Feb. 17th, 2017

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I swear I had this bookmarked but I can't find it and my searches are useless, please help. It starts with Dean kneeling beaten right after Sam and Adam fell, a shadow falls over him and it's Raphael who beats him more, Cas comes back, Raphael leaves, Cas starts to heal Dean and then he's(Dean) in white room with Chuck behind a desk with an old typewriter. He sends Dean and Cas back to 2003 so they can stop the apocalypse, they have to merge with their past selves.
They go see pastor Jim and put wards up to protect him, then they meet up with John who is his usual charming self. They go Stanford and Dean and Cas are able to exercise Brady who is Sam's roommate.When they go see Bobby they tell him Cas is an angel but not about the time travel, just that they're trying to stop the apocalypse.They also contact Gabriel and tell him the whole story, he agrees to keep and ear out for Azazel.John and Meg are in a confrontation in a warehouse when Dean and Cas show up. Dean is able to get Meg to tell them where Azazel is. John is freaked out, Gabriel shows up to help.At some point John says yes to Michael. Michael takes Dean to the beautiful room to torture. John manages to take control long enough to stab himself.

You'd think with this much information I would be able to find it but nope, hopefully someone knows.
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Im looking for a fic where Dean comes to see Sam at Stanford & insists that he comes on a roadtrip with him, not hunting, just a roadtrip, so they can spend some time together. They spend a few months on the road trip & near the end of it it comes out that Dean has cancer or something & he's dying. I think he dies in Sammy's arms on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Anyone know this fic? Ta
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Awhile back I read a story that involved an abusive Dean. I don't remember everything, but what I do remember is Dean is sent to an alternate universe where he is abusive to Sam. When he first gets there he doesn't know that. He notices Sam flinches a lot when he touches him. They're staying with Bobby. He learns that their Dean hurts Sam and he's angry about it. He wants to go back to his universe but he also wants to stay to work things out with Sam. That's all I remember.


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