Mar. 15th, 2017

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I'm looking for a deleted fic that was oposted on AO3. It had Sam, Dean, Cas and Gabriel in it. The pairings were either Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel or Dean/Gabriel and Sam/Cas, so since I'm not sure, I didn't put any pairings in the tags. In the fic, Sam and Dean were alphas and Cas and Gabriel were omegas. In the AU, omegas were basically treated like slaves and Cas and Gabriel get bought by Sam and Dean, but Sam and Dean are nice to them and all. In the beginning though, Cas and Gabe are scared of and mistrust the Winchesters, but they eventually warm up to them. Thanks a bunch.
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Hi guys!
I am looking for specific wincest fic, i kinda don't remember a lot from the actual plot (cause that thing might have been a pwp) where sam and dean were pretty young, pre stanford era, and Sam was highly fascinated with Dean, i do remember clearly there was a scene of Dean, erm, trimming his pubic hair and Sam wanted to watch? Or he thought about that? Or something like that. Long story short Sam was pining for Dean and i think there was some sexy times in the end. Help? Thanks!
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Are there any fics about what actors, directors or other crew members from other TV shows think about J2 and the the SPN cast? The SPN cast have been together for ages, and they just seem really close knit and comfortable with each other in a way that many other series casts aren't, and I'd love to see fics dealing with that, where the cast from other shows pick up on that, or anything else. Fics where the SPN cast work with other shows on set would also be great! Canonverse fics, so no AU's, but otherwise I'm open to anything along this theme! 
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Does any one have a copy of the deleted story called By the Light of the Moon by ianthe_aveira i would really like to read it.
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Hey y'all,
I checked the purged area and didn't see Tinalia's journal there. So I was wondering if any of you guys might have a copy of her work. I'm specifically looking for "The Bitch of it is...", but wouldn't mind other stories either.
Thanks in advance,
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Hello, I just started watching Supernatural a few weeks ago, right now I'm in the middle of season 6 and the sexual tension between Dean and Sam is getting to me!! I've read slash fiction in a couple of different fandoms some years ago, then put fanfiction aside for a while to tame the addiction, but now I crave it again!

I would love to read some feel-good, loving relationship, between Dean and Sam, not too dark or too angsty and rather with a happy tone to it. An angsty fic is okay if properly resolved and more than well compensated for by the end. :) I am looking for beautiful and comforting love. I am envisioning top Dean and bottom Sam, but that's not strictly necessary.

Please no kinks, no crossovers, and no spoilers for seasons 7-current. Any length is okay. If you can rec me some fics, or rec lists, I would be very greatful! Thank you!
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Hey everyone,

So I'm looking for fics that (preferably) feature non-AU season 10 demon!Dean, but any other variation of demon!Dean would be fine. I'm mainly interested in non-AU fics but if you have some really good AU recommendations that you think would fit my request perfectly other than the non-AU part then please feel free to mention them! The more the merrier :). Length, pairings (wincest, destiel, het, etc) are all fine.

In the story I'd like it if demon!Dean still shows some signs of humanity, protectiveness and/ or love towards Sam and/or Cas. For a clearer idea of what I mean, I recently read the short fic called Smoked Out and really loved it. It's actually what got me interested in the topic to begin with because I've always a sucker for the love-conquers-all cliche. :)

Thanks in advance!!


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