Mar. 14th, 2017

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I saw a post for Sparing you by JasonMorganfan87 while looking through the searches. A PDF was sent around via email a while ago and I was wondering if anyone still has a copy :).
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I had just started reading the story Not Merely A Likeness by atimeforpeace on AO3 when my browser froze and I had to open it again. And the story was gone! Apparently the author deleted their AO3 and LJ accounts and I can't find it anywhere else. Would love to have the pdf to finish reading the story if it's okay for the author. Summary for the story if someone needs it:

Summary: In the quiet town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, disenchanted artist Dean Winchester creates. Between shifts at the local diner and art classes at the community center, Dean finds time to paint family portraits and works of children, pieces locally celebrated for their portrayal of happy familial life. Despite his joyful art and relative success at making ends meet as a working artist, Dean’s personal life is a wreck. Haunted by the violent death of his younger brother during childhood, Dean struggles with depression and recurring nightmares, the shadow of his brother in every work he makes. Coupled with the lack of progress on his newest foray into sculpture, a life-sized clay model of his brother, Dean finds himself in a downward spiral until, on the night of St. John’s Eve, his life reaches a tipping point. On a night of cleansing and rebirth, where the ritual fires burn the old for the new and what was past becomes present, Dean Winchester unknowingly sets in motion a spell that will alter the course of his life irrevocably.
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Hello everyone. I'm looking for stories that have Jensen as a dragon rider but more specifically if there is a story out there that has Jensen in a role similar to Eragon who is chosen by the dragon to become his rider. Looking for stories where Jensen has special abilities related to his being a dragon rider.

Self recs are always welcomed. Please no WIPs or destiel/cockles (no offense to anyone just not my cup of tea). J2 or gen is fine.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.
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Hey! Im really in the mood for stories were all the hunter gang is their to look after sammy.

So this includes Dean, john, jim, celeb, josh. Any stories were there their to support young sam for what ever reason. He is hurt, weak, runaway, depressed, ill...


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