Mar. 16th, 2017

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I'm looking for a specific fic which I am pretty sure is bottom sub Sam, where Dean has him tied down to a table, maybe it was prostate milking I know at some point Sam begs Dean to ''Help him come.''

Then Dean says something like, ''You're already coming.''

I know at the end is fluffy aftercare, I would appreciate any help in finding it as it has started to annoy me that I can't find it, thanks.
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Sam falls to Earth. Gabriel finds him along with Castiel. Gabriel has a daughter
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Looking for an older fic, 2006-ish, about high school aged boys getting tattoos. I remember Sam getting his and Dean licking it? Also the first line was like "that was the summer dean smoked a lot of weed". I feel like I've searched this one before but could not find the previous post.
Thank you!
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I'm looking for the following Dean/Castiel stories that have beed deleted by the authors:

Exonerated by thecouchcarrot (original url:
Forgive Me, Father, I’m About to Sin by blacknblu (original url:
Exquisite Agony CynicalModerate (original url:

Hope you'll be able to help out!
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I read a fic a long, long time ago. It was J2, and all I can really remember is either Jared/Jensen are special needs and they're 'working' for the other, cleaning up their yard, or something-another... But I know in one scene, their invited in to eat pancakes/waffle and they drowned it in syrup, the other shows them that eating them with just a little syrup still makes them taste good... OR something along those lines.


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