaches him how deeply love can run, and how wrenching loss can be.
For a brief time, Gabriel had everything. How does he live without it when it's snatched away?
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So! I was checking some of my bookmarks today and I noticed that ingenius-inc. has deleted her live journal account. I've checked the the deleted authors account and see that she is not listed in there. Did anyone archive her stories? Especially "The Meek Shall Inherit" with Jared/Jensen...It is a werewolf fic.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello all! I was just posting to see if anyone knew if greymichaela managed to sell this story? Or posted it again? I love it and think of it all the time, and would certainly purchase a copy if possible. Thanks for your help!
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Hi all!
I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to [livejournal.com profile] cosmic_medusa? She wrote one of the greatest Dean/Cas series in the fandom, and in December 2014 just vanished.
She kindly left her account with all the stories live, but after checking an average of twice a month for 15 months and seeing no activity, I have grown concerned. Silly to be concerned for a total stranger, I know, but I am hoping for good news. Did she just move on?
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This is as vague of a request one can make, please forgive me. I was browsing the memories of an author I really liked (who is no longer active in the fandom) and came across this link http://fudgebean.livejournal.com/7437.html. The title of the fic is "monkey on your back is the latest trend", it is a j2 fic (no idea if it's AU or not) and the author is [livejournal.com profile] fudgebean. Obviously, the link doesn't work and fudgebean's account has been deleted.

Only other thing I know is that it was published (or maybe saved?) on 02/02/2009.

Any and all help would be appreciated!


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