Mar. 21st, 2017

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I'm looking for a specific J2 story. I remember the story started with young Jensen trying to teach Jared how to read during wartime. Somehow or another, Jensen signs up to be a soldier. Jensen ends up having his memory wiped and becomes a super soldier who is partnered with Christian Kane. Jared ends up joining the military to find Jensen.

I hope this rings some bells for someone!

EDIT:  Found in comments
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I'm looking for a fic that I read ages ago. It's a J2, based on the movie 'Frequency'. I just bought the movie and thought it would be nice to re-read the fic.


Apologies in advance for the complete ignorance of the tags. I can honestly say, I just don't know.
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Hey guys! So I have a couple of requests today and they are as follows:

1) So lately I've been thinking a lottttt about top!Dean/Jensen and I'm realizing that I haven't read a lot of fic with him as a top? Which is crazy? And so I was wondering if you guys can help me out a little bit. I'm looking specifically for stories in which Dean or Jensen tops, they can be either super gentle and crooning sweet nothings or they can be a little possessive, growly and rough with lots of focus on pleasing Sam/Jared, whichever you prefer. It doesn't necessarily have to be sexual either! I just need Dean being the big and bossy cutie that he is.

2) Any wincest/j2 fic from Dean/Jensens POV, I've read so many from Sam/Jareds and I love them with my whole heart but I'm ready for a story through a different set of eyes.

3) And finally, I'm looking for your favorite wincest/j2 fics as a whole. I feel like I've read literally every fic under the sun (crazy but true) and I've exhausted all of my resources at this point. SO, that being said, rec me your favorites!

Note: My only no go's are extreme underage, rape/non-con/dubious consent and I can't do knives/blood/extreme pain. Otherwise, the floor is all yours! Help me out I'm desperate lol

BTW! Self recs are so totally welcome, gimme all of them.
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Hi, hoping you can help me find some fics i read a while ago on ao3 and cant seem to find again

The first one is a one shot. An angel tries to kill Dean but Castiel steps in front of him. Sam and Dean think that Castiel isn't really dead as there are no wing impressions on the ground. When dean takes a shower he finds the wings on his skin as Castiel had his wings wrapped around him when he died.

The second is an alpha/beta/omega au.
Castiel is an omega and recently found out he's pregnant. He's scared Alpha Dean wont want the pup so Benny offers to look after him and the pup if Dean doesn't want to be involved. Benny had previously lost a mate and pup.
Dean finds out about pregnancy and assumes Cas is leaving him as he thinks he wont be a good father. Cas and Dean talk it out and decide to raise the pup together.

There is also a scene where Lisa who is Deans ex sends them baby clothes and it upsets Cas as it has her scent on them. Dean realizes and gets rid of them.

Thanks in advance for your help :)


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