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hello, i'm looking for some general dean fics. :3

1. cuddly dean: this is totally canon for me, with the way dean cuddles his pillow. so i'm looking for fics where someone finds out that dean's a closet cuddler (which he'd probably refuse to admit because he's supposed to be all macho). i don't mind gen or slash.

2. reluctant bottom dean: where dean is convinced he's a top but he's actually a bottom. like top this by leonidaslion.

3. angels/dean: dean's soul is apparently the brightest. so naturally, the angels are kind of a little awestruck and maybe in love with his soul/dean.

4. cherished dean: destiel; cas knew everything about dean but still thinks he's worth saving (and rebelling, and falling). and when he gets to know dean and all the little quirks like the way he loves his pie and dr. sexy and cas just thinks he's really precious and adorable.

5. clueless vanilla dean: in the show dean's sex scenes showed him to be pretty gentle and vanilla while sammy was all - toppy. i'd love some fics where for all dean's manwhorish ways he's actually pretty vanilla and clueless about most kinks, especially regarding gay sex. any slash fic is fine, but for wincest i'd like for sam to find this hot, maybe, or dean being all shocked how his supposed prude little brother is like that in bed.

thanks in advance! :D

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For Cuddly!Dean, you definitely need to read "I Wanna Hold You 'Til I Die" by lazy_daze. It's here (http://lazy-daze.livejournal.com/468887.html). ♥

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Have you read leonidaslion's The Little Spoon (http://archiveofourown.org/works/181722)?
To his horror, Sam discovers that he's a stealth!snuggler. [Written from Sam's POV, the summary's a bit misleading, but stick with it. ]


The Start of Something New (http://felisblanco.livejournal.com/836752.html) by felisblanco
Until that night Dean would have said that Sam’s idea of sex was probably under the covers, eyes closed and of course only the missionary position. That if you looked up ‘vanilla’ on Xtube, that’s what you would get, a video of Sam and Jess ‘making love’, courtesy of Sam’s perverted ex-roommate.

Different Flavours (http://teashopmuses.livejournal.com/9874.html) by teashopmuses
Dean discovers that Sam's not quite the vanilla prude Dean always teasing him about being. In fact, Sam's downright kinky.

Just Like This (https://archiveofourown.org/works/765061) by keep_waking _up
In which the boys are fucking, Sam has a kink, Dean freaks out a lot, and Sam has to explain a lot of things. [This one deals specifically with rape roleplay, so it might not be your thing. But it has focus on Dean's shock that Sam would have such a kink, and sort of trying to understand why Sam would even want that.]


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